HGH Weight Builder Stack 4 Review

HGH.COM’s Weight Builder Stack 4 Review

HGH Weight Builder Stack 4 ReviewWeight Builder 4 combines four legal steroids in order to help stimulate muscle growth as rapidly as possible through the potential boosting of IGF-1 levels, HGH levels, Testosterone levels, and Nitric Oxide levels. Users have reported several pounds of pure muscle gain after only one month of taking Weight Builder 4. If you take this stack for 2-3 months…well, let’s just say you could gain a whole lot of muscle. Check out this review to learn what makes this stack of legal steroids our favorite one.

The Benefits of Weight Builder 4   

  • Can boost testosterone production
  • Includes ingredients that can activate the hormone IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor)
  • Could stimulate the release of HGH (human growth hormone)
  • Helps to elevate levels of nitric oxide
  • Contains Deer Antler Velvet, DHEA, Beta-Ecdysterone, and HICA
  • Potentially increases muscle growth, strength, and endurance
  • Users reported muscle gains after only weeks of use


How Does Weight Builder 4 Work?

Weight Builder 4 combines four of the most potent legal steroids we have discovered thus far including DBol GH, Roid X Juice, ANA GH, and HGF Max into one stack. Taking all 4 of these supplements could provide you with the benefits of taking a Testosterone Booster, an IGF-1 Booster, an HGH Booster, and a Nitric Oxide Booster all at once.

Different kinds of supplements take different approaches to building mass, and the hardest part is often having to choose which approach you think will be most effective. Instead of having to choose one approach to mass building, you can attack it from four different angles (Testosterone boosting, IGF-1 boosting, HGH boosting, Nitric Oxide Boosting) through the use of a supplement stack like this one.

You can find the full, in-depth reviews for every one of these legal steroids on our website, but here is a brief overview of each one to give you a general understanding of how they’re designed to work.

DBol GH – Tested Against Dianabol And Shown To Be More Effective

Dianabol is arguably the most powerful mass building anabolic steroid in existence, but it comes with a lot of risks and is actually illegal because of how badly it can impact your health. DBol GH was created in order to potentially mimic the effects of the all-powerful Dianabol without producing any of the dangerous side effects, and the manufacturer did a great job.

One of the primary ingredients, Beta-Ecdysterone, was actually tested against the illegal steroid Dianabol in order to see just how effective it is in comparison. The results of the study showed that Beta-Ecdysterone (a safe and natural substance) can actually have a greater effect on contractile proteins of muscle than Dianabol. In other words, Beta-Ecdysterone was shown in this particular study to be MORE effective than Dianabol.

The second primary ingredient in DBol GH is called HICA. HICA is important because of the effect it has been shown to have in certain cases on the production and release of anabolic hormones in your body. IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor) is a hormone that your body naturally produces, and it is a key contributor to the process of growing new muscle. HICA can activate the muscle building hormone IGF-1, which in turn could cause your body to grow your muscles at a faster rate.  

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Roid X Juice – Banned By The NCAA For Building Mass Too Quickly

Roid X Juice is another legal steroid that could actually be better than illegal steroids. The name may make it sound kind of sketchy, but it certainly is not. The key with this supplement lies in the 50 milligram dosage of DHEA.

We believe DHEA is one of the most potent alternative options to steroids in existence. It has proven itself time and time again for its ability to potentially increase the production of your most powerful hormone in terms of muscle growth: Testosterone. It has been determined that men derive about 50% of their testosterone from DHEA.

Taking DHEA can have a direct impact on your testosterone levels since your body derives most of its testosterone from it. DHEA benefits result from the boosting of your testosterone levels, which can make you stronger, faster, and more powerful in the gym while giving you the potential to build muscle at a much faster rate. Testosterone is the driving fuel behind your ability to lift weights and get those repetitions out, so having more of it means that you could be able to lift more weight and get more reps.

Additionally, DHEA was actually shown to be so effective for building muscle in the cases of certain athletes, that the NCAA banned athletes from using it because it is considered to be cheating. The NCAA determined that DHEA improves performance and builds muscle too quickly, which led them to add it to the list of banned substances. Whenever the NCAA bans a substance, you can be pretty positive that it works.

