Whey HD Review

Whey HD Review | The Best Protein Powders  

Whey HD Review

Whey HD is a protein supplement that is meant to be used after a trip to the gym. Taking a protein supplement can provide your muscles with an extremely convenient source of protein and amino acids, which they desperately need after a tough workout. And all of this can lead to recovery, which can inevitably lead you to increased gains.

Read this Whey HD review to find out why it did not make our list of the Top 10 Best Protein Powder Supplements.

Benefits of Whey HD

The following are benefits you can expect from taking Whey HD:

  • Increased lean muscle mass
  • Boost in energy
  • Greater amount of strength during a lift

What Is Whey HD?

Whey HD is a supplement by the company BPI Sports that incorporates an ultra-premium whey protein blend, in order to make sure you are getting the energy and nutrients your body needs for a great workout. This multi-functioning protein supplement with advanced flavor technology utilizes zero fillers, and no maltodextrin. Like all protein powders, it is meant to help your muscles recover quickly, and grow stronger than ever.

Whey HD comes in the Chocolate Cookie, Granola Crunch, and Vanilla Caramel.

How Does Whey HD Work?

Whey HD works by utilizing a blend of protein made from easily digested sources. These protein sources are then broken down into amino acids and other key nutrients, and delivered to your muscles. The easier it is for your body to digest the protein you are taking, the faster it will reach your muscles.

Whey HD Ingredients

Protein Blend: The protein blend is one of the most crucial parts of your protein powder. Many companies like to make crazy claims about what makes their protein powder best, but the bottom line is, it is all about using the highest quality protein sources available, and nothing else. A lot of companies try to sell consumers on the fact that because their product uses multiple kinds of proteins; it is better for several reasons they just try to make up.

The protein blend in Whey HD is made up of whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, and milk protein isolate. This combination of multiple protein sources is not a good sign for this product. While whey protein sources are the best sources of protein on the market, this blend is diluted with other lower quality sources. In addition to that, whey protein isolate is much better than whey protein concentrate, and the majority of this blend is whey protein concentrate. Whey has also been shown in studies to help boost metabolism.

Branched Chained Amino Acids: Branched chained amino acids are shortened amino acid chains that can make your experience in and out of the gym much easier. They are found naturally in high-quality sources of protein and can help reduce your recovery time while also providing your body with a low-calorie form of energy.

A lot of supplement companies will add additional branched chained amino acids to their protein blend in order to compensate for the fact that they are utilizing a lower quality protein source. This practice is not really necessary when you are using protein sourced from whey protein hydrolysate or whey protein isolate.

Nutritional Information: In one serving of Whey HD, you can expect to find:

  • Calories: 150
  • Total Fat: 3 g
  • Cholesterol: 95 mg
  • Total Carbohydrates: 4 g
  • Protein: 25 g

While there is a good amount of protein per serving, you really want a protein blend that is closer to 100 calories per serving. The fat content is also too high, similarly to the carbohydrates as well.

The Pros

  • Good flavor
  • Solid amount of protein per serving
  • Fairly priced

The Cons 

  • Too many calories per serving
  • Not a good protein blend
  • Not the best reviews

Whey HD Conclusion

Whey HD by BPI Sports is an okay supplement, but there’s nothing outstanding about it that would make us want to recommend it. It has too many calories per serving and a below average protein blend, which is ultimately why it didn’t rank on our top 10 list. To discover some of the top protein powders available, have a look at our list of the Top 10 Best Protein Powder Supplements.

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