Ageless Male vs Nugenix: Which T Booster Should You Buy?

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Updated January 5, 2021

Ageless Male and Nugenix are two of the most commonly purchased natural testosterone boosters on the market, but from where we’re standing, we only see one effective supplement. Check out this comparison of two of the most popular testosterone boosters on the market to discover why we recommend one of them and not the other.

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Nugenix and Ageless Male were designed with the same goals in mind. Both are natural testosterone boosters that approach Low T (low testosterone) with caution. Natural supplements are safe and effective alternatives to things like hormone replacement therapy and testosterone gels.

With hormone replacement therapy, you need prescriptions and have to get injections on a weekly basis, which can be a major hassle. Even more unfortunate than the inconvenience are the side effects and potentially low efficacy. Oftentimes, men report a lot of side effects without a whole lot of benefits since the testosterone being used is synthetic, which causes the body to treat it as such and therefore not fully utilize it.

When it comes to testosterone gels, there are perhaps even more issues than with hormone therapy. Men often report many of the same issues. There seems to be a lot of guys complaining about side effects and low efficacy since the testosterone being used here is again synthetic. However, with testosterone gels, it can actually rub off onto other people (like your wife and kids) and cause them to experience side effects as well, which is just scary.

Natural supplements like Nugenix and Ageless Male can get your body to produce testosterone on its own through the use of natural, herbal ingredients. When your body produces its own authentic testosterone, it is then able to fully utilize it and does not treat it as foreign, which means basically no side effects. In this way, these two supplements are similar, but there are some key differences that must be noted.

Key Differences Between Nugenix and Ageless Male

The first and perhaps most important difference to note between these two supplements is the overall potency. Nugenix has an overall potency of about 2,100 milligrams per serving whereas Ageless Male has an overall potency of approximately 300 milligrams per serving. Yes, you did read that right, and no, there is no typo. Nugenix is about seven times as potent as Ageless Male.

The second major difference between the two is that Nugenix contains 6 ingredients while Ageless Male contains 4. Two extra ingredients may not sound like a big difference to you, but trust us, a couple of ingredients can go a very long way, especially when you’re taking a supplement for a relatively long term period of time.

The third primary difference between the two is the user reviews. With the Nugenix reviews, the users have positive things to say for the most part. If you look at any reputable review site, you will find that the vast majority of the Nugenix users only have positive things to say.

However, if you take a look at the Ageless Male reviews, you’ll find that there is about an equal number of positive and negative reviews. It’s pretty much split down the middle, which means very inconsistent results. The bottom line is that it seems people like Nugenix more than Ageless Male.

Ageless Male vs Nugenix Side Effects

Another important thing to consider is whether or not either supplement has any serious side effects. As far as we know, no extremely serious issues have been reported about either product, but both do occasionally get reports of side effects.

Nugenix side effects appear to be extremely rare, and when they do occur, it seems they tend to be pretty minimal. Some users have reported an upset stomach, bloating, gas, and nasal congestion. None of these side effects are all that serious but bothersome nonetheless. Keep in mind, however, that it is not common for people to experience the Nugenix side effects to begin with.

Ageless Male doesn’t really have any significant side effects either, and it’s not very common to see reports that contain major complaints with regard to side effects. However, it is very common to see complaints regarding efficacy, which is probably the explanation for why there are not complaints regarding side effects. With the overall potency being only about 300 MG, it’s not likely for the user to experience side effects.

Nugenix vs Ageless Male Conclusion

Overall, Nugenix is more potent and contains more ingredients than Ageless Male, which gives it a more promising nutrition label. User reviews are more positive for Nugenix than for Ageless Male, which again gives Nugenix the edge. We see Nugenix as the clear winner here, but we actually do not recommend either supplement. Click the link below to see the top testosterone boosters.