The Top 5 Best Pre-Workout Supplements of 2020

top pre-workout supplements

UPDATED January 2020

Are you shorting your workout experiences? Are you hitting the weights with the fury of an MMA fighter but coming up short midway through the experience? If so, its because you aren’t treating your body and mind right BEFORE your workout. Just eating an apple and some oatmeal may not be the right play. You need a pre-workout supplement. I’ve created my top 5 best pre-workout supplements of 2019 list to help you separate contenders from pretenders.

Check out our top 5 best pre-workout supplements of 2019 below.

pre train 2.0 review

Pre Train 2.0

RATING: 5.0/5.0 

Coming in at the top spot is Rule 1 Pre-Train 2.0. If you are an avid user of workout supplements, you probably aren’t overly surprised by this. Rule 1 is one of the top fitness supplement companies in the world and Pre-Train 2.0 is the highest quality pre-workout supplement you can find anywhere.

You will experience a big burst of energy that is sustained throughout even the most intense workouts. Additionally, Pre-Train 2.0 will improve your concentration and focus so that you are better equipped to get fully through a tough workout.

You can’t lose with Pre-Train 2.0. Learn more about the product in our review below.


preseries bulk pre workout review

PreSeries BULK Pre Workout

RATING: 4.8/5.0 

Transparent Labs came up with a real gem with PreSeries BULK pre-workout. This is a top of the line, trustworthy and reliable pre-workout supplement. It includes 4 grams of Beta-Alanine and BCAAs. This is the whole kid and caboodle, in all honesty, and it is sold for a reasonable price by a legit supplement company.

I’d highly suggest checking out further details in our review below. You can’t go wrong with PreSeries BULK.


project 1 review


RATING: 4.0/5.0 

1stPhorm is a newer supplement company on the block, however, they didn’t make any rookie mistakes with their preworkout supplement, Project 1. This stuff is stellar and consistently gets top reviews all over the web, including Amazon.

While it can’t be considered a contender for the one spot just yet, the company may be only a formula update away from making such a run.

Project 1 is good stuff, check out our full review below.


Jym Pre Workout

Jym Pre Workout

RATING: 3.5/5.0 

Jym pre-workout is a top workout supplement on the market, however, it doesn’t have quite enough steam to overtake our top recommendations. That doesn’t mean you should ignore this formula, however, as it does work pretty well and you can potentially save a little money by using it.

I’d suggest you check out our Jym pre-workout review.


legion pulse review


RATING: 3.2/5.0 

Rounding out our top 5 best pre-workout supplements is a supplement created by a popular brand, Legion Pulse. Not as potent as the rest of our list, Legion Pulse is still a pretty worthy and reliable pre-workout supplement.

You are better off with our top 1 or 2 ranked supplements here, but Legion Pulse is not a bad play, all things considered. Check out our Legion Pulse review and learn a lot more about this good pre-workout supplement.



There is no question that PreSeries BULK pre-workout and Rule 1 Pre-Train 2.0are the two most prolific, potent pre-workout supplements on earth. If you don’t take a pre-workout, you miss out on feeding your body at an essential, often disregarded time. More energy and more focus can positively increase your gains. Its important to understand how pre-workout supplements work, which are contenders and which are pretenders, and which ones are the highest reviewed.

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