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HGF Max – Can Boosts Anabolic Hormones Like HGH and IGF-1

HGF Max is considered one of the most potent supplements on the market because it functions in more ways than one. It has ingredients that can potentially perform as many as 3 functions: IGF-1 boosting, HGH boosting, and nitric oxide boosting. Boosting nitric oxide levels can allow for a new abundance of IGF-1 and HGH to more efficiently reach your muscles where they can then stimulate growth.

Deer Antler Velvet is the ingredient intended to boost your levels of IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor), which can in turn allow for the production of new muscle tissue to occur more frequently. Deer Antler Spray is a widely popular mass building supplement, but straight up Deer Antler Spray likely won’t do anywhere near as good of a job as Deer Antler Velvet in combination with ingredients like Glutamine and Arginine such as it is in HGF Max.

Glutamine has been shown to help your body naturally release more HGH (human growth hormone). That means your muscles could potentially be able to grow as efficiently as they were able to during your growth spurt. Glutamine really can basically give your muscles a growth spurt of their own.

Arginine is perhaps the most studied nitric oxide booster in sports nutrition. It has been clinically studied time and time again in relation to nitric oxide production and was actually shown to be directly converted into nitric oxide upon consumption in many cases.

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ANA GH – Shown To Increase Muscle Protein Synthesis

ANA GH is yet another steroid alternative with mounds of clinical studies to back up its claims. This one actually has more clinical studies than any other legal steroid out there because of how widely used and researched the ingredients are. Let’s take a look at what makes it work.

The first key ingredient here is Alanine. It is one of the most researched supplements in all of sports nutrition, which is always a good sign. Supplements that are frequently studied tend to be safe bets because you can be pretty sure it’ll work before buying it due to the results posted from the clinical trials. In one study, Alanine was shown to have a noticeable effect on muscle gains AND prevention of fat gains in certain participants.

Other primary ingredients in ANA GH including Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine have been shown to stimulate MPS (muscle protein synthesis), which is what makes your muscles grow. By increasing the frequency of MPS, you could directly increase the rate at which your muscles grow.

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Order Weight Builder Stack 4 from HGH.com

The Pros

  • Contains 7 major clinically studied muscle builders: Deer Antler Velvet, Beta-Ecdysterone, DHEA, Glutamine, HICA, Alanine, and Arginine
  • Can boost IGF-1, HGH, Testosterone, and Nitric Oxide levels all at once
  • Could speed up MPS (muscle protein synthesis)
  • Clinical studies of ingredients showed evidence for potential rapid muscle growth
  • Production of all the most important anabolic hormones can be increased
  • Can serve as a very effective athletic performance enhancement stack
  • Users have reported considerable muscle gains in short periods of time

The Cons

  • NCAA athletes are not eligible to use this supplement stack because of certain ingredients being banned by the NCAA

Weight Builder 4 Conclusion

Weight Builder 4 contains seven of the most popular muscle building supplements in existence: DHEA, Beta-Ecdysterone, Deer Antler Velvet, HICA, Glutamine, Alanine, and Arginine. The potential combination of IGF-1 boosting, HGH boosting, Testosterone boosting, and Nitric Oxide boosting all in one stack is something that we haven’t seen done before.

That concept in addition to the fact that users have reported considerable muscle gains after fairly short periods of use is what puts this mass building stack so far above any other one. It is our #1 recommendation for anyone looking to gain muscle mass quickly.

Where To Buy Weight Builder 4, Pricing, & How To Save Money 

Weight Builder 4 can be found for the lowest price by buying directly from the manufacturer. You would most likely end up spending extra money if you tried to buy it from a different website. Make sure you use the link provided below in order to get to the right website and pay the lowest price. 

Other than making sure you buy directly from the manufacturer, the only other way to save money is by buying it in bulk. They offer big discounts for bulk purchases. Plus, it is generally best to take a supplement stack for 2-3 months for maximum results, so it may not be a bad idea to buy in bulk anyways.

1 Month Supply: $300

3 Month Supply: $520 (Save $380)

Order Weight Builder Stack 4 from HGH.com

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