Tribestan Review 2021 (Is This Testosterone Booster Any Good?)

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Updated February 4, 2021

Tribestan testosterone booster supplementTribestan is a Tribulus-based testosterone booster that has become increasingly popular in the marketplace as of late. However, we actually don’t believe it lives up to the hype. Check out this Tribestan review to see why we don’t consider Tribestan to be a top notch supplement, and find out what caused it to fall short of our list of the top 10 best Test Booster Supplements.

The Benefits of Tribestan

Here are the primary benefits of Tribestan:

  • Could help increase sex drive
  • Can improve energy levels
  • Strength and endurance could be increased

How Does Tribestan Work?

Tribestan is based on the theory that testosterone levels can be naturally increased through the use of herbal ingredients. Many users have found this theory to be a good one, while others prefer testosterone replacement therapy or testosterone gels.

We don’t recommend testosterone gels because of how severe the side effects can be, but there actually is another much more important reason why we don’t recommend testosterone gels…

Men use testosterone gels to correct Low T (low testosterone levels) which is a problem that occurs with just about all men at some point in their lives. Our biggest issue with these gels is that they essentially consist of synthetic testosterone.

This means that you would be boosting your levels in an unnatural, synthetic manner. Going about correcting Low T in a synthetic manner is often actually believed to be the reason for so many side effects.

More importantly, the human body often does not respond well to synthetic substances. Inauthentic testosterone may not be properly utilized by your body because the body often doesn’t recognize it since it was not responsible for its production.

It is for this reason that ideally, you want to get your body to naturally produce its own genuine, authentic testosterone. Natural testosterone boosters are based on that idea, which is why we are such big fans of them. With that said, we don’t think Tribestan is your best bet (see the following section to understand why). We recommend you check out some of our other testosterone booster reviews before making any final decisions.

Tribestan Ingredients

There are several substances out their which have been studied and tested for their abilities in relation to raising testosterone levels in men. Many of these substances showed very promising results across clinical trials, which lead manufacturers to believe they could create natural testosterone supplements through the use of these ingredients.

One of the most studied ingredients out there in relation to testosterone levels is Tribulus. This one has been shown to work time and time again, which is why you will typically see it on the nutrition label of just about any testosterone booster out there. Most people love this ingredient, and we can certainly understand why that is after going over some of the evidence ourselves.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribestan is based solely on this ingredient. Most testosterone boosters out there tend to contain about 6-10 different substances that have been shown to help with testosterone levels. Since this one only contains one ingredient however, you really are banking entirely on Tribulus to get the job done. That may not be the worst idea, but we believe that ideally, a testosterone booster should contain at least 5 clinically studied ingredients.

This testosterone booster contains 250 MG of Tribulus in every serving. 250 MG is a very solid dosage, but again, you would be banking entirely on this 250 MG dosage of only one singular ingredient.

There are testosterone supplements out there that contain 250 MG of Tribulus in addition to about 250 MG of several other proven testosterone boosting ingredients. Our thought is why wouldn’t you want to take a supplement with like 6-10 testosterone boosters in it instead of a supplement with just 1?

The Pros of Tribestan

  • The theory behind it is sound
  • Tribulus is one of our favorite testosterone boosting ingredients
  • The Tribulus dosage is very solid

The Cons of Tribestan

  • It only contains one ingredient
  • Overall potency is comparatively very low

Tribestan Conclusion

Tribestan is in our opinion simply not that great of a supplement. It does contain a solid dosage of one of the most widely used testosterone boosting ingredients, but that’s pretty much all it contains.

We prefer supplements with high ingredient diversity (about 6-10 ingredients usually) and MUCH higher overall potency. Our recommendation is to avoid this supplement and take a look at our Testosterone Boosters page to find some that we think are better.