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AndroGel Review | Is it Effective? Is it Safe?


Androgen Testosterone Gel ReviewAndroGel is a topical gel that is comprised of synthetic testosterone. The theory is that you simply apply the gel and allegedly become able experience the benefits of having increased testosterone levels. However, we highly recommend you avoid synthetic testosterone gel products such as AndroGel and stick with a natural testo booster. Read this AndroGel review to see why it didn’t make our list of the Top 5 Testosterone Boosters.

Low testosterone therapies, such as gels and injections, are a mixed bag (check this article). That’s truly why we lean more towards taking the natural path. I know we sound like a bunch of hippies, but I promise you, we aren’t!

The Benefits of AndroGel 

  • Can help boost your T levels, which is essential
  • Potentially promotes muscle growth and fat burning
  • Could help to improve your sex drive
  • Can help prevent hair loss


How Does AndroGel Work?

The concept behind AndroGel is simple. You simply apply this synthetic testosterone gel to your skin every day, and the absorption of the synthetic testosterone supposedly leads to relief from the symptoms of Low T (low testosterone)…but is that really all there is to it?

Since you would be boosting your T levels in an unnatural way if the Androgel worked, you would likely have to deal with all sorts of side effects as a result of your body not recognizing the synthetic testosterone since your body wasn’t responsible for its production.

In other words, by using synthetic testosterone instead of encouraging your body to produce its own natural testosterone, you can expose yourself to a pretty significant amount of risk. We believe it would be in your best interest to refrain from using testosterone gel and instead try going the natural route. Check out some of the natural testosterone boosters we have reviewed on our website.

AndroGel Ingredients – What Makes It Work?

The only thing that allows this stuff to potentially work is synthetic testosterone. What it comes down to is do you really want to boost your testosterone levels synthetically…or would you rather boost your T levels naturally?

If you want to go the synthetic route, then sure, this is a decent choice. However, before you go that route, see this explanation as to why we wouldn’t recommend it.

When your system encounters something synthetic, it immediately recognizes it. Your body knows when something that it did not produce itself is present, and its response is generally to attack it because it views it as foreign and unknown. Since your body often doesn’t take kindly to synthetic hormones, those hormones most likely will not be able to do their job without your body trying to stop them…and there’s a big chance that could reduce the effectiveness of the supplement.

Based on these ideas, you could be much better off attempting to boost your T levels in the natural way. This is possible through ingestion of herbal ingredients, which have little-to-no side effects. More importantly, natural ingredients have the potential to make your body produce its own testosterone, which means the testosterone will be recognized and utilized rather than rejected.

The Pros 


  • Easily applicable
  • Users report pretty speedy results (good for those of our readers who might be a bit impatient!)
  • Could potentially alleviate at least some of your symptoms


The Cons


  • There is a high chance you could experience significant side effects
  • The gel can rub off onto other people and cause them to experience side effects as well
  • It is testosterone boosting in a synthetic manner, which is not as healthy or effective as doing it in a natural manner
  • Natural testosterone supplements are safer, more easily obtainable, and oftentimes more effective depending on the individual


The Final Verdict 

Our conclusion regarding AndroGel is that it should be avoided due to the synthetic nature of this method of testosterone boosting. While there are some potential benefits, it doesn’t seem to be worth the side effects. We recommend you steer clear of really all testosterone gels and instead go with a natural alternative. Check out our list of the Top 5 Testosterone Boosters to look over some good options. You always have to weight the good with the bad, but isn’t that life?

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