Natural Testosterone Supplements | Do They Work? How to Find the Right Booster

Natural Testosterone Boosting SupplementsAs of late, natural testosterone supplements have become majorly popular in the sports nutrition industry, but why? Do natural testosterone boosters really work? And if so, what makes them preferable over testosterone replacement therapy?

Natural testosterone supplements DO indeed work, and in fact, they can often times be even more effective than testosterone replacement therapy. Many find this hard to believe, as generally doctors will recommend hormone therapy over supplements. Not only that, but hormone therapy is considerably more expensive than any of the testosterone supplements we have come across thus far, so how can the supplements be more effective than the therapy?

Testosterone Supplements versus Hormone Replacement Therapy

It really is pretty basic logic, but most people unfortunately don’t bother to look into testosterone boosters before taking their doctor’s advice and engaging in testosterone replacement therapy.

Here are 4 reasons not to engage in hormone therapy:

  • It is ridiculously expensive

  • It is not a natural way to increase testosterone

  • It can cause a lot of awful side effects

  • Your body can not properly utilize testosterone that is not natural, so it is not going to be very effective (and definitely not worth the money)

Now the question becomes how can all of these problems be solved by natural testosterone supplements? Here’s the interesting part…

The main reason testosterone replacement therapy causes so many problems is you are literally injecting synthetic testosterone into your body. In other words, you are ingesting a substance that is not natural (and actually harmful) on a regular basis.

On the other hand, natural testosterone boosters do not contain synthetic testosterone like most people think. In fact, they do not contain any form of testosterone whatsoever, and that is a very important part of what makes them so effective. But if testosterone supplements don’t contain any testosterone, then how are they able to produce results?

Here is the most important point: effective testosterone boosters work because they contain natural ingredients that stimulate your body to produce its own testosterone. This way, you are ingesting ingredients that stimulate natural testosterone production rather than ingesting synthetic testosterone.

This is key because the synthetic testosterone is what causes all of the side effects. Your body does not recognize synthetic testosterone, so it responds to it negatively. Your body will treat it like a foreign invader. However, if you can get your body to produce testosterone on its own, then you will be able to prevent your body from having a negative reaction to it. Now, your body will be able to properly utilize all of the testosterone that is being produced along with all the benefits.

Taking natural testosterone boosters solves all four of the problems with testosterone replacement therapy. First, testosterone supplements are extremely inexpensive comparatively speaking. Second, these supplements contain all natural ingredients and thereby stimulate your body to produce testosterone in a natural way.

Third, since your body is producing testosterone on its own in a natural way, you will not experience any of the side effects that come with injecting synthetic testosterone (testosterone replacement therapy). Fourth, the testosterone being produced is natural and recognized by your body, therefore allowing your body to actually utilize it. Your body will only fully utilize testosterone if it was produced within you rather than directly ingested.

As a general rule of thumb when it comes to purchasing supplements (not just testosterone supplements), you want to make sure that the supplement you are buying contains all natural ingredients. Natural ingredients are the key to avoiding side effects.

Unnatural or synthetic ingredients are often the reason certain supplements cause your body to have a negative reaction to it. As a general rule, natural ingredients are not going to have the same risk of side effects as synthetic ingredients.

Foods That Boost Testosterone

Another way you can help to boost testosterone levels is by eating certain foods that have been proven to do so. Now, this isn’t going to be as effective as taking a testosterone supplement, but it certainly won’t hurt.

Here are 10 foods that increase testosterone: shrimp, pumpkin seeds, ricotta cheese, coconut, wheat bran, strawberries, eggs, garlic, and oysters.

Our recommendation is to take a testosterone booster with a high ranking and try to eat as many of these foods as you can on a regular basis. By taking a good testosterone supplement and eating different foods that boost testosterone on a daily basis, you will be able to effectively maximize the amount of testosterone your body is producing.

Lastly, it is very important that you make sure you purchase the right supplement. Natural testosterone booster supplements are extremely effective, but only if you choose the right one. It can be hard to tell which testosterone supplements are good and which ones are not, but we have done all of the research for you to determine which ones work and which ones don’t.

Before making the mistake of buying any natural testosterone supplements that you don’t know for sure are effective, make sure you check out our testosterone booster reviews.

Our #1 recommendation out of all of the testosterone supplements we have reviewed is called TestoTEK. Definitely check that supplement out if you decide that natural testosterone supplements are right for you.


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