maxgenics-review-featureMaxGenics and Nugenix…similar names, but very different supplements. Both are all natural testosterone boosters with a lot to offer, but it seems that one of them has the other beat in just about every department. Check out this comparison review to learn why we like one better than the other.

What Is Nugenix and How Is It Similar To MaxGenics?

Nugenix and MaxGenics have a lot more in common than just the name. Both use natural ingredients, boost testosterone naturally, and tend to be free of side effects. They are both meant to accomplish the same thing, which is to promote testosterone production within your body. If you can increase testosterone levels from the inside rather than the outside (such as in the form of gels or injections), then you can experience much more significant results.

Outside methods of increasing testosterone levels tend to cause your body to fail when it comes to utilizing that testosterone. The reason is because outside methods involve synthetic testosterone, which your body treats as a foreign substance. Therefore, it is not fully willing to take advantage of it and is actually almost scared of it, which can cause your body to reject it.

This rejection can then prevent you from experiencing the expected benefits as well as cause some pretty annoying side effects, which is why it’s key to get your body to make its own testosterone instead of forcing synthetic testosterone into it.

Nugenix and MaxGenics are similar because they both attempt to accomplish exactly that, but that doesn’t mean that they’re both efficient at doing so. We believe that Nugenix has more potential than MaxGenics when it comes to truly increasing your free testosterone levels.

Major Differences Between MaxGenics and Nugenix

The most important difference between the two lies in the potency. In order for a testosterone booster to be effective, it needs to be very potent. The overall potency in Nugenix lands around nugenix-maxgenix-review2,100 MG per serving, which is much higher than average. However, the story is not the same for MaxGenics. The overall potency there doesn’t even crack 1,000 MG per serving. Since you only get about 600 MG per serving with MaxGenics, that means Nugenix is more than three times as potent.

Another key difference lies in the user reviews. MaxGenics does not have a whole lot of reviews to begin with, which is usually not a good sign. When there are reviews available for this product, they are mixed. Some people liked it, and others say it didn’t do anything. There’s not much to go off of there, which makes it a tough supplement to evaluate based on user reviews.

The Nugenix reviews, however, are plentiful and positive for the most part. We went though hundreds of Nugenix reviews and discovered that most people only have good things to say about this stuff. There are some negative reviews out there, but the vast majority are good reviews. It’s hard to recommend MaxGenics when the Nugenix reviews and nutrition label are both more encouraging.

Nugenix Side Effects Vs. MaxGenics Side Effects

Whenever people discover a product like Nugenix, they tend to think it’s too good to be true. For whatever reason, people have a hard time accepting that an actual solution to their problem has been invented. They search for problems and side effects with the product to find out what’s wrong with it, which is smart…don’t get me wrong, but sometimes there just really isn’t anything to find out.

As far as we know, there have not been any serious reports in terms of side effects for either of these supplements. They are both entirely natural and herbal, which makes it highly unlikely for the user to experience any side effects. With that said, it is still possible, which is why it’s important to look into it before spending your money.

We read hundreds of reviews and what we found is that the Nugenix side effects tend to be limited to minimal things such as upset stomach or bloating, and the MaxGenics side effects tend to be equally as insignificant. Nugenix side effects are reported very uncommonly, and MaxGenics side effects are perhaps even less common if that’s possible.

The Final Decision On MaxGenics Vs. Nugenix

Hopefully, it’s pretty clear at this point that we believe Nugenix is the superior product. While this is merely our opinion and you are of course welcome to have your own opinion, it seems that most people agree and like Nugenix better based on other people’s reviews.

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