Last Updated on March 26, 2020

bodybuilder supplements3 Common Bodybuilding Hurdles (and the Supplements to Overcome Them)

Are you on the fence about bodybuilder supplements? Have you ever taken bodybuilder supplements? This article is for you.

Bodybuilding is a way of life. Just ask any bodybuilder, and you’ll find out that there are unique challenges that go with the game—from shopping for clothes that fit their perfectly formed physiques to prepping meals that keep up with their calorie-torching habits.

We can’t help you with the clothes shopping (plus, it’s a problem many of us wish we had). But when it comes to the problems that keep you from achieving and maximizing your results, we know a thing or two.

Here are three of the most common hurdles that bodybuilders face when trying to achieve muscular potential, and the supplements that will help you bust through them.

Poor oxygen and blood flow to muscles

One of the biggest mistakes that bodybuilders make is jumping right into the workout, without adequately preparing their muscles. If you were a singer, you wouldn’t jump into a concert before warming up your vocal cords. And likewise, you should never jump into a hardcore workout without prepping your muscles in advance.

Low blood flow to your muscles prevents them from getting the nutrients and energy they need to delve full force into a workout. But many bodybuilders simply don’t know what they should be doing. After all, we all know about protein powders and things like that for post-workout recovery; more on that in a moment. But what about before your workout?

The Solution: Nitric Oxide Boosters

When it comes to increasing blood flow, you’ve got to eat the right foods (or take the right supplements) to increase your body’s oxygenation abilities. There are a number of foods, such as watermelon, dark chocolate and beets that can help with this. But taking a Nitric Oxide booster supplement before your workout can also fuel your muscles for the play ahead. It can also ensure that you have the energy to achieve your day’s peak performance (and maybe your best PR). Not only does Nitric Oxide boost your muscle pump and decrease fatigue, but it also improves post-workout recovery. After starting on a Nitric Oxide supplement, you’ll likely see results within about three weeks. What might these results look like? You’ll probably find yourself lifting heavier, doing more reps and feeling less tired.

Not sure where to begin? Niacin Max is a top-rated Nitric Oxide booster supplement in a dissolvable strip. This form sends niacin directly into your bloodstream where it becomes Nitric Oxide. Read a full review of Niacin Max.

Slow recovery and low energy

If you find yourself feeling languid and sore for days after a workout, your strength and weightlifting routine could be suffering. While building strength takes some time, losing fitness happens much faster. One of the biggest culprits to slow muscle recovery and low energy is poor protein consumption. It’s a well-known fact that high protein consumption needs to be part of every bodybuilder’s daily routine. But it can be hard to get the protein you need just from eating unless you’re almost constantly stuffing your face.

The Solution: Protein Powders

Protein powders make it not only easy to get the protein you need on a daily basis, but they can provide a wealth of other nutrients your body needs for optimal recovery. But not all protein blends are created equal. Quality counts, and knowing what protein blend is being used is important to empower you to achieve the results you want faster.

Not sure where to begin? Hydro Whey 100 uses the purest form of protein available. It’s filled with quality amino acids and a really clean nutritional profile—we’re talking sans sugar, fat, fillers, gluten, artificial preservatives and any kind of gum. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Read the full review of Hydro Whey 100.

Eating enough calories to support muscle gain

Bodybuilders face a unique challenge that few average gym-goers understand: eating enough calories. Because you’re lifting really heavy weights and trying to increase your muscle mass, it can be hard to eat enough. While prepping really big meals for the day beforehand is one way to go about getting the calories and nutrients you need, that can get really old really fast—especially if you live life on-the-go. Thankfully, there are easier ways to support your calorie and nutrient needs.

The Solution: Mass gainers

Mass gainers are the miracle drink of bodybuilding. Sure, they won’t build muscle on their own, and if taken without a proper workout, they can quickly lead to undesirable weight gain. But if you’re taking them as part of an intense workout routine that’s focused on seeing big results fast, mass gainers are an important way to get and stay on track. Not only are they high in calories (which makes your daily goals easily achievable) but they often include different ratios of protein, carbs and healthy fats to help build and chisel your muscles.

Not sure where to begin? Try Rule One Gain (R1). With the perfect protein-carb ratio, this supplement helps you gain the lean muscle you want without the fear of it becoming fat. The nutritional profile is one of the cleanest out there. It also contains added Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) to help maximize recovery and fuel muscle growth. Read a comprehensive Rule One Gain review.

Bodybuilding may always have its challenges. But by adding some reliable supplements to your routine, you can minimize the hurdles, fuel your workout and maximize your results.

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