The Natural Review 2022 (Is This Test Booster Worth It?)

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Updated December 28, 2021

The natural testosterone booster supplementThe Natural is a supplement designed to help boost your testosterone levels using strictly natural ingredients. Testosterone boosters like this one are great for building lean muscle mass, but they’re especially useful for people who suffer from a common condition known as Low T (low testosterone). Read this The Natural review in order to find out exactly why it did not make our list of the top 10 Test Booster Supplements.

Benefits of The Natural

Here are the benefits of supplementing with The Natural:

  • Increased libido
  • Boost in testosterone
  • Higher energy levels
  • More positive outlook on life

What Is The Natural?

The Natural is a product designed by the company LGI Supplements for the sole purpose of giving men who are experiencing Low T their lives and libidos back. Low testosterone can negatively impact your life in a wide variety of ways, the most detrimental being in the bedroom and the weight room. Low testosterone makes it easier to put on fat, harder to put on muscle, and tremendously lowers your sex drive.

There are several different solutions for Low T, but the best choice for any man experiencing this problem is a natural approach. Natural supplements for low testosterone help men get long term results by pushing the body to produce more testosterone on its own. Other treatment for low testosterone utilizes expensive and time consuming measures that can cause serious negative side effects.

Hormone replacement therapy and topical testosterone gels utilize synthetic testosterone that your body has a chance of rejecting. Utilizing these artificial solutions can lead to negative side effects that may make your life even harder, instead of fixing the underlying problems causing your low testosterone. Topical testosterone gels can also be rubbed onto your loved ones through contact, which exposes them to unnecessary dosages of synthetic testosterone.

How Does The Natural Work?

The Natural works by utilizing potent testosterone boosting factors, increasing your vitamin and mineral support, providing anabolic support, and by lowering your cortisol levels. The ingredients this product uses are all natural, which is exactly what we like to see when it comes to any type of supplement.

With that being said, it’s not as simple as that. Further than just all natural ingredients, you also need to ensure sufficient dosages, the absence of proprietary blends, and the use of clinically proven ingredients as opposed to theory-based ones.

The Natural Ingredients

The following ingredients can be found in The Natural:

  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin K
  • Zinc
  • Epicatechin
  • Methyl Palmitate
  • Methyl Oleate
  • Cynomorium Songaricum Extract
  • Naringenin


This is one of the antioxidant flavonoids found in Green tea, and has been shown to help boost your body’s natural ability to create testosterone. While research has not exactly figured out why it increases testosterone levels, studies have shown statistically significant increases as well as reports of increased sex drive and energy levels.

Methyl Palmitate and Methyl Oleate

These two testosterone boosting factors are fatty acid derivatives found in honeybee drone milk extracts. They have been shown to benefit androgenic and anabolic activity, which can help your body produce more testosterone.

Cynomorium Songaricum Extract

This ingredient is a proven adaptogen that has the ability to help boost testosterone in the body and reduce stress due to cortisol in multiple animal experiments. This male virility booster has been very popular in traditional Chinese and European Medicine for centuries.


This molecule boosts free testosterone levels by inhibiting SHBG. SHBG stands for Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin. High SHBG levels mean that you have less free testosterone available, which is not good for people who have low testosterone.

The Pros

  • Contains a very unique blend of ingredients
  • Includes Zinc, which is one of the most well known T boosters available
  • All natural

The Cons

  • Doesn’t use 100% clinically proven ingredients
  • Missing several key T-boosting nutrients
  • User feedback is very mixed

The Natural Conclusion

The Natural is a product that uses a very unique blend of ingredients to help men suffering from low testosterone. Unfortunately, the validity of the claims that some of these ingredients help boost testosterone has not been verified through clinical trials. To see a list of highly potent, top-notch boosters, check out our Testosterone Boosters page.

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