ZzzQuil Review

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ZzzQuil Review

ZzzQuil is a very popular sleep supplement that is based on the original famous product called Nyquil. Nyquil was designed for people who are sick and are having trouble sleeping as a result of their symptoms, whereas ZzzQuil was designed for people who are healthy but simply having trouble sleeping. Check out this ZzzQuil review to learn more and discover the reason why it doesn’t rank very highly on our list of the Top 10 Best Sleep Supplements.

The Benefits Of ZzzQuil

  • Proven to work at least in the short-term
  • Helps you feel sleepy very rapidly
  • Can produce feelings of calm very rapidly
  • Very inexpensive and simple to use

How Does ZzzQuil Work?

ZzzQuil works by inducing feelings of drowsiness and sleepiness immediately upon ingestion. We will talk about exactly what produces these feelings in the next section, but for now, we’re going to discuss how the best sleep supplements work to truly fix your issue and how you got that issue in the first place.

Chances are if you’re someone who has trouble sleeping, you lead a pretty stressful life. Why is it that the people who have very busy lives and tough schedules always end up being the people who suffer from insomnia or other sleep disorders? You would think it would be the opposite, right? If you are very busy all day, why wouldn’t you be really tired and ready for sleep at the end of the night?

A high level of stress leads to overproduction of stress hormones such as cortisol, which can interfere with the production of your all important sleep hormone, melatonin. The key issue with most sleepless people is too much stress hormones and not enough sleep hormones.

When you are overproducing stress hormones, it becomes harder for your body to gear down and produce melatonin at night. Melatonin is what makes you feel sleepy, and it’s release is what tells your body it’s time for bed. Without enough melatonin, your sleep cycle will surely suffer. Therefore, the answer to your problem is correcting your hormonal imbalance…it’s that simple.

Now, ZzzQuil does not attempt to correct this underlying issue, which is why we typically don’t recommend it, but it does serve as an effective short term solution to the problem. Learn more about why we don’t recommend it in the next section.

ZzzQuil Ingredients – What Makes It Work So Well?

The key ZzzQuil ingredient is called Diphenhydramine HCL. Diphenhydramine HCL is an antihistamine that is known for its ability to produce feelings of drowsiness. Almost immediately after taking it, you start to feel sleepy, which is why ZzzQuil is a great quick fix supplement.

With that said, your body builds up a tolerance to antihistamines pretty quickly, which means that a sleep supplement like this may become less effective after several uses. After your body starts to build up a tolerance, you may need to find a new supplement, which is why we recommend trying one of our top 5 Best Sleep Supplements. instead.

If you want to correct your hormone imbalance and get your body producing enough melatonin on a daily basis again, you need to use a more comprehensive supplement that can accomplish these goals and serve as a longer term solution. However, if you are simply interested in something that can help you fall asleep occasionally or once in a while, then this product might be a solid option for you.

ZzzQuil Side Effects

ZzzQuil side effects are nonexistent in most cases, but some people have reported the following side effects: dizziness, blurred vision, constipation, upset stomach, dry mouth and eyes, and loss of coordination. It isn’t extremely common to experience these side effects, however, it’s important to be aware that they can occur.

While the ZzzQuil side effects aren’t serious, there is one issue that shouldn’t be overlooked. This may not be considered a side effect per se, but you can build up a tolerance to the active ingredient, which can cause the product to stop working.

ZzzQuil Reviews – What are users saying?

If you look at the ZzzQuil reviews on websites like Amazon where the product is sold, you will find that most people have positive things to say about the product. It has an overall rating of about 4 stars on Amazon, which is very good.

While generally, the ZzzQuil reviews are positive, you will also find that some people say it stopped working after a while. This is likely because they built up a tolerance to the antihistamine, which is why we recommend using other more natural and herbal sleep supplements instead.

The Pros

  • Induces sleep very quickly
  • Proven to work
  • The ZzzQuil reviews are positive for the most part
  • Its very inexpensive 

The Cons

  • You can build up tolerance to it over time
  • Some people report side effects
  • It doesn’t serve as a long-term solution to the problem

The Final Verdict On ZzzQuil

ZzzQuil may put you to sleep quickly and effectively, but at the end of the day, is it the best choice? We don’t necessarily recommend ZzzQuil because of the fact that so many people build a tolerance to the active ingredient. More importantly, it doesn’t really fix the underlying issue…it just masks the problem. We recommend checking out our Top 10 Best Sleep Supplements to learn about several products we prefer over this one.

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