micellar casein protein

micellar casein protein

Micellar Casein Protein Benefits – How It Works

When it comes to protein supplementation, whether you are a bodybuilder, an elite athlete or just a fitness enthusiast, you have likely heard of whey protein isolate. Whey protein isolate is without question, the most recognizable brand of protein supplementation there is. It is commonly found in our Top 10 Best Protein Drinks. And for good reason, whey protein is one of the most affordable and valuable protein supplements around. It makes perfect sense to include it in a protein supplement powder. Many protein powders are based primarily on Whey protein, including healthier grass-fed Whey versions. The benefits of whey are well-known throughout the fitness community. However, recently, micellar casein protein has become increasingly popular as a protein supplement as well. We get a lot of questions about micellar casein protein because it has begun to show up in some of our protein drink reviews. What we’ve discovered is that there are a lot of people out there who don’t know a heck of a lot about micellar casein protein. And that’s understandable, it isn’t a supplement ingredient that’s often discussed in gym watercooler discussions.

So the intention of this article is to discover a little bit more about this hidden gem that’s quickly becoming the talk of the gym.

What Is Micellar Casein Protein?

The million dollar question, just what is micellar casein protein? Casein, as science would have it, is a protein that is found in milk curds. It tends to absorb into the body at a bit of a more sluggish pace than traditional whey. Many fitness gurus believe the slow absorption makes it a perfect supplement to sleep on (I said “on,” not “with,” come on, folks!). Micellar casein protein acts like an extended release medication would, slowly releasing as a supplement throughout the body.

Should I Take Casein Or Whey?

You should probably be taking both, actually. And the logic lies within the absorption rates. Because whey is such a fast absorbing protein, it is a logical solution for taking after a workout. Whey will replenish your body, or feed your body, with protein in the most vital of times (following rigorous muscle trauma caused by lifting weights or other fitness activities). The thing with whey, however, is that it is a fast and furious protein solution.

Micellar casein, on the other hand, absorbs slow. This makes it a perfect sleep solution as well as extended protein release solution hours following your workout. Micellar protein can synthesize in the body for up to eight hours. This effect can help your body with recovery and the building of muscle during times whereas whey has faded in potency. If you are someone who trains a lot, micellar casein may well fall into an essential supplementation zone for you.

Whey is your instantaneous protein pop, micellar casein is your old reliable that’s going to last while you are home and watching Netflix, and even sleeping. Most fitness enthusiasts tout micellar casein’s ability to work during sleep as its most glowing benefit. Sleep is a time when your body is in its most true recovery mode. This is a time that you really want your supplements to be working for you. Micellar casein is one of the best solutions around.

Should I take casein or why?

To the point: You should take both. And the good news is, as mentioned earlier, many of our best protein drinks contain both simultaneously. This is where a supplement, rather than an individual ingredient, becomes a huge benefit for you. In this case, you can get the best of both worlds and put yourself in a prime position to build up lean muscle.

Many micellar protein supplements (individual) are super expensive. This means combined supplements, like the ones on our list, serve the added benefit of lower costs for the consumer. This prevents you from buying two different supplements and spending more money than you need.

Casein is a perfect pre-bedtime supplement. Whey is your perfect fast acting protein that is best taken right after you finish a rigorous workout.

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