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Neurofit Review

Neurofit nootropic supplement bottleNeurofit is a cognitive support supplement known as a nootropic that may be able to help you keep your brain in good shape as you age. These cognitive support supplements are also known as “smart drugs” because of their ability to help take people off of ADHD medications. Check out this Neurofit review or read about the Top 5 Best Nootropics of 2020 to discover 10 more highly rated nootropic supplements.

Benefits of Neurofit

  • Increased clarity
  • Better focus
  • Enhanced working memory

What is Neurofit?

Neurofit is a nootropic supplement that does not rely on stimulants to help you increase your mental fortitude and stay productive throughout your day. Many people rely on stimulants in order to meet deadlines and ensure that they are taking care of their responsibilities. This can lead to many different habit forming behaviors like addiction to caffeine, energy drinks, cigarettes, and prescription drug medication for ADHD.

These habits can develop into long term problems that can negatively impact your overall health. They can lead to problems with your heart, liver, and also create emotional side effects like short temper and irritability. Nootropics utilize natural ingredients made from herbs, vitamins, and minerals that have been used to benefit cognitive health for centuries in order to avoid those negative side effects.

There are many supplements like Neurofit on the market today, and finding out which ones are the best is what we do best. Continue reading this brain booster review to learn everything you can about the world of supplements, and don’t forget to look through our nootropics reviews for the highest rated nootropic supplements on the market.

How Does Neurofit Work?

Neurofit works by using a blend of ingredients that are responsible for promoting healthy brain function, and keeping you focused on your work throughout your day.

Neurofit Ingredients

Choline: Choline is a precursor to acetylcholine, an important compound for optimal neural functioning.  It benefits mood and mental clarity while keeping stress and anxiety levels under control.   Facilitates healthy energy levels and metabolism.  Critically important for proper liver health and functioning.

DMAE Bitartrate:  A ‘mind health compound’ which is related to choline.  Fights age related impairment of cognitive functioning.  Its primary mechanism for doing so is by reducing free radicals and other age causing pigments.  As an antioxidant, DMAE also gets rid of other types of toxins.  Additionally, like choline DMAE also increases acetylcholine levels in the brain.

Hupertine A: Improves cognitive components like mood, focus, energy and concentration.  Enhances users’ mental clarity and capacity to learn, process and retain information.  Fights cognitive decline resulting from aging, reduces symptoms of Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.  Considered by some healthcare professionals as a natural nootropic alternative to traditional ADHD drugs.

Phosphatidylserine:  Improves mood and concentration, fights depression and anxiety.  Phosphatidylserine contains a variety of fatty acids/amino acids which make it a powerfully neuroprotective compound.

The various omega-3 acids work synergistically to strengthen neural cell membranes as well as build new ones.  Very effective in preventing or slowing cognitive decline due to age.  Ensures body’s ability to mitigate the neural effects of a stroke and recover better.  Additionally, improves blood circulation and bone health.

Vitamin C: facilitates growth and repair of body tissues. Crucial for many of the body’s most important functions like healing, fighting injections, absorption of iron and formation of collagen.

Vitamin D: an essential vitamin that is a prerequisite for healthy bones and teeth.  Protects the body from a variety of diseases and is necessary for optimal testosterone production

B-complex Vitamins: Crucial for cellular recovery and growth.  Consistently maintaining healthy levels of various types of B vitamins drastically reduces one’s likelihood of future illness. Especially important are vitamin B6 to maintain neurotransmitter balance, B12 to maintain healthy nerve cells, and B3 to prevent blood clots.

Pros of Neurofit

  • Promotes healthy cognitive function
  • Boosts natural energy
  • Non stimulating

Cons of Neurofit

  • Doesn’t work for everyone
  • The ingredients are not that strong
  • Some people have reported side effects

Neurofit Conclusion

Overall, Neurofit is very similar to many other nootropics on the market, and does not really stand out as something as strong as many of its competitors. With a standard proprietary blend, we cant be sure how powerful the formula truly is due to the fact that individual dosages are left undisclosed. Avoid products with proprietary blends and instead check out the best and highest rated nootropics available today here: Top 5 Best Nootropic Supplements of 2020.

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