Regenerate Review

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Regenerate Review


Regenerate is a sleep supplement that uses all natural ingredients in order to help you feel more rested when you wake up. This brand of sleep supplement is by a company called Biorhythm. Continue reading this article to find out why Regenerate did not make our list of Top 10 Best Sleep Supplements.

The Benefits Of Regenerate

These are the following things you can expect to experience from taking Regenerate:

  • Help you build muscle
  • Improves your recovery time
  • Enhances your REM sleep
  • Allows you to feel more replenished when you wake up

What Is Regenerate?

Regenerate is a brand of sleep supplement that attempts to be an all natural cure for insomnia. Insomnia is a condition that inhibits your natural ability to fall or stay asleep.  Insomnia can be caused by a wide variety of different issues that arise in your life, but dealing with it before it becomes chronic is extremely important.

The reason why chronic insomnia can be so bad for you, has to do with something called sleep debt. When you lose sleep, there is no way to get it back. Messing with your circadian rhythm is something that takes a lot of time to fix, and can be very difficult. Your body does not work in the way that allows sleeping in one morning to make up for the sleep you lost the night before (although it would be great if it did). In order for you to keep your days productive and your nights filled with healing, trying to fix your problems with insomnia is crucial.

Chronic insomnia can be caused by anxiety, diet, neurological problems, stress, and many other factors. While prescription drugs exist to help you fall asleep and stay asleep, they often come with a number of side effects that can make matters even worse. In addition to that, there are dependency issues that come with taking prescription drugs. Taking prescription drugs for insomnia frequently can make your future problems even worse, and cause you to rely on them for a normal night’s sleep.

Not getting enough sleep per night can cause you to experience a lot of different negative side effects. Some of them include problems with attention, focus, irritability, mood swings, and low levels of productivity. It can be very difficult to work at your full potential when you are sleep deprived, and taking all natural sleep supplements can make sure that does not happen.

How Does Regenerate Work?

Regenerate works by using all natural ingredients that have been shown to help keep your brain calm and tranquil during periods of stress and insomnia. These ingredients work by helping increase the quantity of certain neurotransmitters that are important to getting quality sleep and effective sleep.

Regenerate Ingredients

The following ingredients are all present in the sleep supplement known as Regenerate: Mucuna Pruriens, Safed Musli, GABA, Puncture Vine, and Cissus Quadrangularis.

Mucuna Pruriens: This herb provides many different benefits for the brain and body. It is able to help improve sleep, increase testosterone levels and elevate mood.

GABA: This inhibitory neurotransmitter is responsible for decreasing anxiety levels and helping you fall asleep.

The Pros

  • All natural formula
  • Easy to take
  • Found easily online

The Cons

  • Expensive
  • Not enough ingredients
  • Not the best reviewed

Regenerate Conclusion

The bottom line is, Regenerate is a pretty expensive sleep supplement that has some components of a powerful natural sleep support aid, but not as many as higher rated products. Getting a good night sleep is important, and if you suffer from anxiety, you cannot afford to waste your time with low tier products. Check out the strongest natural remedies for insomnia on this list of Top 10 Best Sleep Supplements.

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