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Neurobion Review | Is It Effective? (2020 Update)

Neurobion ReviewUPDATED January 2020

Neurobion is a dietary supplement that utilizes B vitamins in order to help improve your cognition and overall brain health…the problem is, there’s not really anything more to it than a few vitamins.

I’m not saying Neurobion is a bad supplement, but if you came here in search of a powerful brain-boosting nootropic that’s going to blow you away, you may want to consider some other options…

Read this Neurobion review, OR, to be absolutely blown away, check out my list of the Top 5 Best Nootropics of 2019. There, you can find out about some of the most life-changing nootropic supplements available.

The #1 ranked supplement on that list actually turned me into Bradley Cooper from the movie Limitless, where he becomes a genius from taking the NZT pill…ok, I’m not Bradley Cooper, but I certainly felt like him after taking this supplement…this stuff is like the real life NZT!

Benefits Of Neurobion

  • Cheap
  • Helps increase cognitive energy
  • Promotes focus

What Is Neurobion?

Neurobion is a supplement known as a nootropic that comes at a lower price point than most. Cheaper nootropics are a double edged sword because although the price point might make them appear more appetizing, we know better than most that quality ingredients do not come this cheap.

Nootropic supplements generally try to help improve people’s mental ability by utilizing natural ingredients instead of dangerous stimulants whose cons outweigh their benefits. It’s unbelievable how many people mindlessly drink overly caffeinated beverages, or chug energy drinks when they know just how bad these products are for them.

Some people go as far as to take illicit prescription drugs for ADHD in order to increase their focus. Not only is this dangerous to take when you are not prescribed but getting caught can lead to serious legal ramifications.

Over a sixth of the world today smokes cigarettes in order to reduce stress and stay focused at work. This to me is by far the craziest thing to hear, when the side effects of smoking are known to virtually everyone on the planet.

There are nootropic ingredients that grow all over the world, and have been used by eastern medicine for thousands of years, yet people still resort to tobacco.

How Does Neurobion Work?

Neurobion works by utilizing nootropic ingredients that help improve your brain’s ability to focus, concentrate, and stay clear.

Neurobion Ingredients

Vitamin B Complex: Neurobion primarily contains Vitamins B1, B6 and B12. These vitamins provide a wide variety of functions for the body and can help increase your cognitive ability as well. They provide you with the energy you need to exercise or think and have been seen to be important in Alzheimer’s treatments.

Vitamin B1: Also known as Thiamine, this vitamin is found in my foods and helps treat nerve inflammation. Additionally, thiamine helps people who have digestive problems and can put them back on a regular routine.

Thiamine has been seen to help AIDS patients and boost their immune system. It has been used for treatment in people with diabetic pain, heart disease, alcoholism, aging, and cerebellar syndrome. Thiamine shots are also administered to people with a memory disorder called Wernicke’s encephalopathy syndrome.

Vitamin B6: This water soluble vitamin helps benefit brain and heart health. Low vitamin B6 levels have been linked to increased rates of cognitive decline.

Vitamin B12: Vitamin B12 plays a very important role in the maintenance of the brain and nervous system. It takes part in the metabolism of the cells throughout your entire body and also helps with DNA synthesis. Vitamin B12 is essentially important to take when you are aging and going through a natural cognitive decline. It has been shown to be successful in fighting against brain shrinkage in older people.

Neurobion Reviews From REAL Users

In order to get some perspective from people who have actually tried this stuff, I went on Amazon to have a look at what customers were saying…

There is a total of 10 Neurobion reviews on amazon, and it received an average rating of 4 stars from its users. These results are very positive, but it seems that people were mostly happy about minor benefits and the fact that it’s so cheap.

I suppose whether or not this is the right choice for you is heavily dependent upon what you’re looking for. If you want a multi-vitamin supplement with minor cognitive benefits like the 8 people who rated this product 5 stars on Amazon, then this may be right for you…

But, if you want a powerful brain booster that will boost your productivity, enhance cognition, and really improve your brain health and function in the long term, you should definitely check out some other more potent nootropic supplements.

Pros of Neurobion

  • Increases mental clarity
  • Boost your motivation
  • Helps support memory

Cons of Neurobion

  • Cheap product means cheap ingredients
  • Does not work for everyone
  • More of a multivitamin than a nootropic

Neurobion Conclusion

Neurobion is a product that may be worth a try due to its low price point, but you are essentially getting a B vitamin supplement instead of an actual nootropic. Nootropics rely on high quality, clinically proven brain boosting ingredients…not vitamins. Most brain booster formulas contain a whole lot more than just a few B vitamins. To learn about the strongest and most potent options out there, view my list of the Top 5 Best Nootropics.

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