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TestoTEK Review | Our #1 Ranked Testosterone Booster 

TestoTEK-v2-400If you are reading this TestoTEK review, then you are already aware of the benefits of increased testosterone levels. You want more energy, more stamina; increased libido. You want to lose fat and pack on lean muscle.

We’ve reviewed dozens and dozens of natural testosterone booster supplements. We’ve narrowed down the best supplements to create our top 10 testosterone booster list. And out of all the boosters we’ve researched and have taken ourselves, there’s really just three that stand out above all others.

TestoTEK by TEK Naturals, has become our new #1 favorite testosterone booster and believe me, this was not an easy decision because the top-three are so similar.

UPDATE: 07-05-17 – TestoTEK v2.0 was just released. Increased Mucuna Pruriens with more L-dopa (40%), Zinc reduced to 25 mg, Tribulus removed and vitamin K added. This is a definite improvement on an already exceptional formula.

Claimed Benefits of TestoTEK Natural Testosterone Booster

  • Promotes Lean Muscle Mass
  • Increases Energy & Stamina
  • Enhances Libido & Virility
  • Builds Strength & Performance

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What is TestoTEK?

We all know that as men age into their thirties, forties and fifties, testosterone levels decline dramatically. This leads to the dreaded symptoms resulting from “Low T”.

Symptoms of Low T

  • Fatigue and low energy levels
  • Fat gain
  • Low sex drive
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Irritability
  • Lack of focus
  • Difficulty in increasing muscle mass

TestoTEK and other natural testosterone booster supplements contain natural ingredients that should help to trigger the body to increase testosterone production. Taken consistently, the collection of ingredients could help to eliminate the symptoms of Low T and do so safely and relatively inexpensively.

Many men turn to external testosterone alternatives such as injections and gels. The problem with these is that they are riddled with side effects because a foreign testosterone is being introduced to the body. They are also very expensive in comparison.

Putting the body in a position to increase testosterone naturally is by far the best way to eliminate low testosterone symptoms. The problem then becomes, in a very crowded market, which testosterone booster supplement should you choose?

What Makes It Work? – TestoTEK Ingredients

The primary reason why TestoTEK has become our top-rated booster is because of the quantity, quality and potency of the ingredients.  We have researched testosterone boosters for years and have personally taken dozens and have scrutinized the labels of hundreds more.

Remember, supplement companies are in business to make money and a lot of them want to make money by slapping together products, hyping them up and engage in marketing gimmicks.\

Protect yourself by familiarizing yourself with the shortlist of ingredients that have the credibility resulting from a large body of clinical research. There are approximately a half dozen ingredients that should be in every testosterone booster, and these ingredients should be in potencies that will make a real difference.

There are twelve total ingredients in TestoTEK

D-Aspartic Acid (2000mg) – The amino acid DAA is perhaps the most common and the most important ingredient for natural testosterone boosting. It triggers the brain to release luteinizing and growth hormones that directly lead to testosterone production.

There’s a large body of research that link DAA to testosterone production, perhaps more than any other ingredient. Bottom line; don’t take a testosterone booster where it’s absent.

Vitamin K (50mcg) – Vitamin K2 (menaquinone) is super important for cardiovascular heart health and its role in strengthening bone. It also can help reduce prostate as much as 30%. But what’s been recently discovered is vitamin K2’s potential ability to increase testosterone. There have been some very promising results from a recent Japanese study that has shown menaquinone to dramatically increase testosterone in lab rats.

Mucuna Pruriens (175mg)UPDATE: 7-05-17 – Mucuna Pruriens was increased to 175mg per serving. More importantly, it is now a standardized extract to 40% L-dopa. Mucuna Pruriens is a remarkable nutrient that is gaining more and more popularity as a testosterone boosting ingredient.

