nectar protein powder review

Nectar Protein Powder Review | The Best Protein Powders  

nectar protein powder review

Nectar is a protein powder that comes in some interesting and unique flavors. This brand of protein is by the company Syntrax and prides themselves on having zero carbs, zero fat, and no aspartame. Continue reading this article to find out why Syntrax did not make the list of Top 10 Best Protein Powder Supplements of 2018.

The Benefits Of Nectar Protein Powder 

These are the primary benefits of using Nectar Protein Powder

  • Increase rate of lean muscle growth
  • Enhanced recovery
  • Mixes well

What Is Nectar Protein Powder?

Nectar Protein Powder is a protein powder by the company Syntrax that tries to get you all the protein you need for your workouts by using refreshing fruit juice flavors. Some people hate the taste of protein supplements, so it’s nice to see a company putting in the extra time to make something unique people might like a lot.

Protein powders can be a great way to help supplement the nutrients you need to get the most out of your workout. Most people have such a busy schedule, they’re unable to properly meal plan and get everything they need to set themselves up for proper muscle growth and fat burning.

How Does Nectar Protein Powder Work?

Nectar works by using easy to digest proteins that your muscles can receive as quickly as they need them. During a workout, keeping up your energy levels is crucial. After a workout, giving your muscles something to use for growth is also crucial. Taking a protein supplement either before or after your workout can help you see results much quicker than by diet alone.

Nectar Protein Powder Ingredients 

Protein Blend: The protein blend is the most important part of any protein powder. It literally decides how quickly your muscles get the energy and replenishing power they need to work their hardest during a workout and recover efficiently after. Nectar utilizes only whey protein isolate, which is definitely great. Whey protein isolate is the second best source of protein available on the market. In order from worst to best, it goes whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, and whey protein hydrolysate. So while there is a better protein source, whey protein isolate is definitely pretty good in itself.

A lot of companies will try to state that they use 100% whey, without clearly specifying what kind of whey they are talking about. Many times, they will be primarily utilizing whey protein concentrate or something they like to call a tri-blend, which includes all three. Many different brands of protein powder will try to advertise the fact that they utilize different sources of protein in order to help improve your workout. Well, the best way to improve your workout is by using ONLY the highest quality sources of protein. The other stuff is just filler to dilute the protein and make the overall product cheaper.

Branched Chained Amino Acids: Branched Chained Amino Acids, also known as BCAA’s, are easy to digest proteins that include L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine. The primary function of BCAA’s is to help give you extra energy during a workout, and also reduce your recovery time. BCAA’s are a great thing to supplement while you’re actually in the gym.

A lot of different protein powders try implementing additional BCAA’s in this blend, but many of them are actually trying to make up for having a lower quality protein source. Whey protein isolate and hydrolysate have high levels of naturally occurring BCAA, so for blends that primarily utilize these proteins, adding extra BCAA is pretty unnecessary.

Nutritional Information: These are the following nutrition facts you can expect from Nectar:

  • Calories: 100
  • Total Fat: 0 grams
  • Cholesterol: 0 mg
  • Sodium: 60 mg
  • Potassium: 160 mg
  • Total Carbohydrates: 0 grams
  • Protein: 23 grams

These are pretty great nutrition facts for a protein powder. Having 0 carbs, low calories, 0 fat, and low sodium makes for a protein blend that is really just trying to help you build muscle.

The Pros

  • Great tasting flavors
  • Easy to use
  • Great nutrition facts

The Cons 

  • Could use more protein per serving
  • Some people have complained about negative gastrointestinal effects
  • Consumers complained of a bad aftertaste

Nectar Protein Powder Review Conclusion

The bottom line is, Nectar is a pretty decent protein supplement that utilizes Whey protein isolate and a low-calorie blend. While Nectar definitely did impress us, it’s still not one of the best protein drinks we have seen or reviewed. The top tier protein powders utilize more protein per scoop and are also comprised of at least half whey protein hydrolysate. Look through this list of the Top 10 Best Protein Powder Supplements of 2018 to see which brands of protein we are talking about.

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