Alpha Jym Testosterone Booster Review


Alpha Jym testosterone booster reviewAlpha Jym is a great testosterone booster with a lot of promise. There are plenty of good things to say about the nutrition label including an extraordinarily high overall potency. However, there are a couple areas in which we believe this supplement fell short. For one, they misspelled “gym.” I’m just messing with you, but honestly, for some reason, it bothers me. It shouldn’t, I know, because its a witty play on words! I’m such a bitter reviewer.

Check out this Alpha Jym review to learn why we think it is a great supplement but also do NOT consider it to be one of the Top 5 Testosterone Boosters.

The Claimed Benefits of Alpha Jym

  • Could help increase muscle mass
  • May improve strength and endurance
  • Energy levels can be naturally increased
  • Can help your muscles recover faster

How Does Alpha Jym Work?

Alpha Jym is what’s called a natural testosterone booster. There are a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings regarding exactly what that term means. Many people hear “testosterone booster” and get sketched out. People often think that these supplements are really hardcore and intense, but that’s actually not the case with the natural ones.

Natural testosterone supplements like this one are actually very safe generally speaking. They consist of mostly herbal ingredients that have been clinically tested in order to determine whether or not they work, what kind of side effects they may produce, etc.

That leads us to the next point, which is that you need to make sure the supplement you choose contains the ingredients with the most clinical proof. There are several ingredients which show some promise in theory, but have not been tested enough in a clinical setting in order for us to have complete faith in them.

What you want to look for are frequently tested ingredients (ideally about 6-10 of them) in addition to sufficient dosages for each ingredient. Alpha Jym uses great ingredients, and the dosages are all exceptionally high, which is why it’s a great supplement. However, it just barely failed to make our list of the top 10. We recommend you view some other testosterone booster reviews to see the supplements that we DO believe to be top 10 material.

Alpha Jym Ingredients – What Makes It Work?

Fenugreek 1,000 MG

According to the website, Fenugreek is dosed at 1,000 milligrams per serving, which is a tremendous dose. That dosage of an ingredient with as much potential as Fenugreek could actually have a major effect even on its own. There is plenty of research out there that supports Fenugreek is an effective method of testosterone boosting after several weeks of use.

Even the Washington Post says Fenugreek can increase male sex drive. That’s not “fake news,” I promise!

Ashwagandha Root 1,000 MG

Here we have another huge dose but an ingredient that we don’t like anywhere near as much. Ashwagandha Root is certainly a useful herb, but the evidence for the effects it may have on testosterone levels is rather limited (at least as far as we can find). Some studies suggest that it may help, but we haven’t seen a whole lot of definitive proof as of yet.

Damiana 1,000 MG

Damiana is the third ingredient to be dosed at 1,000 MG, which is very impressive and makes for an already very high overall potency. Damiana is believed to be able to inhibit testosterone from being converted into estrogen, which is a vital function if you’re looking to really reap all the benefits of a testosterone booster.

Alphja Jym Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Alpha Jym Reviews From REAL Users

*May 2020 Update: We wrote this review about 4 years ago, at which time Alpha Jym was not available on Amazon, and we therefore could not write this section. However, now in early May of 2020, it is available on Amazon and has received nearly 150 total reviews. Let’s take a look at the data and draw our own conclusions…

Across 150 total Alpha Jym reviews, it received an average rating of 4.2 stars. That’s a pretty impressive mark…it doesn’t blow me away, but we typically say that anything above 4 stars on average is pretty impressive. Here’s another positive stat if you’re feeling encouraged…

65% of the Alpha Jym reviews submitted contain 5-star ratings from their writers. This statistic is again pretty impressive…according to my math, it means that about 97 people rated this product 5 stars. You have to really like a product to buy it, try it, and then go back to where you bought it and leave a positive review. BUT…

Let’s not get distracted from the facts here gentlemen. The science is what is most important. Alpha Jym only contains 2,100 MG of overall potency in every serving, whereas our #1 ranked testosterone booster contains over 3,200 MG of overall potency per serving…

That means Testogen (our top ranked T Booster) is 52% more potent than Alpha Jym, and contains 52% more testosterone boosting ingredients in every serving. It also contains 10 total active ingredients as opposed to Alpha Jym’s 6 total active ingredients…something to consider.

The Pros

  • Contains 6 different testosterone boosting ingredients (the other 3 are Eurycoma Longifolia, Diindolymethane, and Quercetin)
  • The dosages are all very high, which means the overall potency is high as well
  • Three of the ingredients are dosed as high 1,000 milligrams per serving, which is pretty rare to see 

The Cons

  • We think it’s missing a couple of key ingredients
  • Formula diversity isn’t as high as we would like it to be (the elite testosterone boosters usually have as many as 10 ingredients)

The Final Verdict

Overall, we really like Alpha Jym and think it could potentially produce considerable results. However, we do not see it as one of the Top 5 Testosterone Boosters. We are impressed by this supplement but simply have been more significantly impressed by several other supplements. An example of a supplement we like much better due to its higher potency levels and larger amount of active T-boosting ingredients would be Testogen, which is our #1 ranked testosterone booster.

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