top 10 gnc testosterone boosters

Our List of the Top 10 GNC Testosterone Boosters

top 10 gnc testosterone boosters

If you’re interested in fitness, chances are at some point in your life, you have been to a GNC and felt completely overwhelmed by the amount of supplements they have. GNC has such a wide selection no matter what kind of product you’re looking for, which can make it extremely difficult to actually choose one. Half the time, you might actually walk out empty handed because you couldn’t choose!

While we can’t cover the whole store in one article, we are going to go over all of the GNC testosterone boosters and explain why some are better than others. These rankings are based on ratings submitted by users of the products as well as expert analysis of the supplement facts.

NOTE: We actually do not recommend any of the GNC testosterone boosters very highly and would encourage you to view our original Top 10 Testosterone Boosters article to learn about some extremely elite T boosters that you can’t find in stores.

N.O.x Test SX-7 Black ONYX#1 N.O.x Test SX-7 Black ONYX

N.O.x Test SX-7 Black ONYX is the highest rated GNC testosterone booster. Consumers have submitted a total of 31 reviews on the GNC website, and the overall rating is 5 stars. It seems to be pretty clear that users are happy with this product, but we are unimpressed by the formula and still believe there are several better options available on the internet. Our #1 ranked test booster on the whole website has more T boosting ingredients and a higher overall potency.  READ THE FULL REVIEW

King Fisher HighT Black#2 King Fisher HighT Black

King Fisher HighT Black is another very positively rated GNC testosterone booster. 28 user reviews have been submitted on the GNC website, and the overall rating is 4.5 stars. It is likely effective due to its use of Fenugreek, Tribulus Terrestris, and Zinc. People are definitely liking this stuff, but after investigating the formula, we discovered multiple proprietary blends. King Fisher HighT Black may work for some people, but we don’t like to mess around with proprietary blends. READ THE FULL REVIEW

Performix Super Male T#3 Performix Super Male T

Performix Super Male T is one of many GNC testosterone boosters with an overall rating of 4 stars. A total of 44 reviews have been submitted, and user experiences are positive for the most part. However, Performix Super Male T costs $99, which is expensive compared to many of the other options on this list. The packaging is attractive and the formula is fairly impressive, but we don’t see anything on the label that truly sets it apart from the rest of the market.

Alpha JYM#4 Alpha JYM

Alpha JYM has a total of 21 reviews on the GNC website and has earned an overall rating of 4 stars. It contains no proprietary blends, which is a plus, but we still don’t see enough evidence to call it an elite supplement. It contains large dosages of a few key ingredients, which is likely the main reason consumers are really feeling good when they take this stuff. Long story short, it works, but we wouldn’t call it the best by any means.  READ THE FULL REVIEW

Force Factor Test X180 Alpha#5 Force Factor Test X180 Alpha

Force Factor Test 180 Alpha is a solid GNC testosterone booster that we actually had already reviewed prior to its appearance in GNC stores. It has 22 reviews and an average rating of 4 stars on the GNC website. The formula is fairly impressive, but it does use two proprietary blends, which is a big turn off for us. Just as importantly, it’s pretty overpriced at $94.99. There are better options available for less money.  READ THE FULL REVIEW

HighT#6 HighT

HighT is a cheaper supplement that has 18 reviews on the GNC site. Out of 18 total HighT reviews, it has managed to earn an average rating of 4 stars. Many consumers had positive things to say about the product, but the label doesn’t tell such an encouraging story. It contains less than 1,000 milligrams of nutrients per serving, which is very low compared to the more highly ranked supplements on this list. It may be cheap, but we believe your best bet is to spend a little more to get a better product.  READ THE FULL REVIEW

HighT Black#7 HighT Black

HighT Black has only 14 reviews, but the average rating is 4 stars, which is pretty good. It is essentially an improved version of the original HighT. It contains several more ingredients and uses much larger dosages. With that said, it still uses proprietary blends, which prevents us from knowing exactly how much of each ingredient it contains. We typically don’t recommend anything with a proprietary blend.

Cellucor P6#8 Cellucor P6

Cellucor P6 has 10 reviews submitted on the GNC website, and consumers have given it an average rating of about 4 stars. Cellucor is a great brand and creates a lot of awesome products, but we’re not so sure this is one of them. It only ranks #8 out of all the GNC testosterone boosters, and all of the dosages are hidden by the proprietary blend. You may see some benefits from using P6, but we’d recommend several other products before this one.

Nugenix Ultimate#9 Nugenix Ultimate

Nugenix Ultimate is the new and improved version of the original Nugenix (ranked directly below this product). It’s a fairly new GNC testosterone booster that has been reviewed 34 times on the website and has received an average rating of only about 3.5 stars. Clearly, there are several better GNC products on this list, but that’s not to say this is a bad product by any means.

nugenix#10 Nugenix

Nugenix is perhaps the most widely known testosterone booster in the whole store, but that certainly doesn’t make it the best. There are 130 Nugenix reviews on the GNC website, but it has only managed to achieve an overall rating of 3 stars, which is not very good. The formula does have some great qualities and ingredients, but it also uses a proprietary blend. We’re not exactly sure why, but consumers don’t seem to be responding very positively to Nugenix.  READ THE FULL REVIEW

The Verdict On GNC Testosterone Boosters

It seems pretty clear that if you’re going to buy a GNC testosterone booster, you should go with N.O.x Test SX-7 Black ONYX. With that said, we actually believe that you can find much better testosterone boosters elsewhere. To learn about 10 T boosters that are better than anything you’ll find at GNC, click here: Top 10 Testosterone Boosters.

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