Hydro Matrix review

Hydro Matrix Review | The Best Protein Powders  

Hydro Matrix review

Hydro Matrix is a protein powder that aims to give you a convenient way to give you the most efficient workout possible. It can be really difficult to get all the nutrients and protein you need to build lean muscle quickly, so incorporating an easy to use protein supplement in your diet can help you quickly see the results you’re looking for. Continue reading this article to find out why Hydro Matrix did not make the list of Top 10 Best Protein Powder Supplements of 2018.

Benefits of Hydro Matrix

Here are the primary benefits you might be able to experience taking Hydro Matrix:

  • Increased lean muscle growth
  • Reduced feelings of hunger
  • Decreased recovery time

What is Hydro Matrix?

Hydro Matrix is an easy to use protein supplement by the company 4D Nutrition. It is comprised primarily of whey protein hydrolysate, which is the highest quality form of whey. It comes in a few different flavors including Strawberry, Chocolate, and Vanilla.

How Does Hydro Matrix Work?

Protein powders all generally work the same way. They incorporate quick digesting protein sources so that your muscles can get the nutrients and amino acids they need to grow and recover in the most efficient way possible. Hydro Matrix works the same exact way.

Hydro Matrix Ingredients

Protein Blend: Hydro Matrix utilizes the highest quality form of protein on the market, Whey Protein Hydrolysate. There are many different sources of protein on the market, but the highest quality source is Whey Protein. Whey protein comes in three different variations, whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, and whey protein hydrolysate. Whey protein concentrate is the lowest quality form of whey, while whey protein isolate is second only whey protein hydrolysate.

What makes whey protein hydrolysate so much better for you than any other protein on the market? The fact that it is the most enriched with amino acids that are great for muscle growth and repair. In addition to that, the fact that its hydrolyzed means it is broken down in order for your stomach to be able to easily digest it. Other companies make claims that it’s better to use a combination of different protein sources, but all they’re really doing is diluting their most expensive source of protein to bring down the overall price of the product.

Branched Chained Amino Acids: Branched Chained Amino Acids are very prevalent in high-quality sources of protein, like whey protein hydrolysate and whey protein isolate. These protein sources give you all the BCAA’s (Branched Chained Amino Acids) you need before a workout.

While companies try to add additional BCAA’s to their blend, it’s usually only to make up for a lower quality protein source. The best way to supplement BCAA’s is by taking them during a workout. They can provide your muscles with a low-calorie source of energy that will help significantly reduce your recovery time.

Nutritional Information: The following nutrition info can be found in one serving of Hydro Matrix:

  • Calories: 100
  • Total Fat: 0.5 g
  • Cholesterol: 30 mg
  • Total Carbohydrates: 2 g
  • Protein: 24 g
  • Calcium: 125 mg
  • Iron: 0.5 mg
  • Sodium: 105 mg

These nutrition facts are pretty great. The calories are on the lower side, and the protein is just about average. However, the average amount of protein per serving is alright since you’re using such a high-quality source.

The Pros

  • Uses whey protein hydrosolate
  • Low calories
  • Easy to use

The Cons 

  • Doesn’t taste that great
  • Not heavily reviewed
  • Expensive

Hydro Matrix Conclusion

The bottom line is Hydro Matrix is a pretty good all-around protein supplement. However, we have found other brands of pure whey protein hydrolysate at a much cheaper price, with even better nutrition facts. Check out the best protein drinks on the market by looking through this list of Top 10 Best Protein Powder Supplements of 2018.

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