C4 50X Review

C4 50X Review | One of the Best of 2018

C4 50X Review


C4 50X is one of many alterations of the original C4 pre workout by Cellucor. Cellucor claims this one is 50% stronger than the original C4. Well, they weren’t lying about the fact that it’s 50% stronger, that’s for sure. The problem is, the original C4 pre workout wasn’t very strong to begin with, so 50% stronger still isn’t all that strong. Read this C4 50x review to learn why it failed to rank on our list of the Top 10 Best Pre Workout Supplements of 2018.

Benefits of C4 50X

Here are the most commonly reported benefits of taking C4 50X…

  • Increased energy levels
  • Boost in endurance
  • Enhanced focus and concentration
  • Better pump

What Is C4 50X?

C4 50X is a pre workout supplement that is based on their original C4 product. The original C4 was not very good, and it’s pretty clear that Cellucor became aware of that since they released about 5 or 6 new and improved version of the original C4 product.

C4 50X actually isn’t present on the Cellucor website anymore and is very difficult to find. We believe it was discontinued, but we can’t find any details about the reason why. However, we don’t really care, as this isn’t a supplement we would have recommended anyways. It was a definite improvement from the original C4 formula, but it still wasn’t anything to write home about.

C4 50X comes in the following flavors: Blue Razz, Watermelon, And Fruit Punch.

How Does C4 50X Work?

C4 50X works by using a performance enhancing formula that is made up of amino acids, stimulants, endurance boosters, blood flow boosters, and other compounds. The combination of these ingredients working synergistically in your body can lead to a much better workout, and ultimately much better results. It can also help promote a decrease in your recovery time, and an increase in the rate at which your muscles grow.

C4 50X Ingredients

The following ingredients are all present in C4 50X: Beta Alanine, Creatine Nitrate, Arginine, L-Tyrosine, Caffeine anhydrous, Velvet Beat (Mucina Pruriens) Seed Extract, Xcelicor Caffeine Pterostilbene Cocrystal, and Teacor Tetramethyluric Acid.

Beta Alanine: This ingredient is a staple amongst pre workout ingredients, because it is one of the best endurance boosters on the market. The reason it makes for such a good endurance booster is the fact that it can help limit the amount of pain you feel from lactic acid build up during a workout. It acts as a buffer that can help push you further in your workout.

Creatine Nitrate: Creatine is an ingredient that works well for helping you put on muscle and provide you with the energy you need to kick butt during your workout. This compound is found naturally in the body and also in food sources like meats.

Arginine: Arginine is the precursor to a compound known as nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is released by your blood lining to help boost your blood flow and circulation. It can help make sure your muscles quickly get the oxygen and nutrients they need to perform and recover.

L-Tyrosine: L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that can help boost your energy levels and provide you with increased focus. It also works as an anti-stressor. It is the precursor to neurotransmitter responsible for elevating mood and energy levels. These neurotransmitters are known as dopamine and norepinephrine.

Caffeine: This pre workout supplement actually utilizes multiple sources of caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant that gives you a ton of energy that you need to start a workout. It is also good for helping improve your focus and concentration.

Stacking Pre Workout With Protein Powder

Protein powder supplements are perfect for healing your muscles after the hardcore workout that pre workout helped you achieve. These two supplements work flawlessly together to help make sure you have everything you need to quickly achieve your goals and see results. Pre workout maximizes muscle breakdown, and protein powder maximizes muscle build up…the ultimate combo.

To find out about the top rated protein powders on the market, view our list of the Top Ten Best Protein Powder Supplements of 2018.

The Pros

  • Includes beta alanine
  • Stronger formula than the original C4 pre workout
  • Double the dosages of creatine and arginine

The Cons

  • Most dosages are still comparatively low
  • Overall potency is pretty weak
  • Hard to find online, likely discontinued

C4 50X Conclusion

C4 50X simply does not have what it takes for us to feel comfortable recommending it. While it does have a 50% stronger formula than the original C4, it’s still not very good. Many dosages are comparatively weak, and we can think of about a hundred pre workouts that are stronger than this one despite the 50% potency boost. To find the most potent pre workout powders on the market, check out our list of the Top 10 Best Pre Workout Supplements of 2018.

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