Testosterone Gels | Are They Effective? What Are The Side Effects?

The Benefits and Side Effects of Testosterone GelsAs men grow older, their testosterone levels start to drop and they need to use supplements to keep them at the right levels. In other cases, men use testosterone supplements because they are looking to dramatically increase muscle mass or because they are seeking a better sex life with higher libido and longer lasting erections.

Natural testosterone boosters usually come in the form of supplements that contain all-natural ingredients. One recent addition to the market, however, is testosterone gels for men. Are testosterone gels effective? And what are the side effects?

According to those who manufacture and dispense them, testosterone gels are applied directly to the skin because “according to them” if taken by mouth, very little testosterone will reach the muscle. They say that when you take it in the form of a pill the pill has to first be broken down and metabolized by the liver. Very little testosterone makes it past this stage and very little of it has a direct impact on muscle growth.

This of course is simply not the case because natural testosterone boosters contain ingredients that don’t directly deliver the hormone to the muscle but stimulate production internally.

The Downside of Testosterone Gels

  • The gel must be applied once a day, at the same time every day and on the same area of skin for it to be effective. Most people may find this tedious.

  • You have to wait for it to dry before you get dressed and believe it or not it is flammable until it dries so be careful about getting close to the fire.

  • You cannot go swimming or take a shower or a bath with 6 to 7 hours of application. With this in mind, it may be best to use the gel right after your morning shower.

  • You must cover all areas of skin with clothing so that you don’t transfer it to women and children. Should any contact occur the other person must wash thoroughly. (Sounds safe.)

  • You must have a thorough shower before sexual intercourse to avoid getting testosterone on your partner. (Probably not a bad idea anyway though.)

So, are testosterone gels worth all the trouble? The reason why testosterone gels are getting so much attention is two words… big pharma.  They are jumping on the testosterone bandwagon in a big way and know men are desperate enough to jump through fiery hoops to get bigger biceps and better erections. (Even taking showers before sex for goodness sakes.)

The truth is that you will do much better with natural testosterone boosters. These supplements contain all-natural ingredients that are necessary to increase testosterone production. The key is to look for ingredients that are found in nature and not created in test tubes. Big pharma can’t slap a patent on something like Tribulus Terrestris but they can with manmade chemicals and add billions to their bottom line.

Where Do You Get Testosterone Gels?

Most gels are prescribed by a doctor, but like everything else today, you can get testosterone gels online.  There are many different brands and more popping up each day. Consumers need exercise caution about what brand to choose because there is a broad range of quality.

As already discussed, they are not the most effective way of increasing your testosterone levels but in addition to that, there are many brands in the market that are loaded with chemicals that can cause powerful side effects.

In the past these gels could only be obtained if one had a prescription and therefore the quality was heavily regulated. Today, however, anyone can manufacture and sell a testosterone gel the onus falls on you to choose brands that are manufactured by reputable companies.

Testosterone Gels Side Effects

  • Many people who are using testosterone gels report that they get headaches

  • It seems that the gels can cause feelings of depression, anxiety, mood swings and other mood disorders

  • There is a lawsuit against a company that manufactured gels that caused death by heart attack or stroke. (Shocker that the FDA allowed gels littered with chemicals to enter the marketplace)

  • Reported skin rashes appeared on the areas where the gel is applied

  • Having to wear it for 6 hours for it to really work is kind of a buzz kill

  • Having to cover the areas of exposed skin with clothing for fear of coming into contact with women and children is a bit disturbing


If you are planning to use a testosterone gel to boost your testosterone levels you should instead look for other more reliable solutions. We feel that natural testosterone boosters in supplement form are far more effective, far easier to use and will prevent you from having to wear a HAZMAT suit in order to hang out with your child… not to mention having to take the dreaded shower before intercourse.


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