Nugenix is being advertised all over the internet and on television nonstop. Everyone has heard of it at some point or another, but sometimes the commercials don’t provide enough information, which leaves people wondering…what exactly is Nugenix?

nugenix-review-leftNugenix: A Natural Testosterone Booster

Nugenix is an all-natural testosterone supplement, which means it can function just as effectively at building muscle as it can at boosting libido and sexual performance. Any supplement that is able to increase your testosterone levels naturally is going to be tremendously beneficial both in the gym and in the bedroom.

The key to a natural testosterone booster like Nugenix is the word “natural.” There are other ways to go about boosting your testosterone levels such as testosterone gels, injections, and prescriptions. However, these methods all involve the use of synthetic testosterone, which is not natural.

Nugenix Ingredients: The Natural Testosterone Solution

You want to avoid engaging in synthetic testosterone boosting methods because when the testosterone is considered inauthentic by your body, it can not be utilized as effectively as it could if your body recognized it as its own real, authentic testosterone. Additionally, synthetic testosterone tends to cause a lot of side effects.

Natural testosterone boosters like Nugenix are so effective at increasing free testosterone levels because the ingredients (natural herbs and vitamins) get your body to produce its own testosterone in a natural manner, thereby leading to proper utilization…and proper utilization leads to a long list of benefits like increased muscle mass, reduced body fat, improved libido and sex drive, boosted stamina, and overall enhanced gym & bedroom performance.

These ingredients include natural substances like Fenugreek Seed Extract, Tribulus Fruit Extract, Zinc, Citrulline Malate, and Vitamins B6 and B12. Basically every one of these is clinically proven for either testosterone boosting or nitric oxide boosting (elevated nitric oxide levels lead to better sexual health and performance).

Nugenix Reviews: What Are Users Saying?

nugenix-review-climbWe examined hundreds of Nugenix reviews submitted by actual users of the product to see what kind of experiences people were having with this stuff. The vast majority of the Nugenix reviews we researched were extremely encouraging. Guys seem to love this stuff.

The benefits as reported by actual users range from physique-related claims such as more muscle mass and definition to sexual health claims such as longer lasting sexual experiences and a better sex drive. While there are some negative Nugenix reviews out there, the vast majority are positive, which is a very promising indicator that this stuff works.

It’s important to explore genuine reviews as submitted by actual users before investing in any sort of supplement because you don’t want to waste your money on something that everyone is claiming is a scam. When the reviews are positive, you can usually trust the product, which makes examining the user reviews for Nugenix a rather simple way to find out if it works.

Nugenix Side Effects

When researching Nugenix side effects and examining reviews, what we found is that for the most part, people are not reporting a whole lot of side effects. Since the ingredients are all natural and there is nothing sketchy or risky in the product, it is unlikely for the user to experience any side effects. Nugenix side effects were only reported in a small percentage of the reviews.

With that said, there were a few Nugenix reviews that reported some minor side effects such as upset stomach, bloating, and gas. These side effects are likely only experienced in the beginning (if at all) as a result of your body becoming accustomed to the ingredients. Usually, any side effects experienced with Nugenix tend to subside after just a couple days, and then it’s smooth sailing.

Nugenix Conclusion

Nugenix can be effective for many different things…getting into shape, increasing your muscle mass, boosting your sex drive, lasting longer in bed, and potentially even serving as a natural remedy for guys with erectile dysfunction.

The nutrition label tells a promising story, the Nugenix reviews as submitted by users are almost all positive, and the side effects that have been reported are minimal if at all present. All signs point to a pretty solid supplement all around.

So, for all those people asking the question, “What is Nugenix?” hopefully we have answered your question. We highly recommend Nugenix as a natural solution for increasing testosterone levels and consider it to be one of the best natural testosterone boosters out there.

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