DriftOff Review

DriftOff Review | The Best Sleep Supplements  

DriftOff Review

DriftOff is one of the most popular sleep aid supplements in the industry, and we’re doing this review to explain why that is and give our opinion on it. It did manage to rank on our list of the Top 10 Best Sleep Supplements, however it only ranks on the bottom half of that list. Read this DriftOff review to learn more, or take a look at the top 10 list to learn about the supplements we ranked above this one.

The Benefits Of DriftOff

  • Induces sleep pretty quickly
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Improves overall well-being
  • Boosts melatonin levels
  • Helps rebalance hormones

How Does DriftOff Work?

DriftOff works through the use of a combination of natural and herbal sleep aids to help induce sleep safely and effectively. We generally think its best to avoid prescription sleep medications and other non-natural ways of inducing sleep due to side effects and other complications. We believe that it’s always best to go the natural route whenever possible.

When you’re having sleep trouble, there a couple ways you can go about treating your symptoms. The first way is to take a supplement that just masks the problem and knocks you out. These supplements tend to be very cheap as they only contain one ingredient. However, they are usually anti-histamine based, which means your body will build a tolerance to them after a few uses.

The second and more ideal way is to actually fix the underlying problem that is causing your symptoms. The underlying problem is almost always some sort of hormonal imbalance. The most common type of imbalance is high levels of stress hormones that have disrupted melatonin production.

The stress hormone cortisol is something that will keep you up at night if you have been producing too much of it because it makes you feel awake and on edge. More importantly, its presence may prevent melatonin from showing up to do its job when necessary. In order to cure your insomnia, you need to reduce stress hormone levels and increase sleep hormone levels. View our Top 10 Best Sleep Supplements to learn about the products that most efficiently get the job done.

DriftOff Ingredients – What Makes It Work?

Melatonin: Melatonin is produced when the sun goes down and your body realizes that it’s about to be time for bed. Nighttime triggers its release, and then its effects begin to make you feel sleepy. Without healthy Melatonin levels, your sleep patterns will surely suffer. The Melatonin dosage for sleep is relatively small, but it can produce shockingly significant effects when used properly. One of the best benefits is that Melatonin side effects rarely ever occur.

Valerian Extract: This ancient herb is commonly referred to as “nature’s Valium” because of how significantly it impacts anxiety levels. It has very strong sedative effects that leave you feeling very relaxed and sleepy. It also helps boost GABA levels, which can improve your overall sense of well-being and help stabilize your mood and energy levels.

Tryptophan: Why do you get so sleepy right after eating Thanksgiving dinner every year? The answer is Tryptophan. Turkey contains a very high concentration of Tryptophan, which is a natural sedative that causes you to feel very tired after consuming it. L Tryptophan side effects almost never occur, and the benefits are significant enough that some people use Tryptophan on its own as a sleep supplement.

Chamomile Extract: You have probably heard of people drinking Chamomile tea before going to bed to help them relax. If you’ve ever tried it, you know the stuff works really well, but most people don’t know why. Chamomile contains a high concentration of Glycine, which is a nerve relaxant. Chamomile tea benefits your sleep patterns significantly through the use of this nerve relaxant, but it is actually much more powerful to supplement with Chamomile extract directly rather than drinking Chamomile tea.

Passion Flower Extract: Passion Flower tea is another common drink for the same reason Chamomile tea is popular. It helps calm your nerves and has a pretty strong sedative effect that makes it a great supplement to take before going to bed. As a matter of fact, a lot of professionals recommend Passion Flower for anxiety relief because of how relaxing its effects are. Passion Flower reduces anxiety levels safely and naturally.

The Pros

  • Reduces anxiety
  • Puts you to sleep very fast
  • Uses great, all natural ingredients
  • Supported by clinical evidence

The Cons

  • Some of the dosages are relatively small
  • The overall potency is not one of the highest we have ever seen

The Final Verdict On DriftOff

DriftOff is easily one of the best sleep supplements on the market. The formula is very impressive in terms of the ingredient panel itself, however we found the dosages for certain ingredients to be rather unimpressive. Overall, it’s a great sleep aid supplement that can work very well, but at the end of the day, we’ve seen better. Check out our favorites by viewing our carefully ranked Top 10 Best Sleep Supplements on the market.

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