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In a world filled with people looking to gain a competitive edge in new and creative ways, nootropics strive. Nootropics are brain boosting supplements that are often referred to as smart drugs. Neurofuse is an example of one of these nootropics but is actually not one of the ones we recommend. Read this review to learn why Neurofuse isn’t ranked on our list of the Top 10 Brain Supplements.

Benefits of Neurofuse

  • Improved brain health
  • Enhanced memory
  • Improved ability to focus
  • Increase in energy
  • Better overall well-being

What Is Neurofuse?

Nuerofuse is a supplement that is meant to trigger a specific response in the brain that works to boost your ability to focus on whatever task you have at hand. They strive to do this using as many different natural ingredients as possible, even though they occasionally utilize synthesized ones.

Neurofuse aims to help you make the out of your time spent working on a task at hand by helping boost your energy levels, increase your cognitive performance, and relax your nerves.

Since almost every single other nootropic promises the same thing, were here to tell you how well Neurofuse can actually work for you.

How Does Neurofuse Work?

Neurofuse utilizes a blend of 13 different ingredients that strives to help you stay competitive in a dog eat dog world.  These ingredients work to increase blood flow to your brain, while also interacting with neurotransmitters to ensure your ability to learn and retain information remains unaltered. These ingredients are all very popular in the world of nootropics and should help you decide whether or not Neurofuse is right for you.

Neurofuse Ingredients

Rhodiola Rosea: This natural herb, nicknamed the golden root, is meant to increase resistance to stress in those who take it. This herb is popular in Russia, and is often drank in order to cure fatigue, poor attention span, and difficulties with memory. It has been used as a tool for motivation and it’s been hailed as a solution for those who suffer from low motivation or diminished cognitive functioning.

L-Theanine: Theanine comes from tea leaves and has been utilized to improve mental and cognitive functioning by producing a calming effect on the mind. It is also good for the immune system as well as the cardiovascular system.

Bacopa Monnieri: Bacopa is a nootropic term that has been used for its positive impacts on the mind for centuries. It helps those who suffer from chronic anxiety relax and calm their minds. People who struggle with memory issues also can benefit from this herb.

DMAE Bitartrate: This is the active component for some medicines that are designed to improve overall cognitive well-being.

Phosphatidylserine: This phospholipid contains omega 3 fatty acids that help to provide the building blocks of cellular membranes. It has been shown to help benefit those who suffer from Alzheimer’s and slowdown age-related cognitive decline. The encouraging studies make it one of the most commonly used ingredients amongst the best brain supplements out there.

Alpha Lipoic Acid: Alpha lipoic acid helps protect against oxidative stress on the body due to the production of free radicals. It also provides levels of neuroprotection to help aging individuals work through their cognitive decline.

Choline-Bitartrate: This nutrient is beneficial for the production and retention of acetylcholine in the brain, a necessary neurotransmitter for memory and learning.

Vinpocetine: A compound from the periwinkle plant, this natural substance provides great benefits towards improving cognitive health by increasing blood flow to the brain, and providing neuroprotective properties.

Huperzine A: A cognitive booster that doesn’t allow specific enzymes to degrade acetylcholine.

Caffeine: One of the most popular drugs on the planet, caffeine provides stimulating effects on the body that kick you into high gear.

Pros of Neurofuse


  • Improved brain health
  • Enhanced memory
  • Improved ability to focus
  • Increase in energy
  • Better overall well being



  • Reviews are inconsistent
  • A lot of false advertising


Neurofuse Conclusion

Neurofuse is a nootropic that utilizes many different ingredients in order to give you the competitive mental edge you need to prosper. All these ingredients have been shown to provide the cognitive benefits one needs to feel motivated and alert, however, some nootropics have not figured out the right blend to offer their customers.

While this nootropic has been inconsistent with its customers, it’s ingredient blend appears to be fairly promising. However, there are plenty of supplements we would recommend BEFORE this one. Check out the Top 10 Brain Supplements to see some more effective options.

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