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Updated October 31, 2020

Qualia Review | Best Brain Supplements

Qualia Review
Qualia is a nootropic supplement that might be perfect for the average person who is looking for a way to get rid of mental fog, or for the neuro hacker that is trying to optimize their brain potential. Utilizing nootropics is a great way to avoid taking unhealthy stimulants and still maximize your daily efficiency. Check out this Qualia review to learn more or read through our Top 5 Best Nootropics to see 10 better products.

Benefits Of Qualia

  • Reduced brain fog
  • Increased mental energy
  • Emotional resilience

What Is Qualia?

Qualia is a product that belongs to a category of supplements known as nootropics. These supplements are also known as “smart drugs” because they aim to deliver a similar effect as stimulants and other brain enhancing drugs.

Nootropics are a great option for people looking for a way to optimize their time. They can help you stay alert and focused on whatever task you are responsible for completing, and also put you in a much better mood. The clarity that comes with nootropics rivals that of Adderall and other adhd medications, without the negative side effects.

Almost everyone in the world that works has a method of keeping themselves focused and on task. Distractions can plague anyone’s life and make getting your responsibilities done a huge headache. Instead of relying on stimulants and coping mechanisms like cigarettes, these natural supplements can help improve the quality of your work, and also help you organize your life in a much more efficient way.

How Does Qualia Work?

Qualia works by utilizing natural ingredients that have been proven for centuries by eastern medicine to help increase your mind’s potential. It can help keep you focused clear and alert on whatever the task is at hand, so you can spend your time working in a much more efficient way.

Qualia Ingredients

NoopeptL: A potent nootropic in its own right which promotes better memory and relieves anxiety.  Is known to work synergistically with other compounds, the perfect blend of which is included in Qualia.

DHEA: Another nootropic which relieves stress, improves mood and has anti-aging properties in that it wards off cognitive decline.

L-Theanine: A must have compound to be included in any nootropic stack which works synergistically with caffeine to relieve the stress and anxiety associated with it resulting in a smooth, jitter-free energy boost.

PureEnergy: A patented molecular combination of caffeine and pTeroPure crystal allowing for a more stable, jitter-free caffeine boost.

Phenylethylamine: One of the best ingredients in this stack.  Phenylethaylamine provides multiple cognitive benefits such as improving mood and focus and relieving stress.  Upon processing by the body it’s released in the brain as dopamine and norepinephrine which contribute to better concentration.  Has shown moderate weight loss benefits by reducing appetite.

Mucuna Pruriens: Another potent fellow nootropic.  Works well synergistically with noopept and is a natural adaptogen.  Improves focus and mood and has shown potential in consistently reducing negative symptoms in depressed people.

Huperzine A: another effective natural nootropic, Huperzine A is immensely beneficial for memory and mood.  Wards off mental illnesses like Alzheimer’s by drastically reducing the rate of human cognitive decline.  By increasing levels of acetylcholine in the brain it has improved concentration and mental clarity in many of its users.  Even more amazingly, in addition to warding off cognitive decline it has been shown to actually reverse it in some cases involving people with pre-existing memory problems.

BioPQQ: Very effective antioxidant that increases cellular mitochondria production.  Improves sleep and reduces stress.

Other Ingredients:  Artichoke Leaf Extract, Coleus Forshkolli,, Rhodiola Rosea, DL-Phenylaline, Centrophenoxine, N-Aceyl-L-Tyrosine, Gingko Balboa, Hordenine HCL, Vitamin B12,  Vitamin D3, Absorbic Acid, Zinc, Taurine, Vitamins B5 and B6, Magnesium, Niacin, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Lithium

Qualia ingredients

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Pros of Qualia

  • Mental sharpness
  • Increased mental aptitude
  • Better mood

Cons of Qualia

  • Not good for people sensitive to caffeine
  • Can make you feel wired
  • Ridiculously expensive

Qualia Conclusion

Overall, Qualia is a solid stimulant based product that revolves around caffeine and emotional support supplements. The bottom line is that we have found better products at much cheaper prices, as Qualia is pretty expensive. Check out the products that made our list of Top 5 Best Nootropics to find 5 products that will likely work better than Qualia AND will definitely cost less money.

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