Testosterone Boosting Supplements are a Great Idea, but Try Eating These Testosterone Boosting Foods


Eat the foods that increase testosterone levelsAs men grow older their testosterone levels start to drop and this affects all things from muscle mass to how they perform in bed. Most men who are looking for a testosterone boost usually turn to supplements and there are many in the market that work quite well.

That being said, eating right could also give you the extra testosterone that you need and leave you even healthier than before. It is important to consider incorporating foods that increase testosterone as an additional way to increase the hormone as this will work in conjunction with natural testosterone boosting supplements.

So what should you be eating? The secret is to load up on foods that contain Vitamin D. This is a vitamin that is vital not just for healthy bones but also for testosterone production.

A study in Europe found that men who had low testosterone levels all shared one thing in common… they were lacking in Vitamin D. As soon as it was introduced into their diets in the form of food and supplements things started to improve.

Foods That Increase Testosterone Levels


This fish is not just full of Vitamin D, but it is also low in calories and great for heart health. You can eat it fresh or canned, as it doesn’t really make a difference. A single serving will fulfill your Vitamin D requirements for a day. Don’t like the taste of tuna? Don’t worry you can eat salmon or sardines, they have the same high levels of Vitamin D and other vital nutrients that keep you healthy.


Remember when eggs were bad for you? It turns out the science behind that argument was actually what was bad for you. The tests that they conducted were done on mice and as it turns out, eggs are great sources of not just full of Vitamin D, they are also loaded with other nutrients, such as lean protein for building quality muscle.


You may have heard that oysters are an aphrodisiac and there is some truth to that. Though they are not full of Vitamin D, instead, they are high in zinc which is good for increasing the production of testosterone. Check your current diet to see if you may be suffering a zinc deficiency. Load up with foods that contain zinc the next time you go shopping. Most shellfish are a tremendous source.

Grass Fed Beef

The current science is showing us that eating moderate amounts of beef is actually good for you, not bad as previously thought. If you have been holding out on the beef because you thought it is unhealthy it is time to let go of your fear. One serving of beef a day will give your testosterone levels the boost that is needed. We suggest a quality organic or grass fed beef to minimize the chemicals.


Beans are great for men who are looking to increase their testosterone levels because they are rich in both Vitamin D and zinc. If you are wondering which kinds of beans, you should know that almost all kinds benefit you. The reason why many men wont eat beans is how long it takes to prepare them. If this is the case for you then all you need to do is invest in a pressure cooker and your beans will be ready in just a few minutes.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are loaded with Vitamin C that reduces cortisol, the stress hormone. They also contain Vitamin A that is required for testosterone production. The great thing about them is that they are available most of the year so you can get a load of them any time you want.


This is one of the most powerful ways of boosting testosterone production. In fact, experts say that even smelling celery can increase it significantly. This is because it contains apigening which helps produce testosterone. The best way to eat celery is as a snack in between workouts.


Note that this should be butter only from grass fed cows. Butter is great for you because it contains Vitamins A, C and D that are all vital for testosterone production. The reason why they insist on grass fed is because cows that are not left to graze naturally produce milk that doesn’t contain high amounts of these vitamins. It should also be noted that butter is a healthier option than margarine.


Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, omega-3s, potassium, folic acid, and healthy cholesterol are all found in a single avocado and are good not just for testosterone reasons but for a variety of health reasons. If you want to have great nails and nicer hair, for instance, eat an avocado a day and see the difference. Don’t worry about the fat because this is the friendly fat that your body needs.


Your supplements are all well and good and will dramatically increase testosterone but why not expedite the process by eating all-natural testosterone boosting foods?


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