Advil PM Review

Advil PM Review | The Best Sleep Supplements  

Advil PM Review

Advil PM is one of the most popular sleep supplements in the industry, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s one of the best. There are many different approaches to correcting your sleep patterns, and it’s important to know which method of correction you should employ based on your specific needs. Read this Advil PM review to learn more and discover products we recommend more highly on our list of the Top 10 Best Sleep Supplements.

The Benefits Of Advil PM

  • Can produce sleepy feelings very quickly
  • Serves as an effective short-term solution
  • Helps promote calm and relaxation
  • Puts you to sleep safely and soundly

How Does Advil PM Work?

Advil PM does not rank in the top 5 best sleep supplements on our website because it uses antihistamines to put you to sleep rather than other more natural options such as herbs and extracts. Some people prefer antihistamines, which is fine, but we prefer natural and herbal products instead.

We will explain more about the ingredients in the next section, but for now, let’s go over how it works and what’s going on in your body. The reason you have insomnia is more than likely stress. Most people don’t fully understand how high levels of stress effects their body and hormones.

When your stress levels are too high, your hormones go crazy. You begin to overproduce stress hormones such as cortisol so that you are able to keep up with your busy schedule, which can be beneficial, but the downside of that is the fact that you may begin to under-produce your key sleep hormone: melatonin.

Melatonin is what your brain releases at night to let you know that it’s time for bed. It makes you feel sleepy and is essentially what is primarily responsible for a healthy sleep cycle. When your body is producing enough melatonin every night, you’re sleeping just fine.

However, once you mess up your hormones enough and melatonin release is no longer being signaled properly, it is hard to come back from that without the use of supplements that can get your hormones back on track. Advil PM is just an antihistamine, so we don’t see it as a long term solution to the problem, but it can at least mask the problem and put you to sleep in the short term, which makes it a great sleep aid for insomniacs.

Advil PM Ingredients – What Makes It Work So Well?

As was briefly mentioned before, Advil PM works through the use of an antihistamine. The primary active Advil PM ingredient is called Diphenhydramine Citrate, and it also contains some Ibuprofen. Now, there is plenty of evidence that shows the sleep inducing capabilities of an antihistamine like Diphenhydramine Citrate, so there is no doubt that it helps you fall asleep.

Antihistamines tend to produce a drowsy, sleepy feeling, which means they may help you get right to sleep when you need to. However, by using antihistamines to fall asleep, you are simply fixing the very short term and immediate issue, which is that you need to fall asleep. You need to ask yourself, what is the bigger underlying problem that I can fix to help fix my sleep cycle long term?

Don’t get us wrong, the antihistamine route is great, and products like Advil PM are awesome for helping you fall asleep quickly. With that said, your body very quickly and easily builds up a tolerance to antihistamines like Diphenhydramine Citrate, which means that after a while, it may stop working for you. This is the main reason why we aren’t big fans of the Advil PM ingredients.

Not only does the body build a tolerance to antihistamines, there is actually a bigger issue here that needs to be considered. Antihistamines don’t really do anything to correct your hormonal issue, which is what’s causing your sleep problems in the first place. Advil PM is excellent if you are looking for a quick fix, but herbal and natural sleep supplements can actually fix the underlying problem, plus you don’t build a tolerance to them, AND they still serve as a quick fix just like antihistamines do. Check out some of the Best Sleep Supplements.

Advil PM Side Effects

The Advil PM side effects are not serious whatsoever if they even occur at all. Most people do not report side effects when using Advil PM, however the following have been reported in some instances: upset stomach, dry mouth, blurred vision, heartburn, diarrhea, and constipation.

As you can see, none of the Advil PM side effects are very serious, but they can be uncomfortable nonetheless. You should not necessarily expect them to occur, but simply be aware of the possibility that they might. Some people just don’t respond well to antihistamines.

The Pros

  • Proven to work
  • Puts you to sleep very fast
  • Also guaranteed to work in the short-term
  • Very inexpensive

The Cons

  • The body builds up a tolerance to antihistamines
  • It doesn’t fix the underlying issue
  • It really is only meant to serve as a short term solution

The Final Verdict On Advil PM

There is no doubt that Advil PM works as a quick fix solution for people who are having trouble falling asleep, but we don’t believe it’s the best option out there. It doesn’t really fix the problem in the long term, and a big downside of it is that your body can build up a tolerance to its ingredients very quickly. This means it could stop working after several uses. We don’t recommend it, and would encourage you to view our Top 10 Best Sleep Supplements instead.

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