M1 Pre Workout Review 2022: Is This Supplement Legit?

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Updated January 24, 2022

M1 pre workout supplementM1 Pre Workout is a supplement that was created to help you get the most out of your workouts. People use pre workout to improve the quality of their performance at the gym and ultimately make better progress at a faster rate. Read this M1 Pre Workout review to learn why it’s not recommended on our list of the top 10 best Pre Workout supplements.

Benefits of M1 Pre Workout

The following are benefits you can experience from taking M1 Pre Workout:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Reduced risk of early fatigue
  • Enhanced focus and concentration

What Is M1 Pre Workout?

M1 Pre Workout is a product created by the company TLM Research, who claims it’s “the strongest pre workout ever made,” but then again, every company says that. TLM Research tried their best to come up with a formula that was simple, and yet still powerful enough to give you the energy and focus you need to make progress at the gym.

We feel they did a pretty solid job at creating an energy boosting supplement, but the truly elite pre workouts are MUCH more than just energy boosters. This product lacks many of the ingredients that make up some of the more elite pre workout supps on the market today.

M1 Pre Workout comes in the flavors Grape and Red Bullet.

How Does M1 Pre Workout Work?

M1 Pre Workout works by utilizing a blend of ingredients that are very popular in the pre workout supplement industry. Each ingredient is either intended to help increase your blood flow, boost your endurance, or increase your focus.

Pre workout supplements also have the ability to reduce your recovery time, increase your strength, and boost your endurance…however, this one may not do such a great job at that since it’s missing BCAAs.

It’s additionally missing the two most popular pre workout ingredients in the whole industry, which are Beta Alanine and Betaine Anhydrous. Already, you can start to see why this product failed to make it onto our top 10 list…

M1 Pre Workout Ingredients

The following ingredients are all present in M1 Pre Workout: L-Arginine, Choline Bitartrate, Caffeine Anhydrous, Hordenine HCL, Synephrine, Dendrobium Extract, Bioperine, Rauwolfia Extract.

L-Arginine: This amino acid is responsible for inevitably improving your circulation and blood flow. After digestion, it becomes nitric oxide, which is a very powerful vasodilator that is released from the lining of your blood vessels. This compound widens your blood vessels.

Choline Bitartrate: Choline is the precursor to the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine. It is responsible for helping with muscle control and learning. The combination of these two benefits makes it a great tool for increasing your focus in the weight room, which enhances the quality of your overall workout.

Caffeine Anhydrous: An extremely powerful stimulant and the active ingredient in coffee, Caffiene helps increase your focus and boost your performance. However, some people are sensitive to this ingredient.

Hordenine: This ingredient is affective for both cognitive and physical performance improvements. It is similar to phenylethlamine and acts as an MAO inhibitor to promote focus, concentration, and elevate mood.

Bioperine: Bioperine is responsible for helping increasing your body’s ability to digest the other ingredients in the blend. It can inhibit the function of specific enzymes that attack certain compounds that can be beneficial for a good workout.

Stacking Pre Workout With Protein Powder

Pre workout supplements can help you make sure you are hitting the gym consistently, and killing it while you’re there. The whole point of weight training is to break down your muscle fibers, and the ingredients in pre workout lead to maximum muscle breakdown…but what’s the point of breaking them down if you aren’t going to build them back up?

That’s where protein powder comes in. Once you’ve worked your muscles hard and really broken down those muscle fibers, you need to make sure you’re able to properly build them back up, or else you’re honestly just wasting your time. Utilizing a protein powder is the best way to ensure you get your muscles what they need in a timely fashion.

Your muscles need 20-25 grams of protein after a tough workout, as well as a significant dose of branched chain amino acids for rebuilding purposes. It’s possible to get these nutrients from food, but the most efficient and convenient way to do it is through the use of protein powder.

Pros of M1 Pre Workout

  • Includes nitric oxide boosters
  • Digests easily due to its use of Bioperine
  • Contains nootropic ingredients

Cons of M1 Pre Workout

  • Doesn’t include Beta Alanine
  • Missing Betaine Anhydrous
  • Does not contain a BCAA complex

M1 Pre Workout Conclusion

M1 Pre Workout was a simple swing-and-a-miss as far as we’re concerned. There are some helpful stimulants and nootropic ingredients in the blend, but the fact that it’s missing Beta Alanine AND Betaine Anhydrous means we would never feel comfortable recommending this product. To learn about 10 supplements we DO recommend, have a look at our list of the Top 10 Best Pre Workout Supplements.

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