Test Freak Review

Test Freak testosterone booster supplementTest Freak is a killer testosterone booster by Pharma Freak that came very close to making it into our rankings of the Best Testosterone Boosters of 2020. Read this review to learn what makes Test Freak such a very solid supplement, but not quite good enough to make it into our list of the elite top five.

The Benefits of Test Freak

  • Could lead to more rapid muscle growth
  • Specifically designed to help build mass
  • Can also help increase libido
  • Users may experience strength/endurance improvements

How Does Test Freak Work?

Test Freak is geared towards the bodybuilders and the weightlifters rather than the older guys with Low T (low testosterone levels). With that said, that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be beneficial for men with Low T. The primary focus however is clearly building muscle. They chose ingredients that are better for bodybuilders rather than for guys with low sex drive and those sorts of issues.

The way it works is by stimulating the increased release of natural testosterone through the use of natural ingredients. Many of these ingredients have clinical trials to support the claims being made in regards to their testosterone boosting abilities. While this supplement does not contain actual testosterone, the ingredients have the potential to encourage your body to create its own testosterone.

There are ways you can directly ingest testosterone such as through testosterone gels or hormone replacement therapy, which involves injecting testosterone with a needle or wearing a patch on your arm…that type of thing. We don’t like testosterone gels or any of that stuff because its not natural, and that almost always means side effects will be involved.

Plus, your body can respond much better to natural methods of hormone regulation as opposed to synthetic methods. Therefore, we think its in your best interest to take a natural testosterone booster, but you want to make sure you get the best one.

Due to the use of proprietary blends in this supplement, we don’t usually recommend it very highly despite how many great qualities it has. We recommend you take a look at some of our other testosterone booster reviews to see which ones we ranked the highest.

Test Freak Ingredients – What Makes It Work?

Proprietary Testosterone Support Complex

We believe this blend is the key when it comes to whether or not this supplement will work. It is a highly potent blend at 2,100 milligrams per serving. This blend consists of two different forms of Fenugreek as well as Tribulus Terrestris.

Fenugreek and Tribulus are two of the most popular testosterone boosting ingredients out there because they both have a tremendous amount of support for their claims. In addition to the clinical studies, the majority of users out there have reported positive experiences with these ingredients, which is often correlated to how effective an ingredient can really be.

Proprietary DHT Support Complex

This blend consists of Saw Palmetto and Stinging Nettle extracts and is designed to help prevent testosterone from being converted into DHT. DHT is commonly believed to be responsible for hair loss as well as some other unwanted symptoms that men may experience. For that reason, it is important to include a DHT support complex in a testosterone supplement formula.

Proprietary Estrogen Support Complex

Consisting of about 3 different ingredients, this blend is designed to prevent your estrogen levels from spiking. Another important consideration with testosterone boosters is to be sure whichever one you choose can help prevent you from experiencing an estrogen increase, or else your progress may be stunted.

The Pros of Test Freak

  • Uses over 10 different ingredients – excellent formula diversity
  • Overall potency is pretty high at around 2,700 milligrams per serving
  • It uses almost all of what we believe to be vital ingredients for T boosters

The Cons of Test Freak

  • Uses proprietary blends, which means we can’t see the individual dosages for a lot of the ingredients. This is an issue for us because it prevents us from being able to determine exactly how effective Test Freak might be

The Final Test Freak Conclusion

Test Freak is in our opinion better than the vast majority of the testosterone supplements you will be able to find out there. It contains a bunch of different ingredients and is overall pretty potent. We just don’t see it as a top 10 supplement because of the proprietary blends. Feel free to look at our list of the Best Testosterone Boosters to see which ones we recommend most highly.

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