RestUp Review

RestUp Review | The Best Sleep Supplements  

RestUp Review

RestUp is a natural sleep supplement that serves as a viable alternative to prescription sleep medication. There are thousands of companies out there trying to create natural sleep supplements that can replace medication, but only a handful of them are doing a good job at it. Read this RestUp review to learn more about how it works, or view our list of the Top 10 Best Sleep Supplements to learn about the best of the best.

The Benefits Of RestUp

  • Induces sleep quickly
  • Helps you sleep for longer periods of time
  • Promotes high-quality sleep
  • Produces feelings of calm and relaxation
  • Relieves stress and anxiety

How Does RestUp Work?

RestUp uses an awesome blend of proven sleep inducers to help the user fall asleep quickly and stay asleep through the night. It uses all natural ingredients to help safely produce feelings of calm and sleepiness when its time to go to bed and rebalances your sleep hormones to ensure that they begin working normally again.

Your hormones get out of whack after you experience extremely stressful periods of time, as we all do at one point or another. During stressful periods, your body overproduces stress-related hormones such as cortisol, which can have a negative effect on the hormones that help you sleep like melatonin and serotonin.

Natural supplements like RestUp are able to correct the hormonal imbalance that is likely occurring inside of your body as a result of too much stress. All you have to do is get your body to start producing more melatonin and serotonin through the use of the proper nutrients.

You could get a prescription for sleep medication and choose to use that, but know that sleep medications only mask the problem. They do not actually fix what’s going on inside your body. Natural sleep supplements that contain the right ingredients in the right dosages are able to actually solve the issue at its core. You need to experience a decrease in stress hormones and an increase in sleep hormones.

RestUp Ingredients – What Makes It Work?

Melatonin: All of the best sleep supplements begin with melatonin. When it gets dark outside and you can feel your body start to realize it’s time for bed, this is melatonin at work inside your body. It is the hormone that causes you to feel sleepy at night. A decent dose of melatonin is a requirement in order to boost your levels and get you feeling sleepy. Using melatonin every day can also actually get your levels back on track long term as well, as long as you aren’t taking too much of it.

5 HTP: 5-HTP is used within your body to make serotonin, which means that 5 HTP supplements have the ability to help rebalance your serotonin levels and thereby produce feelings of calmness and overall well-being. Using a proper dosage of 5 HTP, you can get higher levels of beneficial hormones and lower levels of detrimental ones. Having more serotonin means less anxiety and less stress, which in turn means you are able to relax and fall asleep more easily.

L Theanine: L-Theanine is often used as an anti-anxiety supplement in place of prescription medications. It has sedative effects and an amazing ability to produce feelings of calm and relaxation. A large enough dosage of L Theanine relieves stress and helps improve your overall well-being.

The Pros

  • Combines three very powerful ingredients
  • Each ingredient has been clinically proven
  • Treats both insomnia and anxiety
  • Shown to increase duration and quality of sleep
  • All natural and safe ingredients
  • Non-habit forming

The Cons

  • Contains comparatively small number of active ingredients (usually we see 5 to 8)
  • Dosage details are not available on the website

The Final Verdict On RestUp

RestUp is one of the best sleep supplements we have reviewed thus far. It can help rebalance your hormones, improve melatonin production, boost serotonin levels, and reduce stress hormones. These are all vital aspects of treating insomnia. The one issue we have is that it doesn’t contain as many ingredients as we would like it to. We would highly recommend checking out our list of the Top 10 Best Sleep Supplements to see some more highly ranked products.

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