Six Star Whey Protein Review

Six Star Whey Protein Review | The Best Protein Powders  

Six Star Whey Protein Review

Six Star Whey Protein is a 100% whey protein solution that claims to be able to build lean muscle, as well as increase your strength. Due to the fact that all protein blends claim to do this, we have decided to review as many as we can to show you the best protein shakes on the market. Continue reading this review to learn more about Six Star Whey Protein or just read through Top 10 Best Protein Drinks to see why Six Star Whey Protein did not make the list.

About Six Star Pro Nutrition

Six Star Pro Nutrition is a major player in the nutritional supplement space. They use New England Patriot’s star tight end, Rob Gronkowski, as their spokesperson, so clearly they have a mega-advertising budget. You can visit Six Star Pro Nutrition here.

The Benefits 

  • 100% instantized whey protein
  • Delivers BCAAs and glutamine
  • Helps improve recovery time

What Is Six Star Whey Protein?

Six Star Whey Protein is a protein powder that primarily uses whey protein to help your body get the protein it needs right after a workout. From the makers of Muscletech, this product claims to be able to be 70% better than regular whey alone. They utilize instantized whey for easy mixing and also incorporate a proven muscle and strength builder to make sure you are getting the most out of your workouts.

How Does Six Star Whey Protein Work?

Six Star Whey Protein works by using a fast acting whey protein solution to help your muscles absorb the proteins and amino acids as quickly as possible. This is important after a workout because it helps your muscles start rebuilding quicker and get rid of any soreness you might feel the next day. Delayed onset muscle soreness, otherwise known as “DOMS”, keeps many people from hitting the gym and can slow down your gains. Supplementing a protein blend can help you get more out of your lifts and also get you back into the gym quicker than ever.

Six Star Whey Protein Ingredients 

Protein Blend: Six Star Whey Protein utilizes an instantized version of whey protein to help your body digest it as quickly as possible. When looking through protein blends of different supplements you want to make sure that the protein source is a high quality one and that there are no other cheap sources dirtying your blend. Many different brands try to market their multiple sources of protein as being a good thing, when really they are just looking to spend less money by using cheaper sources of protein.

BCAA: Six Star Whey Protein delivers BCAAs but does not tell us in what quantity. BCAA is a necessary addition to any protein blend. While all proteins include some BCAAs, adding more BCAA can help significantly improve your muscle growth and reduce your recovery time. Unfortunately, many protein supplements do not add additional BCAAs in order to save money, and try to rely on the natural amino acids in their blend. If you find yourself in a position where your favorite protein blend does not include additional BCAAs, you should definitely consider buying them separately. After you purchase them separately, you can supplement them alongside your favorite protein drink. This will help improve and increase muscle growth while making sure you recover as fast as possible.

Nutritional Information: In one serving of Six Star Whey Protein you can expect to find:

  • Calories: 180
  • Total Fat: 2g
  • Cholesterol: 55mg
  • Total Carbohydrates: 9g
  • Protein: 30g
  • Sodium:170mg
  • Creatine Monohydrate: 2.5g

These are pretty average nutrition facts for a protein supplement. I have seen higher caloric values, and lower caloric values, and that’s pretty much how it goes for most of these numbers. It offers a pretty solid amount of protein, but there are many other brands with less calories.


The Pros

  • Low fat
  • Works quickly
  • Builds lean muscle

The Cons 

  • High calories
  • Not too impressive
  • Whey protein concentrate is not as healthy as isolate

Six Star Whey Protein Conclusion

Six Star Whey Protein does not stand out as a top product on the market today. While it does contain a pretty good amount of protein, the overwhelming portion of that protein comes from whey protein concentrate, which is not as healthy as whey protein isolate and certainly not as effective as whey protein hydrolysate. Hydrolysate is by far the purest form of whey protein powder on the market. The only protein powder we’ve seen that uses 100% whey hydrolysate is a powder called Hydro Whey 100. Because of this and their high BCAA count and low sodium amount, it is our favorite protein powder… by far.

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Jason Wayne