360 Test Review

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360 Test Review

360 Test is a testosterone booster that can help people who suffer from Low T get their sex drive and athletic performance back on track. Low T is something that will almost inevitably come about in every man’s life, but fortunately, it’s easily treatable through the use of products like 360 Test. With that said, read this 360 Test review to find out why we chose not to rank it as one of the Top 10 Testosterone Booster Supplements.

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Benefits of 360 Test

The following are benefits you can experience from taking 360 Test:

  • Increased testosterone levels
  • Boost in libido
  • Enhanced muscle definition
  • More energy

What Is 360 Test?

360 Test is a testosterone boosting supplement by the company 360 Cut. Testosterone boosters are made for people who are experiencing a condition known as Low T. Low T is often experienced by older men, but can occur at any age due to uncommon reasons. In order to treat Low T, we find that natural solutions work best.

There are alternative ways to solve problems with low testosterone, but the methods involve the utilization of synthetic testosterone. Synthetic testosterone can be rejected by your body, and lead to negative side effects that won’t help your cause at all.

Testosterone gels are topical agents that you apply directly to your skin. This allows your body to absorb synthetic hormones directly. Your body would always rather utilize the testosterone it made itself, so using the gel might lead to some negative side effects.

Hormone replacement therapy is another solution that incorporates the use of synthetic testosterone. This one is extremely expensive and time-consuming, and essentially not worth it at all if your body decides to reject it.

How Does 360 Test Work?

360 Test works by using ingredients that are meant to help your body produce more testosterone. These ingredients include amino acids, herbal supplements, and extracts that have all been tested throughout history for their abilities to improve male virility and vitality. The natural ingredients in this product are much better than synthetic testosterone solutions, but we still don’t think 360 Test has one of the best blends out there.

360 Test Ingredients – What Makes It Work?

The ingredients in 360 Test include a blend of DAA, Maca Root, Epimedium, Mucuna Pruriens, Long Jack Root Extract, Bulbine Natalensis Extract, and Indole-3 Carbinol.

DAA: D-Aspartic Acid is a non-essential amino acid that occurs naturally in the body and can help increase testosterone production by promoting the release of hormones in the central region of the brain. It works much better when paired with Vitamin B.

Maca Root: This is a super food that has the ability to improve hormone balances and increase muscle growth. It is also an adaptogen and natural aphrodisiac that can help make a big difference in your sex life. Maca root isn’t just for men, either, it offers a variety of benefits for women as well.

Epimedium Herb Extract: This ingredient is also known as horny goat weed and is actually better for treating some of the symptoms of Low T like low libido, and difficulty achieving an erection.

Mucuna Pruriens Seed Extract: This seed extract is known for containing high quantities of the amino acid L-Dopa. L-Dopa can help improve mood and boost cognitive functioning by boosting the amount of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that is responsible for mood and controls the brains reward and pleasure centers.

Long Jack Root Extract: This natural ingredient is available for muscle growth and increasing the levels of free testosterone in the body. It is also an aphrodisiac that can help treat some of the symptoms of low testosterone. (study)

The Pros

  • Contains many herbal ingredients that work as aphrodisiacs
  • Uses adaptogens that help control stress
  • Pretty affordable

The Cons

  • The formula focuses mainly on only one issue (virility)
  • It is more of a male enhancement supplement than a testosterone booster
  • Not all these ingredients have proven testosterone boosting effects

360 Test Conclusion

360 Test is a solid supplement if your main concern is your libido, but we don’t it being able to accomplish much more than a sex drive boost. There are a couple of proven testosterone boosters in the blend, but we don’t believe there are enough to make a true difference. To find out about several T boosters we prefer over this one, see our list of the Top 10 Testosterone Booster Supplements.

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