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Crepe Erase skincare supplement jar

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Updated November 17, 2020

Crepe Erase skincare supplement jarCrepe Erase is an intensive body repair treatment cream designed to promote healthy skin, reduce wrinkles, and provide concentrated moisture. This stuff is all the rage as of late, and I have to say, the results people have been getting with it are very encouraging.

Personally, I’m not big into using skincare products on myself, but I do LOVE reviewing them and have an excellent understanding of the nutrients they contain. Whenever a product makes as big of a splash on the skincare scene as Crepe Erase has, I feel compelled to produce a review.

After thoroughly researching Crepe Erase as I do with all supplements I review, I have to say I’m pretty impressed. The formula is comprehensive, the ingredients are generally effective, and the user reviews are positive for the most part. More on that later…

Crepe Erase Benefits

Due to its long list of ingredients and complex formula, Crepe Erase naturally has a pretty long list of potential benefits. Here are the some of the key Crepe Erase benefits…

  • Replenish and nourish skin
  • Helps hydrate and reduce dry skin
  • Delivers Vitamin E, Omega-6 and Omega-9
  • Designed to moisturize and smoothen skin
  • Can help reduce wrinkles and under-eye marks

Crepe Erase Ingredients

My favorite part of any review is the ingredient analysis. I’ve been reading nutrition labels basically my entire career, and each one tells a different story than the next. The Crepe Erase ingredients panel is very impressive, and the list of ingredients is particularly long, which is generally a good sign.

Anyways, let’s break down these ingredients…

Shea Butter has very high concentrations of vitamins and fatty acids in it, which make it an ideal ingredient for people who are seeking softer, smoother skin. Shea butter can also be very soothing on the skin, so if you’ve been experiencing irritation, this nutrient may provide effective relief.

Oh, and did I mention it has anti-inflammatory properties? I don’t like the term “miracle ingredient,” but it’s hard not to use it here.

Cocoa Butter is another natural nutrient that works very similarly to Shea Butter in that its high concentration of fatty acids allows it to hydrate and nourish skin. Many people use cocoa butter on scars and wrinkles, and there has been quite a few studies that suggest this may be a great use for it. The combination of cocoa and shea butter is brilliant formulation, but it doesn’t end there…

Coconut Oil is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, which makes it a great addition to anyone’s skincare routine. Being the third most prevalent ingredient in this formula, I’d say it plays a significant role in producing the above list of benefits. It is especially high in lauric acid and vitamin E, which we already know have tremendous skincare benefits.

Olive Oil functions to help prevent oxidation of the skin in the context of this formula, and it makes a great addition to the above ingredients. Many proponents of olive oil for use on the skin believe that the high concentration of antioxidants may help prevent some effects of premature aging.

Crepe Erase Reviews From Real Users

One of the greatest indicators of a product’s effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) is what consumers are saying about it…but that’s only if the reviews come from a trusted source like Amazon. Amazon is trustworthy because they only allow reviews to be posted from verified buyers of the product, which generally means the reviews are going to be authentic.

There are well over 800 Crepe Erase reviews on Amazon from verified buyers, and 58% of them contain 5-star ratings…that’s pretty impressive. About 70% of the reviews rated it 4 stars or higher, which is very encouraging.

As always, there are a few people who gave it a low rating, and that’s simply because no product works for everyone. However, the vast majority (70%) of the Crepe Erase reviews are positive, which is the important thing to note here. I’ll put it like this…if I told you there’s a 70% chance you’d enjoy the product, would you try it?

The most commonly reported benefit of the product, as per the Amazon reviews data, is it’s moisturizing ability. If you’re looking for a great moisturizer, Crepe Erase just might be what you need.

The Pros

  • Combines Shea Butter with Cocoa Butter
  • Uses an additional combination of Olive Oil and Coconut Oil
  • Very comprehensive, synergistic formula
  • Tons of positive feedback from real users
  • 100% natural and organic
  • Reportedly an effective moisturizer

The Cons

  • Slightly on the expensive side comparatively speaking
  • Only available online from what I can tell

Crepe Erase Conclusion

All things considered, Crepe Erase has an excellent product in its Intensive Body Repair Treatment. I would be hard pressed to find a skincare product with a more comprehensive formula…I’ve certainly never seen Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Olive Oil, and Coconut Oil all combined into one product before.

The list of potential benefits as a result of such a well thought out formula is very long. Whether or not it works is likely dependent on your skin type, goals, and age amongst other things…but it appears to be effective for the vast majority of people who use it, and especially effective as a moisturizer.

If you’re looking for a reliable skincare company with high quality, natural products, I believe you’ve found that here with Crepe Erase. As long as you’re willing to pay a little extra for a higher quality product, this is a great option.

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