COR Performance Whey Protein Powder Review

COR Performance Whey Protein Powder ReviewCOR-Performance Whey is a great product that is actually very healthy! This product would be ranked much higher if it contained added BCAAs in its formula. BCAAs are very important in a protein powder, but outside of not containing BCAAs, this is a great product. The following COR Performance Whey review should lead you in the right direction.

Company Profile

Cellucor is a terrific company with a lot of great products. My only concern is that they don’t offer one product that has everything you need. All of their products are great, but instead of having so many, they should just make a couple of really comprehensive products that would ultimately save their customers money. COR-Performance Whey is a perfect example of what I’m talking about.

COR Performance Protein Powder Ingredients

COR-Performance Whey  contains the standard 25 grams of protein in every serving, but has only 130 calories in every serving. This is fantastic compared to many other products. With only 1.5 grams of fat and 4 grams of carbs per serving, this product has a lot of potential.

Each serving contains a fairly low cholesterol level at 35 mg, but the sodium level is rather high at 160 mg. Overall it is a remarkably healthy nutrition panel.

The protein blend (which remember, is extremely important) is pretty solid. Not the best, but still pretty solid. It consists of whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, and whey peptides. The shorter the list of ingredients in the blend, the better. This blend is pretty good, but it only contains one really pure form of protein (whey protein isolate).

However, there’s one major problem with this product (I touched on it a little bit in the introduction). It doesn’t contain any added BCAAs. Branch Chain Amino Acids are a huge part of muscle growth and recovery and this product does not have enough. Though this is my only concern, it is a large one. If this product had a decent amount of BCAAs, it would be ranked much higher than #6. The nutrition label tells the story!

Cor Performance Whey Ingredients and Supplement Facts


I cant speak to the effectiveness of this product based off of personal experience because I have never taken it (due to the fact that it contains no added BCAAs). However, as I mentioned above, BCAAs play an ENORMOUS role in muscle growth and recovery, so the lack of BCAAs makes me doubt its effectiveness.

This is my observation simply based off of the nutrition label, but after reading it, I looked up some reviews for this product. Not surprisingly, the reviews are not great. People seem to love the taste but do not seem to be getting great results. What kind of results do you expect to get from a protein powder that does not contain added BCAAs? Not good ones, that’s for sure. Like I said, if it just contained BCAAs, it would be so much better…disappointing.


The reviews on this product make it sound awesome because of how good it apparently tastes. With 160 mg of sodium, I would not be surprised if it tasted amazing, and evidently, it does. A great tasting product with a solid nutrition label like this one has so much potential! If only it contained added BCAAs!

The Pros

  • Very healthy, low calorie formula

  • Low fat and cholesterol

  • Overall great nutrition panel

  • Tastes great

The Cons

  • No BCAAs!

  • Slightly high sodium count


All in all, this product is pretty great. I would recommend it to people who are not lifting weights. It would be awesome as a meal replacement, especially because it tastes so good and is probably healthier than most other meals. However, if you are lifting weights and attempting to gain muscle, I would not recommend this product due to the absence of BCAAs.


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