Testomax 200 Review

Testomax 200 Review

Testomax 200 ReviewTestomax 200 is a natural testosterone booster that shows some promise. While we believe we have reviewed several testo supplements that are better than this one, it certainly does have some good qualities. Often times, supplements are older and are in need of being modernized. That’s Testomax 200. Basically, we need a Testomax 300 version on the fly! But that’s neither here nor there, because we have what we have.

Read this Testomax 200 review to find out why didn’t rank amongst our Top 10 Testosterone Boosters.

The Benefits of Testomax200

  • Could lead to enhances sexual performance
  • May help with strength and endurance
  • Can naturally boost energy levels
  • Simple nutrient delivery method (capsules)

How Does Testomax 200 Work?

Testomax 200 contains three natural ingredients that are thought to help increase testosterone levels upon ingestion. Many testosterone supplements out there make similar claims, but usually they contain 6-10 different ingredients. The fact that this one only contains three is one of the reasons we didn’t rank it very highly.

With that said, these ingredients have been clinically studied to test whether or not they are actually able to help boost T levels, and the results appear to be pretty promising. Even though there are less ingredients in this one than we typically see, you would still be pretty likely to experience some benefits.

The formula works by helping your body to create more of its own natural testosterone. The reason this theory is ideal is because it avoids any means of synthetic testosterone use such as testosterone gels or injections. The synthetic kind can cause bad side effects, and your body could fail to utilize it as effectively.

That’s the reason why you should be trying to boost your T levels in a natural way rather than in a synthetic manner. However, we don’t recommend Testomax 200 and would encourage you to view some of our other testosterone booster reviews before making a decision too quickly.

Testomax200 Ingredients – What Makes It Work?

Tongkat Ali 600 MG

Tongkat Ali is the primary ingredient in Testomax 200. It is generously dosed at 600 milligrams per serving, which is pretty likely to help you out. Usually you will see about half of that dosage with most testosterone boosters out there.

Speaking of most T boosters…this is an ingredient that you will find in a great many of them, which is often a good sign. It usually means there is a lot of evidence it works because otherwise not so many manufacturers would be including it.

While we don’t consider it to be one of the top 5 best testosterone supplement ingredients, it could be very beneficial for some individuals. Studies on this ingredient found that it could help to increase T levels in some men but for whatever reason did not work for others.

Gingko Biloba & Ginger Root 50 MG

Gingko Biloba was shown in several studies to be able to help acetylcholine find and bind to the proper receptors, which could in turn lead to a boost in libido. It would be that libido boost from which you would obtain any sort of sexual enhancement benefits. Ginkgo Biloba benefits are truly amazing.

Ginger Root was the focus of many clinical studies, but the most notable of which was one wherein some of the subjects showed about a 15% increase in testosterone levels after Ginger Root supplementation. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Ginger Root can work for everyone, but suffice it to say the results of that particular study are pretty promising.

The biggest problem here in our opinion is that these two ingredients are in a 50 milligram proprietary blend. That means we don’t know the individual dosages. In other words, for all we know, Gingko could be dosed at 49 MG while Ginger Root only accounts for 1 MG. There simply is no way of knowing, which is unfortunate.

Testomax 200 Ingredients Supplement Facts

The Pros

  • Could boost libido
  • Contains a very high dosage of Tongkat Ali
  • Uses Ginger Root, which can be an excellent ingredient

The Cons

  • Uses a proprietary blend for part of the formula
  • Only contains 3 ingredients
  • Overall potency is very low compared to some other supplements at only about 650 MG per serving

The Final Verdict

Low testosterone symptoms can often be confused with many different issues, which is why it is important to have that conversation with your doctor. Since the overall potency of Testomax 200 is far too low in our opinion, it only contains 3 ingredients, and we don’t know exact dosages for every single ingredient, Testomax 200 is not a supplement that we would recommend. We have seen a great number of nutrition labels that we found to be much more impressive. Our advice would be to check out our list of what have ranked as the Top 10 Testosterone Boosters.

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