ISO 100 Protein Powder Review 2021

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Updated December 28, 2020

ISO-100 Protein PowderISO-100 is an all around very solid product, which is rather surprising considering the company that makes it. They have made a few great products in the past, but this one is actually amazing. It would have been ranked much higher if it weren’t for this one HUGE mistake. Read the following ISO 100 protein powder review to find out why it’s not ranked amongst our top 10 best protein supplements.

Company Profile

Dymatize is a rather large company with a team of some pretty impressive athletes. They have been around for a while and are always coming up with new products, although not all of them are outstanding. They have a huge product line, but only a select few of them are any good as far as I’m concerned.

ISO 100 Ingredients

Dymatize’s ISO-100 has a very impressive nutrition label with the exception of their use of genetically modified soy oil (discussed in more depth later in this review). Each serving includes a solid stack of amino acids, which is absolutely key for recovery and growth.

ISO-100 has an impressive 5.5 grams of BCAAs per serving, coming in second for BCAAs after Hydro Whey 100 which contains over 6 grams per serving. One of the most important BCAAs, the aforementioned Leucine, is a big part of why this product could likely be effective. It contains 2.7 grams per serving, which is almost as much as Hydro Whey’s  2.74 grams of Leucine per serving.

In addition to the fact that this product is stacked with amino acids, the rest of the ingredients are almost as impressive! It only contains 106 calories per serving and less than 1 gram of carbs, sugars, or fats! A fantastic product with some very healthy ingredients and an amazing nutrition label. Plus, the protein blend is strictly whey protein isolate, which is awesome. This is a very pure protein blend. If only they didn’t make one crucial mistake…

This product contains GENETICALLY MODIFIED soy oil. If you do not have an issue with consuming GMOs, then this product is great. It knocks it out of the park in every area except for the fact that it contains a genetically modified ingredient. Genetically modified ingredients are known to require large amounts of fungicides, pesticides, and herbicides. There are many other downsides to using genetically modified ingredients, which I will not get into in this review…but I suggest you read this article before deciding to buy ISO-100.

ISO-100 Ingredients and Supplement Facts


ISO-100 can be highly effective for those who are seeking to put on some lean muscle or just drink protein for the recovery benefits. The formula appears to be great for muscle recovery, although it is hard to look past the fact that this product contains a genetically modified ingredient. It is unfortunate that they use this ingredient because this product would be ranked much higher (perhaps #2) if they did not.


ISO-100’s gourmet chocolate flavor is the only one I have tried, and it was pretty average. It tastes good considering how nutritious the product is, but it is not surprising that this product doesn’t taste amazing. With such a low level of sodium (at 50MG per serving) and less than 1 gram of sugar per serving, it is hard to make a product still taste good. However, it is definitely drinkable. I wouldn’t say it tastes bad, but its simply not the best.

The Pros

  • Extremely nutritious
  • Jam-packed with amino acids
  • Significant amount of Leucine per serving
  • Sold by a reputable company
  • Very low sodium, carb, fat, and sugar levels

The Cons

  • Product contains genetically modified soy oil
  • Taste is average


Overall, ISO-100 protein powder would be amazing if they did not use genetically modified ingredients! It is very unfortunate that they chose to do so, because if they did not, this product would have been ranked higher on the best protein powders list. Aside from their use of genetically modified ingredients, this is a great product with a fantastic nutrition label.