The Best Protein Shakes For Women

girl-959115_1280There are so many protein shakes out on the market today, it can make your head spin. Women around the country are seeking nutritional supplements to accompany their hectic lifestyles to see fast, easy results. But since there are so many products out there, weeding out the masses can take up more time than most of us realistically have to spend. So what are the best protein shakes for women?

Finding the right product becomes a practically impossible task, and can leave you feeling like a nutritionist’s lab-rat. Luckily for you, we’ve done the busy work already and found one supplement which stands above the rest. We’ll look at what makes some of the better, effective protein shakes different from the rest and hopefully help find the right way to ‘shake’ up your routine.

However, to save you some time, it’s worth noting that our #1 ranked supplement on our list of the Top 10 Protein Shakes is perfectly safe and ideal for both women and men. That protein powder is our official recommendation regardless of gender.

Whey Protein Isolate

We’ve found that the best protein shakes for women use ‘whey protein isolate’ in their ingredients, which differs from other kinds of whey protein. ‘Whey protein isolate’ is one of the safest, most effective supplements of its kind, so don’t let its strange name fool you. It is found naturally, as one of the components in milk, and can be derived through the cheese-making process.

If you don’t trust the industry and are interested in making your own supplement, creating the isolate can be done in the following two ways. Although, we highly recommend you use a regular protein powder supplement.

Isolation Process

The first method involves the use of ion exchangers, essentially ‘isolating’ the protein from the rest of the matter. Though it sounds fancy, I can assure you that the process is totally safe and even reversible. This method is essentially a safer version of denaturation, a process by which proteins are extracted using strong acid or base.

This method is less safe in the production of consumable proteins because it changes the structure of the protein as it is being extracted. Whey protein isolate, on the other hand, is derived from safer methods. This is method produces the purest protein supplements available on the market. This is highly recommended for the many consumers interested in fast, easy weight loss.

The second method by which whey protein isolate is derived is called, “membrane filtration”. The name sort of gives away how it works: the proteins are filtered through a microscopic filter, allowing the small proteins to pass through, leaving larger clusters behind.

The two methods are more or less equivalent in their effectiveness; however, the “membrane filtration” method has shown to be less slightly accurate. Think of it like this: the filter allows for anything of a certain size pass through. Other particles inevitably slink through the filter, so this method would certainly result in a less-pure product. whereas, the first method allows us to isolate proteins specifically, allowing for a precise extraction. This means that whey protein isolate derived through the first method is favorable.

Favorability of Whey Protein Isolate

What is great about whey protein isolate is that, because of its structure, it dissolves easily into most liquids. It’s popular among fitness trainers and their happy-go-lucky gym-goers because it’s easy to enjoy and it’s hardly noticeable when mixed in a shake or smoothie. It’s also mostly tasteless, making it an ideal supplement to easily slip right into your diet. Whey protein isolate is key in order for a supplement to be considered one of the best protein shakes for women and men alike.

It has become very popular among women in fitness centers, and in professional sports because of its efficiency, and its effectiveness. Amazingly, whey protein isolate contain the highest amount of protein available from whey, while in many cases being completely fat free, carb free, cholesterol free, and lactose free! Because it is so lean, it is the perfect protein supplement to aid fast and easy weight loss. Women across the country are finding that whey protein isolate are the most sensible option.

It’s practically a miracle for fitness buffs because of its ability to put your body in a anabolic state. This is incredibly important if you want to see a quick, easy response from your body after a long, stressful workout. It essentially kicks your metabolism into gear, allowing your body to use energy for building muscle (anabolic), rather than breaking it down (catabolic).

Just let that sink in for a minute… this is what makes whey protein isolate so exceptional. Its consumers can be sure that the product they are ingesting is not only going to give them a more effective boost than other protein supplements, but will also give them the ability to control their diet on a near-scientific level.

The Verdict On The Best Protein Shakes For Women

Women across the country can rest, assured that as nutritionists and fitness experts continue to work towards a better understanding of the human body and of these supplements. Obtaining your fitness goals has become easier than ever.

As products like whey protein isolate based protein powders become better understood by consumers and experts, we can expect to see fantastic results in our fitness goals. Thanks to advances in nutritional science, and with a little know-how, we can use these supplements to help: whether we just need to trim some fat, or need help getting to that hard-to-reach milestone.

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