Mucuna Pruriens biggest contribution to increased testosterone is by limiting the amount of female hormones that exist in a man’s body… specifically, it’s ability to decrease estrogen. No man wants too much estrogen as it will literally destroy free testosterone. Additionally, no man wants physical female characteristics like man boobs. Mucuna Pruriens will increase free testosterone by limiting estrogen.

Stinging Nettle Root (100mg) – Stinging Nettle is a critical ingredient for testo-boosting because of its ability to stop “sex hormone binding globulin” or SHBG. Essentially what SHBG does is limit the amount of free testosterone in a man’s body because of a protein that attaches itself to the hormone and renders it useless

Stinging Nettle has compounds that eliminate SHBG and the result is a lot more readily available testosterone.

Fenugreek (75mg) – Fenugreek is a phenomenal ingredient for men for a variety of reasons. It should absolutely be in every testosterone booster product.

The biggest benefit of fenugreek for t-boosting is its ability to stimulate the production of androgens, or sex hormones in men, directly leading to increased testosterone. It also can improve libido, increase immune function, raise energy levels, reduce inflammation, improve digestion and a legion of other health benefits as well.

Oyster Extract (75mg) – One can research Oyster Extract and read through study after study that suggests that this natural ocean ingredient is good for bedroom activities. Few argue against it. There’s a reason why oysters have been touted as aphrodisiacs since someone was courageous enough to eat one. Probably the biggest reason for this is the zinc content that’s found in oysters. Zinc is a t-booster, one of the most important, and has a number of other peripheral benefits to men.

Siberian Ginseng (50mg) – Every time I hear the word “miracle” attached to anything supplement related I cringe. But if there is a nutrient that can come near it, Ginseng is probably the closest because its myriad benefits are damn near miraculous. Heck, there’s even a TV show about “Ginseng Hunters”.

Space and time will not allow a full description of the benefits of Ginseng. Close your eyes and think of a random health benefit and Ginseng probably possesses that ability. But we’re talking about testosterone right?

Ironically, there’s not a conclusive study that we know about that directly links Ginseng to increased testosterone. However, Ginseng is a rock star nitric oxide producer and N.O. sends loads of oxygen and blood to areas where men really need it. Yeah, below the belt where men REALLY need it. It improves erections, libido and dramatically improves energy levels… and does just about everything else too.

Vitamin D3 (2000IU) – Here’s a quick fact that you can use on Jeopardy. Vitmain D is really not a vitamin at all. It’s a hormone. And it’s necessary for human survival. There is so much evidence linked to vitamin D and testosterone production that it’s not even arguable. It’s a fact.

Sure you can get your vitamin D by playing outside and getting some rays, but it’s better to make sure you are getting enough D by supplementing with it. If you are taking a testosterone booster that does not have vitamin D listed on the label, throw it away.

B-Complex Vitamins (3 Ingredients) (80mg) – TestoTEK includes the usual suspects of b-complex: Riboflavin, B6 and Pantothenic Acid. B-Complex is widely used as a natural energy booster. Every energy drink sold contains b-complex, but they also contain troubling additives like sugar, stimulants, dyes, test-tube flavors and other disturbing man-made substances.

Having b-complex in a testosterone booster make a lot of sense because it improves energy levels, mood, and overall health and well being.

Zinc (25mg) –UPDATE: 3-05-17 – Zinc was lowered to 25mg. Like D aspartic acid and vitamin D3, zinc should be in every testosterone booster. If the one you are taking is missing zinc, it belongs in your garbage can, not in your cabinet. TestoTEK obviously attaches a lot of importance to zinc because 75mg is high potent.

Science has proven zinc increases testosterone and it’s very difficult to get enough zinc in the diet. And, every time a man ejaculates, he loses a significant amount of zinc. So unless your eating oysters everyday, zinc is a must-have ingredieint in your testosterone booster. 

Why Did We Make TestoTEK Our Top Testosterone Booster?

As mentioned earlier, it wasn’t an easy choice to crown TestoTEK as the “King of Testo-Boosters”.  It came down to the number of ingredients, the potencies of the critical ingredients and the cost. There were a few other factors that we’ll discuss, but these are the primary factors.

