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Test X180 Alpha Review

Test X180 Alpha testosterone booster supplementTest X180 Alpha is an improved version of the original testosterone booster manufactured by Force Factor. Their first testosterone booster was called Test X180, but shortly after its release, they produced Test X180 Alpha and Test X180 Ignite.

Alpha was designed for those looking to pack on muscle mass, and Ignite was designed for those looking for a metabolism boost in order to burn some fat. Test X180 Alpha is supposed to be a shortcut to gaining muscle and getting ripped, but does it really work? We do NOT recommend Test X180 Alpha, but here are several more elite supplements we DO recommend: Best Testosterone Boosters of 2020.

Reported Benefits of Test X180 Alpha

Here’s a list of some of the key benefits Force Factor claims can result from Test X180 Alpha…

  • Heighten Libido
  • Enhance Sexual Performance
  • Strengthen Blood Flow
  • Build Muscle
  • Maximize Stamina 

Does Test X180 Alpha Really Work?

While Alpha may be an improved version of the original Test X180 product, we don’t believe it is improved enough to be worth the amount of money they are asking for. Test X180 Alpha costs a shocking $89.99 for 1 bottle. There are a lot of effective testosterone boosters out there that cost half of that price, and frankly, a lot of the testosterone boosters that cost significantly less are actually much more effective.

Testosterone supplements like Test X180 Alpha are designed to cause natural testosterone production within your body. For a long time, people thought that the best way to correct a low testosterone problem was with testosterone replacement therapy.

Recently, more and more people are discovering that the most effective, inexpensive, and risk free way to boost your testosterone levels is by taking a natural testosterone supplement. These supplements contain natural ingredients that stimulate your body to produce more testosterone when ingested, and that is what makes them safe and effective.

Test X180 Alpha does contain some solid ingredients, but read on to find out why we didn’t rank it as highly as some of the other testosterone boosters we have come across.

Test X180 Ingredients

As I said before, the ingredients are what makes testosterone supplements so effective. It is vitally important that you understand the supplement facts before purchasing a supplement. However, most people are unable to determine whether a supplement is effective or not based on the nutrition label…and that is where we come in.

We have evaluated the supplement facts for Test X180 Alpha and determined that we do not believe it to be among the elite in terms of effective testosterone boosters…but why?

The ingredients are as follows: thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, L-citrulline, catuaba bark extract, maca root extract, damiana leaf extract, muira puama root extract, fenugreek seed extract, white mushroom, stinging nettle root, chrysin, and diindolylmethane.

Not familiar with any of those ingredients? Well, you don’t need to understand them because we do. Many of those ingredients are proven testosterone boosters and are used in a lot of the testosterone boosters that we have ranked higher than this one…so why isn’t this one ranked among the elite?

Proprietary Blend Issue

Well, the issue with this product is the fact that it uses a proprietary blend. For those who are unaware, a proprietary blend is basically an excuse for manufacturers to leave the amounts of certain ingredients undisclosed.

In other words, there is no way for the consumer to be ble to tell how much of each ingredient is in the product, and therefore, it is near impossible to tell whether the supplement is truly effective or not.

Without knowing the amounts for every single ingredient, we can not know for sure that this is an effective supplement. The testosterone boosters we have ranked highly all disclose the amounts of the various ingredients, and that is a big part of how we were able to tell that they are truly effective.

Without that information, no one can really say whether a supplement is effective without trying it. That is why we went ahead and looked at some reviews written by people who have tried it. Check out the following section to see what they said.

Test X180 Alpha Reviews From Real Users

*May 2020 Update: Test X180 Alpha has been on the market for several years now, and as a result of that, it has generated a much more significant amount of user feedback than it had at the time we originally wrote this review. So, let’s take a look at these user reviews and see what we can find…

There have been just over 200 Test X180 Alpha reviews submitted on GNC’s website, and the supplement received an average rating of 4.4 stars. That’s a pretty solid mark…what’s more, 123 people rated it 5 stars, which is even more impressive.

Are the results from these reviews significant? Sure. Something to take into account? Certainly. We wouldn’t be writing about them if they didn’t matter…however, the fact remains, we need to stay focused on the science here.

With Test X180 Alpha, you’re paying $89.99 for a 1,200 MG proprietary blend. Our #1 ranked testosterone booster costs $59.99, and you’re getting almost twice the amount of nutrients with over 2,200 MG per serving. 

The Pros

  • Contains several proven testosterone boosting ingredients
  • Produced by a great manufacturer, Force Factor
  • The benefits as reported by Force Factor are very positive
  • Positive user reviews

 The Cons 

  • The use of a proprietary blend in the formula makes it very hard to determine whether this supplement is truly effective or not
  • It is extremely expensive
  • We have found several testosterone supplements that we consider to be better than this one
  • The overall potency is comparatively low at only 1,200 MG

Test X180 Alpha Conclusion and Our Recommendation

Our final verdict is that while Test X180 Alpha looks like a decent testosterone booster, we would not consider it to be among the best testosterone boosters out there. There are several supplements we would recommend over this one, especially because these other supplements do not use proprietary blends, are more potent, and yet less expensive. Learn about the Best Testosterone Boosters of 2020 here.

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