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Masterbrain nootropic supplement

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Updated December 26, 2020

Masterbrain nootropic supplementMasterbrain is a nootropic that aims to help boost your concentration and mental focus on some days where you just don’t feel your brightest. These supplements can help you whether you have an upcoming deadline for work, or you need to study for your next big midterm. Check out this Masterbrain review or read about the top rated nootropics on the market here: Top Nootropics.

Benefits of Masterbrain

  • Increase memory and concentration
  • Heighten mental acuity and problem solving
  • Promote cognitive recovery

What Is Masterbrain?

Masterbrain by 1st Phorm is a natural supplement that can help improve your cognitive functions and keep you motivated on a day to day basis.

Nootropics have been rising in popularity recently due to their ability to help invigorate your brain without using hazardous chemicals or stimulants. Many people rely on vices that are far less then good for them and tend up developing expensive and unrewarding habits. People typically spend their lives addicted to caffeine or energy drinks unnecessarily and will spend upwards of $7 a day just to get their fix.

At least caffeine is legal. Many people resort to the use of illegally obtained prescription drugs for ADHD in order to stay focused at work, which can hold disastrous health consequences in your future. Not only that, getting caught with a controlled substance is no joke and can land you some serious trouble with the law.

Nootropics naturally provide you with similar effects to these stimulants. They utilize unique herbs, vitamins, and minerals that can help keep your attention where it needs to be for prolonged periods of time. It’s amazing how over a billion people in the world who smoke cigarettes in order to get through their day, when there are so many other healthier options.

How Does Masterbrain Work?

Masterbrain by 1st Phorm has created a blend of nootropic ingredients that can help you reach your peak brain power. These ingredients can help fight against the mental fatigue that’s keeping you from being at your sharpest.

Masterbrain Ingredients

Acetyl L Carnitine: Affects cognitive functioning by improving mood, memory, and concentration. It Is a potent energy booster.  Increases the neural cells’ production of mitochondrion, each cell’s ‘power source.’  Also, Acetyl L Carnitine facilitates the production of acetylcholine, which is a compound crucial for cognitive functioning.

Bacopa: Relieves stress extremely effectively.  Improves cognitive functioning by boosting memory and concentration. Bacopa is also believed to help fight age-related cognitive decline.

Choline: As a precursor to acetylcholine, a crucial compound for proper brain function, taking choline will result in numerous benefits for the mind and body.

Effects include improved mood, concentration and mental clarity as well as lowered stress and anxiety.  The decreased mental stress will contribute to greater physical energy.  Choline is also beneficial for liver health and functioning.

Cordyceps Sinensis:  By improving blood circulation, cordyceps works synergistically with the other ingredients in Masterbrain to maximize all their benefits.  Cordyceps reduces fatigue, boosts energy, and fights age-related cognitive decline. Removes toxins from the body and improves cardiovascular health through better oxygen efficiency.

L Theanine:  Works synergistically with caffeine to make for a more stable and less jittery energy boost.  Relieves stress and promotes feelings of calmness.  Boosts alertness, concentration and mood.  Also has positive correlation with improved sleep.

Rhodiola Rosea:  Natural herb that is very effective at reliving stress and increasing energy. Improves mental clarity and memory amongst other cognitive processes by decreasing cortisol, the stress hormone. Can potentially help fight depression by increasing neuron sensitivity and signaling.  Additionally, Rhodiola Rosea contributes to higher metabolism and is effective as a “stubborn fat burner.”

Pros of Masterbrain

  • Reduces mental fatigue
  • Helps you focus
  • Decreases levels of anxiety

Cons of Masterbrain

  • Proprietary blend does not state amount of each ingredient
  • The ingredients could be stronger
  • Does not work for everyone

Masterbrain Conclusion

Masterbrain has the right idea as a nootropic by trying to combine multiple blends to give your mind a well-rounded brain boosting supplement, but we have found that the ingredients in Masterbrain are not dosed as highly as we would like for them to be. Plenty of nootropics simply get the job done better than this one…you can learn about them on our Nootropics page.

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