Nobody wants to spend their money on something that might not be worth it, which is why people look for answers before having to test the product themselves. Pretty much everyone has at some point ordered something online and gotten really excited about it only to later discover that it was not what they thought it was.

6a00e0099514748833017ee62661ba970d-500wi-373x250Well, it’s our job to keep that from happening to you, and that’s why we wrote this article based not only on our review of Nugenix but also on hundreds of other reviews as submitted by users of the product and other sports nutrition experts such as ourselves. Let’s start with a little background on the supplement.

What is Nugenix?

Nugenix is a testosterone booster that consists only of natural ingredients, which helps to avoid any side effects that are typically associated with testosterone supplements. Many methods of testosterone boosting can be ineffective and even harmful because the testosterone being used is not authentic, but supplements like Nugenix avoid these issues by using only natural ingredients.

One of the biggest issues for guys as they age is the gradual decrease in testosterone levels, which leads to all sorts of issues mostly related to erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, and declining physique. Too many guys turn to hormone replacement therapy or testosterone gels, but both of these methods involve synthetic testosterone.

Ideally, you want to avoid synthetic testosterone and get your body to produce more of its own natural testosterone. Nugenix uses natural ingredients to promote the increased production of testosterone within your body, which thereby allows for effective utilization of new testosterone and helps to avoid any side effects.

Does Nugenix Actually Work?

Enough about what it is and how it’s supposed to work, let’s talk about whether or not it’s actually effective. All natural testosterone supplements are designed to work in the same way (as described above), but a great number of them turn out to be ineffective. In order to determine which ones get the job done and which ones don’t, you need to examine both user reviews and expert analyses…but not to worry, we did all of that for you, and here’s what we found.

Nugenix Reviews Based On Expert Analysis

These reviews are written by people who specialize in sports nutrition such as ourselves. They typically will look strictly at the nutrition label in order to determine whether or not something is effective. Nine times out of ten, you can find all of the answers on the label.

Experts look at things like quality of ingredients, clinical support, overall potency, and individual dosages. Somebody with a true understanding of nutrition can take one look at a supplement label and be able to tell whether or not it’s effective based on all of the aforementioned considerations.

What we have found is that there is a general consensus amongst expert reviewers that Nugenix is very likely to be an effective product. It contains clinically proven natural ingredients, and the overall potency is vey high. The only issue some experts have is that it uses a proprietary blend, which means we can’t see the individual dosages of each ingredient.

The primary concern with the use of a proprietary blend is that some individual dosages may be too small, which could render the product ineffective. However, there is one surefire way of detecting whether or not this is the case…testing the product! Therefore, if everything about the label is encouraging except for the proprietary blend, all you have to do is look to the user reviews to see if it works…

Nugenix Reviews Based On User Experiences

nugenix-reviews-expertsIn evaluating the experiences of people who actually used the product, we found that it tends to be an effective product in the vast majority of cases. Most of the Nugenix reviews submitted on user websites are positive and claim that the stuff works. This is basically the last checkmark on the list of things to do before buying a supplement. Once you see that the user reviews are positive, you should have all the information you need…except for one final consideration.

Nugenix Side Effects

The last thing you need to do before buying is make sure that there are no significant or sketchy side effects. It’s common to see that some minor ones have been reported, but if there are any really serious side effects being claimed, then you may want to avoid the product.

We found that Nugenix side effects are rarely reported, and when they are reported, they are pretty insignificant. Side effects that some people have reported include upset stomach, bloating, gas, and nasal congestion. At the very worst, somebody reported diarrhea.

These are pretty minor but still obviously unpleasant. It’s important to note that these side effects were only reported in a very small number of reviews. From what we can see, most people do not experience side effects, and when they do, the side effects tend to go away after a short period of time.

So, It Works?

nugenix-expert-reviewsIt’s tough to say definitively that any particular supplement will work for all people…but what we can say is that it did work for the vast majority of people who tried it, and that all signs on the nutrition label point to the fact that it works. There’s a lot of promising information out there about Nugenix, and it appears that almost all of it is true.

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