Testrovax Review

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Testrovax Review

Testrovax is a brand new, super hyped up testosterone booster on the scene that’s one out of 50 new testosterone boosters since the start of 2018. We’ve reviewed hundreds of T boosters on our website, and we have to say, we found this particular product to be pretty unimpressive. Read this Testrovax review to learn why it did NOT earn a ranking spot amongst the super high-tech and exceptionally potent  Top 5 Testosterone Booster Supplements.

The Benefits of Testrovax

Here are some of the potential benefits you may experience when using Testrovax:

  • May boost lean muscle production
  • Can increase endurance
  • Helps improve energy levels

What Is Testrovax?

We’ve used the term “testosterone booster” several times already, but what exactly does that even mean? Are you literally ingesting testosterone when you take this supplement, and if not, then what the heck is it?

Testrovax is one of many natural testosterone boosters that contain herbal ingredients which have been proven to stimulate increased testosterone production in the body. In other words, it doesn’t actually contain testosterone, but it does contain ingredients that can help your body create more testosterone.

Now, while it does utilize some clinically proven ingredients, we don’t believe the formula is potent enough to produce truly significant results for the user, which is why we don’t recommend this product…more on that later.

How Does Testrovax Work?

For many years, guys were taught that the only way we can boost our testosterone levels is through TRT (testosterone replacement therapy). This process involves regular doctors visits and a series of painful injections…plus, it’s super pricey.

Needless to say, this wasn’t necessarily something guys wanted to do…and that’s how natural testosterone boosters were born. What if you could just pop a few capsules every day instead of going to the doctor and getting poked every week, AND still get a major boost in your testosterone levels?

Well, that’s exactly what natural testosterone boosters are. Unlike the injections associated with TRT, they don’t contain synthetic testosterone or anything that could cause side effects. Instead, they contain entirely natural herbs and extracts that encourage your body to create testosterone from within.

By getting your body to create testosterone from the inside instead of forcing FAKE testosterone in from the outside, as is done with TRT, you can produce a much more positive response and more significant results. BUT, only if the proper ingredients and dosages are used…more on that later.

Testrovax Ingredients – Does It Really Have What It Takes?

Before we get into the exact ingredients, we need to clarify something right off the bat. Every ingredient this product contains is part of a proprietary blend, which means the dosage sizes of the ingredients are hidden.

In other words, we do not know how much of each ingredient is in the product…so, you don’t really know what you’re taking. Plus, without the exact dosage sizes, there’s really no way to tell whether the stuff works or not.

We never recommend products that use proprietary blends because we don’t feel comfortable telling people to take something when we can’t even know exactly what’s in there. This is the main reason why we do not recommend Testrovax.

With that said, here are the ingredients…

D-Asparaginic Acid: As one of the most widely used and clinically proven testosterone boosting ingredients available, D-Asparaginic Acid is a vital component of any testosterone booster. Any T booster that lacks this ingredient is most likely not worth your money.

Since this is the first ingredient on the list within the proprietary blend, we know that the dosage has to be fairly large. However, again, we still don’t know if it’s large enough to be effective since we don’t have exact numbers.

Fenugreek: Fenugreek is a well-known testosterone and libido boosting nutrient, which makes it an excellent addition to any and every testosterone booster formula. Several clinical studies have shown that Fenugreek has tremendous potential when it comes to testosterone production.

Damiana Leaf Extract: Some studies have suggested that Damiana could potentially benefit people with low testosterone levels, but there’s not a whole lot of evidence to support that theory. Due to the lack of proof it works, this is an ingredient we don’t see being used very often.

Testrovax Reviews From Users

When we’re evaluating a supplement, we always look into what people who used it have to say about their results. The nutrition label tells us pretty much everything we need to know, but it can never hurt to take a look at some consumer feedback. Let’s see what people are saying in their Testrovax reviews…

As of March 2018, there have been 30 Testrovax reviews submitted on Amazon. The average rating is 3.4 stars, which is pretty unimpressive. 17% of users only gave Testrovax one star, which is very discouraging.  It received several positive reviews as well, but overall, the user feedback was not very promising.

The Pros of Testrovax

  • Contains a couple of proven testosterone boosters
  • Received a few positive user reviews
  • Has a comparatively high overall potency

The Cons of Testrovax

  • Missing several key ingredients
  • Has an average rating of only 3.4 stars on Amazon
  • Uses a proprietary blend
  • Individual ingredient dosages are not disclosed

Our Conclusion On Testrovax

All things considered, Testrovax is not a product we’d feel comfortable recommending, mostly based on the fact that it contains a proprietary blend. It’s difficult for us to evaluate supplements that don’t disclose ingredient dosages.

Additionally, the Testrovax reviews from users on Amazon were not very encouraging. We only recommend supplements we are 100% confident in, which is why we’d encourage you to have a look at our list of the Top 5 Testosterone Booster Supplements.

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