Total Protein Review

Total Protein Review | The Best Protein Powders  

Total Protein Review

Total Protein is a protein powder that aims to help potential athletes get the most reward out of their time spent at the gym. People looking into supplementing protein powders are typically trying to find an easily digestible source of protein to help their muscles grow and stay healthy.

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The Benefits 

  • Advances digestive enzymes
  • Great taste
  • Aids muscle protein synthesis

What Is Total Protein?

Total Protein is a protein powder that aims to help you increase your muscle, amplify your strength, and get you the physique of your dreams.

How Does Total Protein Work?

Total Protein aims to help you boost your muscle growth, and decrease your recover time. It does this through the use of protein that is ideally derived from a pure source of whey protein hydrolysate, or whey protein isolate. The more types of protein in your blend, the worse your protein will be for you.

Dirtying the blend is often flipped and made look to be a positive to consumers, however these are just marketing schemes. The fewer sources of protein you have in your blend, the easier it is for your body to digest and convert it into the right fuel for the synthesis of new muscle.

Total Protein Ingredients 

Protein Blend: Total Protein uses a blend of four different kind of proteins. These proteins are whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate, whey isolate, and milk protein isolate, in that order. While it’s great that this product has some whey isolate in it, it is disappointing it is not farther up the list in terms of ingredients. Whey isolate is of the cleanest forms of protein you can buy, and is very easily digested. Digestibility is crucial when looking into protein powders because it determines how quickly your muscles will get the protein they need to grow after a workout. You typically want your body to be able to break down all the proper nutrients to feed your muscle growth, and decrease your recovery time.

BCAA Count: This is where Total Protein makes a big mistake. They have not added BCAAs to their protein powder, which can catalyze your recovery process, and also help your muscles grow faster. When choosing a protein powder supplement, make sure it has BCAAs or go out and spend more money on stand-alone BCAA products like leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These are filled with amino acids that can make the process of achieving the gains you are looking for even easier.

Nutritional Information: In one scoop of Total Protein there are:

  • Calories: 135
  • Total Fat: 3grams
  • Total Carbs: 5g
  • Protein: 22g
  • Sodium: 45mg
  • Calcium: 120mg
  • Cholesterol: 50g

Nothing about these ingredients stand out as making this a top 10 product as far as protein powders goes. Do not get me wrong, it is not a bad product, but we have seen protein blends with more protein, with less carbs, cholesterol, and sodium. Also the combination of four different proteins makes this a very average product as far as these supplements go.

Total Protein Review

 The Pros

  • Tastes good
  • Low calories
  • Benefits your workout

The Cons 

  • Not the cleanest blend
  • Lacks additional BCAAs
  • Too much cholesterol

Total Protein Conclusion

Total Protein is an average product that does not really stand out among the vast amount of protein powders. It might be able to help you see some results, but without the additional use of BCAAs and its not very impressive nutritional information, we would definitely have to recommend something else. Check out our list of  Top 10 Best Protein Drinks for the best protein powders for muscle growth and recovery.

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