Containing 12 total ingredients TestoTEK equals Prime Male for the most ingredients in a testosterone booster supplement that we’ve reviewed. Keep in mind that all 12 ingredients are not necessarily proven to increase testosterone. However, the ingredients that don’t necessarily relate to hormone production have ancillary and complimentary benefits that make the formula comprehensive and broad reaching.

We ranked TestoTEK over Testogen because the former has more overall ingredients and though they contain the identical amount of D aspartic acid and zinc, TestoTEK contains Mucuna Pruriens, an ingredient that is building more and more credibility as a key natural booster. TestoTEK also contains oyster extract that is also known for its testo-boosting properties, as well as a natural male enhancer.

The primary reason why we chose TestoTEK over Prime Male is because TestoTEK has 400 more milligrams of D aspartic acid, perhaps the single most important ingredient for testosterone boosting. Secondly, TestoTEK has more mucuna pruriens than Prime Male, and MP might be the second most important ingredient for testosterone boosting. TestoTEK’s mucuna pruriens is a standardized extract that contains 20% of the active ingredient L-dopa compared to Prime Male’s 15% L-dopa.  Prime Male is also missing oyster extract which also contains zinc.

Another important factor lending to our love of TestoTEK is that even with the 12 ingredients and the high potencies, it is less expensive than Prime Male and TestoFuel when you use our exclusive coupon code. You get more and pay less.

We also appreciate the no nonsense approach of the company, TEK Naturals. They don’t overly hype their products by making ridiculous claims. They don’t appear to engage in a lot of the marketing gimmicks that plague this industry. They don’t use chemical dyes to make their capsules red or purple.

They also breakout the exact amounts of the ingredients on their label as opposed to the dreaded “proprietary blend” formats that many companies use that makes it impossible to know how much of each ingredient is in the formula. And they don’t trick you into signing up for an auto-ship program.

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The Pros

  • The most ingredients we’ve seen in one testosterone booster supplement
  • The highest potent combination of zinc, D aspartic acid and vitamin D
  • Contains ancillary ingredients such as tribulus terrestris, ginseng, oyster extract and mucuna pruriens making it very comprehensive
  • Contains no harmful chemicals and dyes
  • The product comes with a 60-day risk-free money back guarantee
  • Less expensive than Prime Male and TestoFuel when coupon code is used
  • The amounts of each ingredient are listed on the label

The Cons

  • The product can only be purchased online
  • As a newer product on the market there is not a lot of user reviews yet

Where Can You Buy TestoTEK and How Much Does it Cost?

TestoTEK is available exclusively online at TEKNaturals.com and is available in 3 packages. Use this exclusive Coupon Code:  TSR10 to get the best possible online price.

One bottle of TestoTEK, a 1-month supply, costs $62 (with our discount code) or $2.07 per serving.  (Prime Male is $2.30 per serving and TestoFuel is $2.17 per serving).

Three boxes of TestoTEK (a three-month supply) costs $170 (with our discount code) or $1.89 per serving.

If you buy the six-pack, a full 6 month supply of TestoTEK for $287 (with our discount code) you essentially get two bottles free, saving over $100 and the cost-per-serving drops to $1.59. This is by far the best value we’ve seen for a product of this quality.

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We are confident this TestoTEK review has been helpful. For most people, the task of choosing a quality testosterone booster is extremely daunting because there are so many products on the market.

In summary, TestoTEK, by TEK Naturals, is our #1 choice because it contains the most ingredients and has the highest potencies of the most critical ingredients that are linked to testosterone boosting.

It is also competitively priced and is less expensive than other top boosters reviewed on this website. The company also seems to be very straightforward and it’s refreshing to see (or not to see) all they hype, hyperbole and marketing gimmicks that are so prevalent in this industry.

Order TestoTEK

Use Coupon Code: TSR10

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