top nootropics 2019

The Top 5 Best Nootropics of 2019

top nootropics 2019

I need your attention and focus stat…wait, you made it to my Top 5 Best Nootropics of 2019 list because focus is exactly what you are struggling with. It is normal for memory, focus, and concentration to suffer the consequences of living in a modern society that tends to push our brains to the absolute limits of the universe.

But don’t fret (at least not just yet), because there is help below. Smart pills, or brain supplements, or nootropics (call them what you like) do work. Some of the worlds best and brightest make use of them to help them get more productivity out of their day (think Tony Robbins, Joe Rogan, and many more). You might even be surprised to find out that the loud, speedy typist in the cubicle next to you is using a nootropic.

My guide points to 5 pretty solid nootropics this year. You can’t go wrong with any of them, however, the top spot is, well, the top spot.

*2019 Update: The rankings themselves were not altered because we still believe that these are the top 5 best nootropics, even with all the new brain boosters that have come out leading into 2019. With that being said, we did make an important change. We added star ratings (out of 5) to each product, and these star ratings are significant because they were determined based on many important factors including user feedback, potency, efficacy, formulation, company reputation, and more.


mind ignite reviewMind Ignite Review

RATING: 5.0/5.0 

When it comes to top ranking brain supplements, there is no question that Mind Ignite is one of the most legit nootropics to ever come to market. Its potent formula and enterprising assault on the smart pill market has been nothing short of impressive.

The fact is, you’ll rarely see a bad Mind Ignite review. The formula packs a punch, the company is legit and stands by their products. You will pay a little bit more to buy it and it isn’t sitting on any GNC racks, but you are sure to be happy with the results.

For the record, GNC tends to only sell their own labels anymore. Learn more about Mind Ignite.



NooCube Review

RATING: 4.8/5.0 

NooCube is a brain supplement that’s possible the most popular on the list. I don’t think it has enough steam in its formula to compete too hard with Mind Ignite, however, its a very solid play for those looking to improve their productivity.

NooCube has had the assistance of rather large advertising budgets to help them find their way to being such a big brand. However, its a well deserved popularity in its own right. Learn more about NooCube below.

There is a lot to learn when it comes to NooCube, so check out our review.


mind lab pro

Mind Lab Pro Review

RATING: 4.0/5.0 

“Powerful” and “robust” are two words we often hear associated with Mind Lab Pro,  our number 3 ranking nootropic. I don’t believe Mind Lab Pro‘s formula warrants it overtaking the #2 spot anytime soon, however, its a worthy top 5 nootropic.

Its a clean, natural brain supplement found at a reasonable, fair price. This is certainly a formula worth trying if you’ve already purchased it. Otherwise, heavily consider the higher ranking insertions on my list.


lumonol review

Lumonol Review

RATING: 3.5/5.0 

Yes, the name sounds like something CSI Miami would use to figure out if a murder took place in a dingy apartment. The good news is, it isn’t THAT type of chemical. In fact, Lumonol is no chemical at all, rather its a natural formula that serves to help people increase their memory and focus.

And it pretty much does just that. Its basic, but it isn’t bloated with junk fillers, either. You will save a little money with Lumonol as well if you decide its “good enough” for your needs. If you aren’t experiencing massive lapses in your focus or memory, Lumonol might be just fine for you.


geniux review

Geniux Review

RATING: 3.2/5.0 

Expect good things, but not great things, from Geniux. Much like its predecessor on our top nootropics list, Geniux is a good formula that does above average things. It is composed of natural ingredients and has pretty good reviews online. Again, if you aren’t struggling with severe memory or focus issues, purchasing Geniux could most certainly be a budget play for you.

Learn more below.



Mind Ignite is the clear winner of the best nootropics of 2019, but there are other very solid options listed above. Depending on your “needs,” you could go with a more budget nootropic formula and do just fine. All of the ones listed above are natural and non-pharmaceutical. Its a solid list of TSR approved manufacturers. Be careful buying just any “smart pill,” there are lots of scams online looking to take advantage of people who aren’t super versed in how nootropic formulas work.

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