Alpha King Review

Alpha King Vs. TestoTEK | Top Testosterone Supplements Duel

alpha king vs testotek

Alpha King and TestoTEK are natural testosterone boosters that both cost around $60 per bottle, yet one offers 2,700 milligrams per serving, while the other offers only 750 milligrams per serving. Obviously, you get a lot more bang for your buck with the 2,700 MG serving sizes…that’s almost 4X the potency level. Check out this comparison review to learn more about what makes TestoTEK the superior testosterone booster.

Benefits of Testosterone Boosters

Here are the key benefits of using a natural testosterone booster

  • Increased free testosterone levels
  • Enhances athletic performance
  • Boost lean muscle production
  • Reduces body fat percentage
  • No doctors, no injections, no prescriptions
  • 100% natural
  • No side effects

How To Recognize A High-Quality Testosterone Booster

Before we get into the specific product details and breakdowns, let’s talk about some general rules to keep in mind when it comes to separating the good from the bad in the supplement world.

The first thing to do is add up the dosages of all the ingredients in order to calculate the overall potency, which is perhaps your most important consideration. You want to make sure the supplement packs a powerful punch and that you’re getting a good bang for your buck.

Next, we look at the ingredient list. With testosterone boosters, we typically want to see at least 8-10 ingredients. It’s best to take a multi-faceted approach when it comes to increasing testosterone production, which means we’re going to need more than just a few ingredients.

So, let’s take a look at how Alpha King and TestoTEK stack up to each other when it comes to these two crucial considerations…that is, overall potency and ingredient selection.

TestoTEK Formula Breakdown

  • Overall Potency: 2,700 milligrams per serving
  • Ingredient Count: 12
  • Proprietary Blend: No
  • High Individual Dosages: Yes
  • Clinically Proven Ingredients: Yes

Alpha King Formula Breakdown

  • Overall Potency: 750 milligrams per serving
  • Ingredient Count: 4
  • Proprietary Blend: No
  • High Individual Dosages: Yes
  • Clinically Proven Ingredients: Yes

Comparing The Overall Potency Levels

The overall potency of TestoTEK is nearly 4X that of Alpha King, and yet these two products cost the same amount of money…if it seems like that doesn’t make any sense, that’s because it doesn’t.

TestoTEK is the obvious choice when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck and making sure you obtain a high-quality product. The individual dosage sizes are also very significant, which is important because ingredients need to be dosed sufficiently, or else they may not take effect.

The individual dosage sizes are sufficient in the Alpha King formula as well, but the problem is there are only 4 dosages to consider. We wish they would’ve included a few more ingredients to diversify the ingredient profile and spike up the overall potency.

Comparing The Ingredient Profiles

Both products use very high-quality testosterone boosting ingredients, but the ingredients in TestoTEK have more clinical evidence behind them than that of Alpha King.

Alpha King’s most notable attribute when it comes to the ingredient profile is its inclusion of a 400-milligram dosage of Fenugreek. A dosage this large is sure to at least produce some benefits, but the remaining dosages are fairly small.

The most important takeaway from the comparison of the ingredient profiles is the fact that TestoTEK has 12 active ingredients, and Alpha King only has 4 active ingredients.

So, again you can see how much more of a bang for your buck you get with TestoTEK. It’s simple…would you rather be taking 4 active testosterone-boosting ingredients, or 12?

The Final Verdict: Alpha King or TestoTEK?

While both products include very high-quality testosterone boosters, at the end of the day, TestoTEK is obviously the superior product. TestoTEK contains 8 more active testosterone boosters than Alpha King, and it packs 2,000 more milligrams in every serving than Alpha King.


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