nugenix and testorush

nugenix and testorush

TestoRush and Nugenix are two very popular testosterone boosters with two very different nutrition labels. They’re similar in many ways, but one is clearly better than the other as far as we’re concerned. Check out this review to learn why we recommend one of these T boosters more highly than the other.

What Is Nugenix and How Is It Similar To TestoRush?

nugenix-review-muscleNugenix is perhaps the most popular testosterone booster on the market. TestoRush was designed with very similar goals in mind, but we believe that Nugenix accomplishes those goals more efficiently. Among the list of things it can accomplish are increased muscle mass, improved sex drive, better stamina in bed, and enhanced performance overall in both the gym and the bedroom.

The two supplements are similar because both serve as alternatives to synthetic methods of boosting testosterone. Both are completely natural and herbal, which means they are both safe and unlikely to produce side effects. More importantly, it means they both promote the production and use of authentic, natural testosterone rather than synthetic testosterone.

Typical methods of testosterone boosting such as hormone replacement therapy and testosterone gels involve the use of synthetic testosterone, which is problematic because your body doesn’t recognize it. As a result of this, it may not be fully utilized and could produce a great number of side effects for the user. It is for these reasons we recommend natural supplements like Nugenix or TestoRush.

It is true that they are both designed to work in the aforementioned fashion, but that doesn’t mean that one gets the job done just as efficiently as the other. All testosterone supplements are different, and it’s important to be aware of what the differences are.

Important Differences Between Nugenix and TestoRush

The first and potentially the most significant difference between the two test boosters is the overall potency. With Nugenix, we’re looking at an overall potency of approximately 2,100 MG per serving whereas with TestoRush, the overall potency clocks in at 1,000 MG per serving. That’s a significant difference…we can see here that Nugenix is more than twice as potent.

The second key difference lies in the proprietary blends. They both use a proprietary blend, but the Nugenix blend is significantly more potent than that of TestoRush. Additionally, all of the TestoRush ingredient dosages are hidden by the proprietary blend whereas that is not the case with Nugenix, meaning that Nugenix has a more transparent formula.

Last but not least…the user reviews. When we researched the personal experiences users were having with both products, we found that the Nugenix reviews were more often positive than that of TestoRush. The vast majority of Nugenix reviews were speaking positively about the product with the exception of a couple negative reviews here and there.

The conclusion we reached from researching both the Nugenix reviews and the TestoRush reviews was that Nugenix appears to have a more significant effect on users. That’s not to say that TestoRush isn’t effective, though. There were definitely some positive reviews there as well.

TestoRush Side Effects Vs. Nugenix Side Effects

Whenever you’re considering buying a supplement, it’s important to look into what kind of side effects people have been experiencing so that you can avoid a product that tends to cause problems often. Sometimes, you might be surprised at what you can find by researching this…some products cause some pretty serious side effects.

With that said, this is not the case for either of these products from what we can tell. While users of both have reported some side effects, there never seemed to be anything too significant. TestoRush barely ever had any side effects reported. The complaints were more about its efficacy than anything else.

Nugenix side effects were not significant either and certainly not common. Most people did not report side effects, but there were a couple people here and there who reported an upset stomach, bloating, gas, etc. Some people simply had some minor stomach issues, but that can be expected pretty much whenever you start a new supplement. Overall, Nugenix side effects appear to be very minimal if at all present.

TestoRush Vs. Nugenix Verdict

All things considered, we believe that Nugenix is the better option between these two supplements. Both have some high-quality ingredients as well as positive user reviews, but we feel we saw more promising evidence and a more impressive nutrition label with Nugenix than with TestoRush.

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