Last Updated on September 16, 2020

The Top 5 Best Protein Powders for Men in 2020

top protein powders 2020

Without protein, you die. That was a bit morbid, but hey, I think you get what I’m trying to say here. If you work out, particularly via high-intensity workouts, you really need to make sure you have more protein in your body than the normal person. Otherwise, you will be subject to the dreaded muscle atrophy. No one spends hours in the gym to lose muscle. But protein powder supplements are confusing and risky because many don’t offer what they say they will. That’s why I’ve created this list of the best of the best protein powders.

This is the top 5 best protein powders of 2020.

hydro whey 100 review

Hydro Whey 100 Protein Powder Review

RATING: 5.0/5.0 

Hydro Whey 100 is the best protein powder available anywhere and it isn’t really even that close. TEKNatural’s latest and greatest in supplement manufacturing is a full on robust and potent protein powder that uses only hydrolyzed whey protein isolate. They are the only ones to use only this highest of quality protein powders.

The rest of the competition uses other protein powders, including fillers, to beef up serving sizes. When it comes to Hydro Whey 1oo, you literally get exactly what they tell you that you get per serving. This is a “rare air” type protein powder.

It does cost more than the competition, but you most certainly get what you pay for, as any top fitness coach will tell you. Take a few minutes and gain a deeper understanding of Hydro Whey 100.


Rule One Protein Powder Review

Rule One Protein Powder Review

RATING: 4.8/5.0 

Rule One protein powder is a perennial top protein powder. It has proven its value with both fitness enthusiast and more elite style athletes. Its brand recognition knows no bounds, mostly because this supplement does exactly what it says it will do: provides steady, long-lasting, high-quality protein that helps build and maintain muscle.

You aren’t saving a whole heck of a lot buying Rule One rather than Hydro Whey 100, which is why the latter is listed as our top ranked protein powder. However, if you just like Rule One better for some reason, you’re definitely making out rather well.

Give Rule One a closer look in our review.




ISO review

ISO HD Protein Powder Review

RATING: 4.0/5.0 



“Reasonably priced”

These are all adjectives you tend to see used when any ISO HD protein powder reviews are written and rightfully so. ISO HD is a good protein powder that comes at an affordable price. They are definitely worth checking out.


whey gold standard review

ON Whey Gold Standard Protein Powder 

RATING: 3.5/5.0 

Now we are at the part of our top protein powders list whereas the junk fillers are a bit more intense. That’s not to say that ON Whey Gold Standared Protein Powder isn’t good, that’s just to say that they are a budget priced protein powder for good reason. They save money where they can and that isn’t on packaging.

Instead, they use some fillers for the protein formula. This isn’t egregious or blatant scammary, don’t worry, this is a good product. They can’t price their formula so that you save money by giving away the farm like Hydro Whey 100 does. ON Whey Gold Standard is a very good protein supplement for those who are budget oriented.


Phase 8 Protein powder

Muscle Tech Phase 8 Protein Powder Review 

RATING: 3.2/5.0 

Muscle Tech Phase 8 is a good and decent protein powder supplement that tends to always hover around our average rankings. A decent amount of protein serving, although, you have to note the amount of protein concentrate used as a filler. The taste is good. The price is even better.

It might be worth checking out Muscle Tech Phase 8 a bit deeper if you are on a tight budget.



In the end, Hydro Whey 100 is the most deserving top protein powder supplement we’ve seen in some time. It uses only superior protein powder and doesn’t try to use concentrates to beef up its serving sizes. Its a clean and lean protein powder. But there are most definitely some other options worthy of consideration on our top list, particularly if you are trying to save some money.

Always read labels and always pay attention to reviews. This will help prevent you from being scammed. Hopefully, this list of the top 5 best protein powders of 2019 pointed you in the right direction.

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