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Nooshift is a product that is part of a category of supplements called nootropics. These supplements are intended to help increase the cognitive efficiency of your brain, and help you stay focused throughout your day. Check out this Nooshift review or read through our Top 10 Brain Supplements to see several products we prefer over Nooshift.

Benefits Of Nooshift

  • Increased mental aptitude
  • Greater cognitive stamina
  • Boosted concentration and focus

What Is Nooshift?

Nooshift is a nootropic. Nootropics are supplements that are intended to help improve the potential of your brain to keep you focused on whatever the task at hand could be. It is a perfect way for people with full-time jobs, part time jobs, college classes, or even stay at home parents to keep their mental edge and avoid feeling drained and fatigued.

Coping with a lack of concentration, motivation, or energy is not a new idea. Throughout all of time humans have found new ways to try and gain an edge to make the most out of their days. Unfortunately, a lot of these coping mechanisms are incredibly unhealthy, and expensive. Many people spend upwards of $7 a day on a cup of coffee, or drink multiple energy drinks just to stay alert. Theses habits can be disastrous to your health in the long run.

Over a billion people in the world smoke cigarettes in order to stay sane and stimulated throughout stressful days at work. This habit literally kills one person every 6 seconds and can cause debilitating conditions that can ruin your quality of life.

Nootropics are a natural way to help give you the mental edge you need to get through work as efficiently as possible.

How Does Nooshift Work?

Nooshift made a formula based around natural ingredients that are all used to help improve your focus and increase your mental energy.

Nooshift Ingredients

Ashwagandha, also known as “Indian Ginseng,” it is a tried and tested remedy for thyroid problems and stress relief.  Imbalanced hormones due to thyroid problems are a frequent cause of tiredness and brain fog by treating this, ashwagandha has proven to be a powerful mood and energy booster.  Also, improves immune system functioning.  

Alpha GPC: Contains choline which is a precursor to acetylcholine, a key compound for optimal neural functioning.  Upon conversion to acetylcholine in the brain, Alpha GPC allows for better memory, mood and mental energy and clarity.  Wards off Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. 

Taurine: an amino acid that improves mind-body connection due to its positive effects on circulation and blood pressure.  Promotes cardiovascular health and improves nervous systems stress-handling abilities

Dimethylamineotheanol: Is a catalyst for acetylcholine production in the brain, allowing for enhanced cognition.  Works synergistically with Alpha GPC.  Improves concentration, memory and mood. Fights aging by improving circulation and oxygen absorption.  Has been used to successfully treat ADHD symptoms. 

Noopept – Very potent nootropic and cognition enhancer that has consistently shown itself to improve peoples’ mood, memory, focus and concentration.  Has powerful neuroprotective properties with anti-anxiety and antioxidant properties.  Has helped people with strokes, Alzheimer’s disease and other mental ailments manage their symptoms.

Huzerine A – Increases acetylcholine in brain leading to better neural function.  Reduces brain fog and improves mood and memory.  Allows for better neuroplasticity which is evident in many users’ reporting of increased ability to process information and learn things.   Works synergistically with other nootropics contained in Nooshift. 

Urdine – Like other cognitive enhancers, Urdine improves memory, focus, and concentration.  Urdine is particularly potent in improving peoples’ creative functioning through its effects on short term memory, mood and “feel more grounded.”  Essentially, user reports point to its potential as an all-natural ADHD treating nootropic.

Other Ingredients:  Rice Flour, Phosphatidyserine


Pros of Nooshift

  • Increased mental clarity
  • Enhanced cognitive function
  • Boosted motivation

Cons of Nooshift

  • Unlisted dosages
  • Manufacturer is not very well known
  • Side effects that specifically effect people with heart problems

Nooshift Conclusion

The bottom line is that Nooshift may work for some people, but should be avoided by people with heart conditions. In addition to that, we like dealing with products with listed dosages to make sure we are getting exactly what we need from our nootropics. Check out the Top 10 Brain Supplements to learn about the best nootropics available today.

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