HGH.com Weight Builder Stack 3 Review

HGH.COM’s Weight Builder Stack 3 Review

HGH.com Weight Builder Stack 3 ReviewWeight Builder 3 contains three of our favorite legal steroids available in order to combine the individual benefits of each supplement into one powerful mass building formula. It’s one of our favorite muscle building supplement stacks out there second only to Weight Builder 4, which simply contains 1 more supplement than Weight Builder 3. Read this review to learn how this stack can work to build muscle and why we think it’s so much better than other mass builders.

The Benefits of Weight Builder 3

  • Can boost testosterone production
  • Can increase IGF-1 levels
  • Could speed up the process of muscle growth
  • Potentially improves strength and endurance
  • Contains powerful ingredients like DHEA, Beta-Ecdysterone, and HICA
  • Designed to promote increased MPS (muscle protein synthesis)

How Does Weight Builder 3 Work?

Weight Builder 3 combines three legal steroids into one supplement stack, which means you would be taking three different legal steroids on a daily basis. This can allow you to experience the benefits of each individual supplement rather than only taking one supplement.

The supplements in this stack include DBol GH, Roid X Juice, and ANA GH. Below you will find an overview of each supplement that explains how it works and examines the key ingredients. There are also links provided if you would like to read the full, in-depth review for any of these supplements.

DBol GH – Has A Bigger Effect On Muscle Growth Than Dianabol Itself

Since Dianabol is the most potent illegal anabolic steroid out there, manufacturers have long been attempting to create a safe, legal supplement that produces the same effects without causing any of the side effects to occur. DBol GH has a very good shot at doing that using an ingredient that has actually been shown to work better than Dianabol in some studies.

The primary ingredient in DBol-GH is Beta-Ecdysterone. This particular ingredient was actually clinically tested against the illegal steroid Dianabol and shown to have a more significant effect on contractile proteins of muscle in that particular study. 

Another key ingredient is HICA, which has been shown to activate the hormone IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor). The release of IGF-1 can allow nutrients to be shuttled to your muscles more quickly thereby potentially allowing them to grow at a faster rate.

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Roid X Juice – Considered Cheating By The NCAA

Say what? The NCAA officially banned the most powerful ingredient in Roid X Juice because it built muscle too quickly in some athletes and was therefore considered unfair to use. That ingredient, DHEA, is used in Roid X Juice at 50 milligams per serving. DHEA benefits are likely to be way more noticeable than normal at such a significant dosage.

Generally, when supplements contain DHEA, it’s at about 25 milligrams per serving or less. This supplement gives you twice the standard dose of DHEA, which is why we consider it to be one of the most potent legal steroids out there.

The reason DHEA can work so well is because of how significantly it can impact your testosterone levels. Men derive approximately 50% of their testosterone from DHEA, which means that taking DHEA can give your body a constant supply of testosterone and encourage your body to release more of it than normal, which could lead to more strength, stamina, and muscle gains.  

DHEA Benefits: Can lead to performance enhancement, faster muscle growth, elevated energy levels, and improved strength.  The potential benefits of DHEA are a result of the effect it can have on testosterone.

DHEA Side Effects: Side effects of DHEA don’t occur very often but when they do, they are usually mild. They could occur in the form of an upset stomach, oily skin, or fatigue. However, that is most likely just your body adjusting to the supplement.

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ANA GH – Leads To Increased Muscle Protein Synthesis

Alanine is one of the most researched supplements in all of sports nutrition and is the key ingredient in ANA GH. In one study, Alanine was shown to noticeably increase gains in muscle mass AND actually prevent fat gains.

Basically every bodybuilder out there supplements with some form of Alanine because when there is so much evidence for a supplement’s effectiveness, it’s hard not to use it.

Additional key ingredients include Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. These are three of the most powerful and essential BCAAs for muscle growth and are commonly used in supplements, but what makes ANA GH different is the dosages. It uses 3,000 total milligrams per serving of these 3 key ingredients, which is significantly higher than the average supplement.

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Order Weight Builder Stack 3 from HGH.com

The Pros

  • Can increase both testosterone and IGF-1 levels
  • Could speed up the production of muscle growth
  • Uses clinically tested ingredients
  • The three supplements can work synergistically
  • Contains DHEA, Beta-Ecdysterone, and HICA
  • Can allow you to lift more weight and get more repetitions

The Cons 

  • NCAA athletes are not eligible to use it
  • It doesn’t contain Deer Antler Velvet (IGF-1 booster), Arginine (nitric oxide booster), or Glutamine (HGH booster) like Weight Builder 4

Weight Builder 3 Conclusion

Overall this is one of the best mass building stacks we have been able to find. There aren’t very many stacks out there that contain testosterone boosters, IGF-1 boosters, and major dosages of branched chain amino acids. Usually you’ll only find 1 or 2 of those components in a supplement stack. While it isn’t as effective as Weight Builder 4, it’s still an excellent choice and is highly recommended.

Where To Buy Weight Builder 3, Pricing, & How To Save Money

Weight Builder 3 is the least expensive when purchased online directly from the manufacturer. Their website is the only one where you will find low prices and discounts, so be sure to use the link that is provided below in order to reach the correct website.

Aside from making sure you buy it from the right website, the only other way to save money is by stocking up on it and buying it in bulk. You receive huge discounts by buying more than a 1-month supply, plus it is generally recommended that you take a supplement stack for 2-3 months anyways.

1 Month Supply: $216.79

3 Month Supply: $431.99 (Save $218.38)

Order Weight Builder Stack 3 from HGH.com

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